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Sunflower remote control and Intel vPro help enterprise remote IT management

2022-05-07 15:11:30Chinese industry information station


In this cooperation , As Intel Sunflower remote control of global partners , Will support active management technology based on Intel (AMT) Out of band capabilities , For sunflowers IT Operation and maintenance 、 Technical support and telecommuting are the three major enterprise solutions .

among , Through Intel vPro Out of band remote control capability of the platform , Even if OS Stop running , Damaged drives can also be repaired remotely 、 Applications and operating systems , Effectively solved the problem of sunflower IT A big pain point in the operation and maintenance scenario .

Regarding this , Ms. Zhang Haiying, general manager of Beirui technology division, said :“ Sunflower and Intel are united , Through Intel vPro Out of band management function , Can be further concise 、 Effectively carry out remote operation and maintenance and asset management of shutdown and dormant devices , Make the sunflower full scene solution more concise 、 More reliable , It will further rapidly enable more business scenarios , Help more enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency , Complete digital upgrade .”


In recent years , With the constant change of the external environment , Superimposed epidemic repeated , Whether Internet enterprises or traditional government enterprises , Are gradually aware of reducing operating costs 、 The importance of improving productivity , More and more enterprises in order to remain competitive , Realize that digital upgrading is the way to break the situation .

however , How to quickly complete digital upgrading under the condition of limited budget 、 Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises , It has become a challenge that managers have to face . meanwhile , Digital upgrading is also for enterprises IT Managers have brought new topics : How to minimize the cost , Efficient 、 Easily deploy new products IT system , And promote IT Operation and maintenance capacity ?

Sunflowers have... In related fields Long 12 Technology accumulation in , At present Accumulated services 5000 ten thousand + user ,70 ten thousand + Enterprise users , Access 3.2 Billion + equipment .


Sunflower is based on many years of operation experience , It is found that the demand of enterprises for remote control under the background of digital upgrading mainly focuses on three aspects : internal IT Mocha ITOM 、 External remote technical support and daily enterprise remote office , And based on this, we created a sunflower control system 、 Sunflower pilot 、 Sunflower telecommuting solutions for three scenarios .

Sunflowers control , It can meet various remote operation and maintenance requirements under multi system platforms and complex networks ; Sunflower pilot , coordination AR Glasses and sunflower control , Get through the system desktop to the scene , Then to the equipment , Can create a trinity remote assistance solution ; Sunflower Telecommuting , Enterprise oriented CIO, Build a clear power and responsibility system of enterprise remote office 、 In line with the warranty 2.0 Secure and compliant telecommuting environment as required by the specification , coordination IT Asset management , Can help CIO Centralized management of staff equipment .

this , Sunflower remote control has reached a cooperation with Intel , The three scenario solutions will also further support Intel vPro platform , Be able to change the enterprise IT In the case of deployment , Fast access 、 Manage more devices efficiently , Lift remote IT Operation and maintenance capacity , Enable more business scenarios , Help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency 、 Digital upgrade .

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