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Overshadowed by camping? The home stay business will not be "fragrant" in 2022

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2022 May Day holiday ends , When major tourism platforms successively release Festival reservation data , One obvious trend is , The heat of camping has exceeded that of home stay , Become the flow of this holiday “ star ”.

As the absolute protagonist of previous holidays , Whether in order quantity , Or in the customer unit price , B & B owners are all in the industry's mouth “ envy ” The existence of . Take this year's Spring Festival holiday as an example , According to the data released by piggy B & B at that time , Driven by the local spring festival initiative , Increase the frequency of peripheral travel , The proportion of boutique home stay reservations around the suburbs of the city is as high as 65%; Tujia's data also show , From the 30th day of the lunar new year to the fifth day of the first month , Whether it's home stay transactions 、 The volume of room and night is still the overall year-on-year increase of passenger unit price 2021 The Spring Festival showed an upward trend , Bookings increased by more than... Year-on-year 2 become , The transaction volume increased by nearly 4 become , Realize the simultaneous rise of volume and price .

However, on May Day holiday , The performance of home stay booking is obviously inferior to that of camping , According to the May Day travel report data released by flying pig , The order volume of May day camping increased by more than... Month on month 350%, However, the orders of rural villagers increased by 120%; Tujia Statistics ,4 month 28 solstice 5 month 4 Japan , The orders of home stay on the platform are month on month 4 month 21 solstice 4 month 27 Daily growth 13 times .

For the price of home stay during May Day , In the reports of major platforms , There is little mention of , Wen LV and several friends are in the suburbs of Beijing 、 Ganzi, Sichuan 、 And the owner of home stay in Shenzhen , The expected increase did not wait until , As long as the room can be reserved , Guests can check in as scheduled , Already satisfied , The idea of relying on holidays to increase income , It's long gone .

2022 B & B business in , Far less than 2020 It's easy to do .

01 Price increases are almost non-existent , This “ The May Day ” Holiday home stay business is difficult to do

“ At present, I have three home stays , The in Changping has been closed for a long time , Located in Miyun 2021 The newly opened yard is still in normal operation in the second half of the year , But at present, there are basically no guests , Instead, it's an urban home stay in Yizhuang for business travelers , At present, the occupancy rate is good .” Wang Junhong, founder of the Silk Road Post station B & B hotel, introduced Wen LV .

according to the understanding of , Wang Junhong's new residential courtyard covers an area of 8 mu , At present, we can receive 25 Left and right , The unit price per person is about three or four hundred yuan . Even the May Day holiday , His room pricing has not risen significantly . One of the main reasons , Orders didn't soar as expected , If the price goes up , Bookings are even more difficult to guarantee .

Besides , His busiest thing this holiday is not to receive guests , But deal with unsubscribe messages , It's just 5 month 1 The day of the interview , He just cancelled a reservation for twenty people .“ The new epidemic in Beijing , Stuck at the most deadly point in time , Originally, the May day rental rate was good , And in view of the market situation in the first half of this year , Just wait for the May Day holiday to rush , Now it seems , I'm afraid this year will be better than 2020 Years are more difficult .”

It's not just Wang Junhong who feels this way , Far away in Zhonggu village, Ganzi, Sichuan RGB Song Xiangxiang, founder of B & B brand, also admitted that it is difficult to do B & B business this year . This May Day holiday , His B & B occupancy rate is only a quarter , And the price is higher than that in the period of November last year , There's no way to compare , Last year's 11 small holiday , Because supply is short of demand , His B & B holiday has gone up 1000 yuan , The same plan has been made since May 11 this year , But because the occupancy rate is too low , Can only pull the price back to the usual price , There is no room for growth .

“2022 In, Chengdu experienced several rounds of epidemic , From the fifteenth day of the first month , Occupancy fell precipitously , here we are 4 month , I went out of business directly 1 Months , I just thought that the May day market could improve a little , But because the national epidemic is more sporadic , Surrounding big cities, such as Chengdu 、 Chongqing, etc , All require that you don't go out of the province if you don't have to , Stay in the city , As a high-end home stay , Basically, it cuts off the core customer source . It can be said that the impact is ‘ Destructive ’ Of .” Song Kaifeng preached like this .

Located further south of Shenzhen ,“ Beautiful courtyard ” its “ Meisu · Juxingli ” Co founder Xu Lingzhi participated in the investment of four home stay hotels , Because we have just experienced the closure and control of the epidemic , And there was no serious rebound trend in Shenzhen before the festival , This may day is a little better than the above two B & B owners , At least before the May Day holiday , There is a high-end B & B that has just begun its trial operation, which is full . Plus the Shenzhen Municipal Government 4 month 27 The May Day holiday was announced on the th “ You don't have to leave deep ”, The demand for local tourism in the city makes his holiday better .

But throughout the first half of the year , The overall operation of his B & B is also very poor , In the first half of the year, there were many new crowns in different cities in Guangdong Province “ positive ” Case study , Multiple travel belts “*”, As a home stay, booking consumption will naturally be affected , Many B & B operators continue to 1-2 Not open for months .“ So far , The guests we can receive are mainly local tourists from Shenzhen , And mainly family parent-child customers , They are concerned about the quality of tourism , In particular, the quality and service requirements of home stay are higher , But that's why , Gave us a chance to stay at home , If it is in the second, third and fourth tier cities , Based on the local consumer base, I'm afraid it's difficult to support the daily operation of a home stay .”

And whether the home stay is still worth adhering to , The question of whether it is still a good business , Most of them think , as long as “ Stride forward ” This threshold , Don't think about quitting , And not in the game, still looking at the appearance , Or change the way as soon as possible . As an accommodation business accelerated due to the impact of the epidemic , It will also go through ups and downs with the repeated experience of the epidemic , Need to maintain a good attitude , Prepare for the worst .

For now , The bonus period of B & B is not so fast “ disappear ”, It's just that whether it's products or services , Or business thinking , We need to readjust in time with the changes of the market .

02 The guests are still those guests , The impact of the epidemic alone or the direction of consumption has changed ?

Changes in the market , It's easiest to see from consumers . Affected by the epidemic , Ms. Wang's family, who lives in Beijing, gave up the plan to meet with their friends in the home stay courtyard during the May Day holiday this year , Instead, they took their children and their husband to a riverside campsite five kilometers away from their home .

Say camping , The equipment and food are prepared in advance , Compared with the thousands of home stay booking fees last year , The overall cost of family activities this year does not exceed 2000 yuan . What can't be compared with staying at home is not spending the night , In the evening Eight or nine Around the clock , Just packed up and drove home .

“ But for children , Still very happy , Tie a hammock between the two trees , Just enough for an afternoon . In fact, if there is no epidemic , I'm also going to choose one that can stay this year , B & B products that can camp , Or you can camp around , So you can stay out one more night , You don't have to come and go in a hurry . Even if the price is higher than last year , It's acceptable , Simple accommodation , It's not that attractive .”

The platform search data from piggy B & B also confirms this consumption trend ,2022 Years ago 4 Months , Piggy's bed and breakfast “ Camping ” The search volume of keywords increased year-on-year 348%, data display , During May Day , At least 30% of consumers spend on exquisite camping 2000 above , The structure of tourists is mainly family , Two big and one small 、 Two big and two small dominated , Enjoy the flowers and the garden 、 While going on an outdoor outing , Focus on experience and leisure needs , High quality products are more popular .

In addition, the May Day platform search data from Tujia also shows , Camping 、 Marvel at flowers 、 pick 、 Mountaineering 、 Cycling is the most searched on Tujia platform top5 key word , It is also the most popular way for home stay guests to play this holiday .

Based on this trend , More and more B & B owners begin to try based on the B & B products themselves , Integrate one or several new business formats loved by young people , Like camping 、 For example, the script kills , To create more reasons for guests to choose home stay .

“ We are really trying to integrate camping products , Because the construction cycle of camping is short 、 Lower cost , Very high cost performance . It can quickly supplement the gap of B & B rooms in the peak tourist season . Besides camping , We are also considering adding custom classes ‘ Home stay + Tourist route ’ product 、 Cooperate with professional institutions to design research products, etc , These products are no longer simply charged by room , But through service charges , Provide customized services for residents , Arrange food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment combination Services , Charge per head . On the one hand, it can increase the premium ability , On the other hand, multiple customers can also make up for the usual occupancy rate .” Xu Lingzhi shared .

Song Xiangxiang has a similar idea , He said he was preparing a new camp , But I didn't talk to him RGB B & B is adjacent to , But choose to fall around Chengdu .“ On the one hand, it is because of the climate in Ganzi, Sichuan , Not suitable for camp , On the other hand , Considering the epidemic situation, Chengdu often asks guests not to leave the city , Make camps around Chengdu , It can solve this problem . essentially , The new camp hopes to attract and serve customers , And RGB B & B is the same .” 

however , Song further explained , Investing in a camp doesn't mean giving up doing high-end B & B , Just in the current environment , The B & B business is too difficult , The target guest cannot come , The local consumer base does not match , Need to expand new business to add a new fulcrum .

According to him , And 2021 Compared with the state when the house is almost full in the second half of the year , from 2022 After the Spring Festival , His B & B revenue is almost $1 million a month . and RGB B & B as a high-end product , The overall project investment will reach 4000 ten thousand , If there is no epidemic , His expectation is that he can return to his capital in two or three years , Now that the epidemic has been repeated many times and the prospect is uncertain , The new camp project can undertake the work and income of some employees , It can also make his high-end home stay business longer .

RGB Home stay

03 It's a pity to insist and give up , Loss making B & B owners are in a dilemma

As a result of the epidemic , The accommodation industry with limited travel and accelerated growth , The B & B market has experienced “ Expansion type ” Development stage , Especially in rural areas 、 Driven by the wind direction of rural tourism policy , Professional enterprises 、 Investment institutions and rural destination governments , Are making every effort to promote the growth of the home stay industry .

According to the China Tourism and home stay Development Association 《2021 Research Report on the development of domestic home stay industry in the first half of 》 Show , Pre epidemic 2019 year , The transaction scale of domestic online home stay market is 209.4 One hundred million yuan .2020 Affected by the epidemic in, it decreased to 125.8 One hundred million yuan , and 2021 In the first half of the year, it rebounded to 201 One hundred million yuan , Even close 2019 Annual level in .

According to Companies check data display ,2018 Year to 2020 Three years ago , A total of... Have been registered in China 8.8 Ten thousand home stay enterprises , One of the highest peaks occurred in the post epidemic period 2020 year , A total of... Were registered that year 3.4 Thousands of related enterprises , Pre epidemic 2019 Year-on-year growth 3.6%. and 2021 Years ago 8 Months , The registration volume of new home stay related enterprises has broken through again 2.5 Thousands of families , Compare with 2020 Year synchronization , increased 19.7%.

An operator analyzed Wen LV , After a large number of participants enter the game , The industry is bound to experience shock and reshuffle , Compared with other new business forms , The B & B business itself is not new , From the earliest form of farmhouse entertainment, it has existed in China for decades , Just based on consumer demand under the epidemic , It brings a window bonus period for business upgrading . but B & B is essentially the same as a hotel , It's not a business that can return to its capital in a short time , Need to have a long-term business mentality and professional operation ability .“ The small white ” Enter , The final outcome may only be to follow the excitement , But I can't make money in the end .

Wang Junhong also agreed with this view , At present, the small courtyard he operates in the suburbs of Beijing is not a high-end product , The overall investment is also controllable , Since the outbreak , Although he insisted on opening a new project in Miyun , But on and off , Or consider that Miyun's site and environment are more suitable for the needs of current consumer groups , It will be better than Changping courtyard business .

“ In fact, for Miyun project , I have many expansion plans , Are currently on hold , Like farming 、 Dig a fish pond 、 Open a car cinema , Every time a new project is launched, it means another investment , Without seeing the end of the epidemic , I will still choose caution , Can maintain daily operation , Just be content .”

Xu Lingzhi also said , If the impact of the epidemic persists , I don't know how long I can hold on , But will not consider voluntarily quitting , Only in “ A bankrupt ”, Only when the operation has nothing to do will they choose to give up .

At present, the main home stay owners in the market are divided into three categories , One is The management is relatively standardized , Guangdong brands with strong brand strength take advantage of the downturn of the market , Absorb... While it's low , Absorb some good properties , Create new category projects ; The other is Shrink business , Protect cash flow ; The third kind of Through entrusted management , Expand stores in the way of light assets , increase income . And Xu Lingzhi said he has his own B & B brand , Will not consider joining a home stay operator , On the one hand, it is to consider the cost , On the other hand, for the effect that joining can bring , Not enough confidence .

Of course , In the difficult situation of the industry , Choose to stick to “ fight a lone battle ” B & B owners , You have the choice to lean back against the big tree , Huddle for warmth . For now , There are not a few businesses that provide franchise services for single home stay owners .

Wen LV interviewed Zhu Yujia, vice president of marketing center of lvyue group , She said that at present, the service content that home stay owners are most interested in is basically two aspects , One is in system service On , Second, in Content marketing , A pursuit of efficiency , One is designed to drain . This is also what needs to be improved and improved most for B & B with poor operation .

“ Since the beginning of this year, lvyue has split its service capabilities , By launching ‘ Online operation alliance ’ product , Provide empowerment for the hotel and home stay industry . So that non franchised owners can also benefit from the application of lvyue group in the system 、 Advantages in channels and data tools . The owner can choose , You can join Huazhu B & B , Enjoy the bonus of brand scale effect and systematic management ; You can also choose to keep your own brand , Join in ‘ Online operation alliance ’ Let the professional team do fine online operation .”

She also suggested , When the market environment is not very good , Home stay owners hope to increase their income by expanding new business , We must be prepared in two ways , One is Think about what you have now , To judge their own hardware conditions , Then add , Blindly following the trend is likely to make the increased investment again “ Beat water and float ”, Do more harm than good ; Two is Be sure to consider the affordability of investment in expanding new business , The service experience you want to achieve and the price you need to pay , Transformation from medium and low-end to high-end , It must not be possible to change the interior , Whether the risks to be borne by large investment and the worst effect to be achieved can be accepted by themselves , Can you make professional judgment , Think about this before you make a choice , Only in this way can we really have a definite aim .

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