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With the release of igame z690d5 ultra, it is unique and leads the trend!

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2022 year 5 month 7 Japan , Players have been looking forward to the seven rainbow flag iGame Series high-end flagship motherboard iGame Z690D5 Ultra Officially listed , As iGame In the brand Ultra series , With strong trend design elements , White theme close to the trend of the future , and iGame Ultra Video card “ Vapor wave ” Styles complement each other , In fact, last year's 12 month , Seven rainbows are here INTLE 12 During the release of Dai core , Exposed this very representative motherboard , But maybe at that time DDR5 Serious shortage of memory , Let this motherboard not be released at the first time , But good goods are not afraid to wait , Let's see if this motherboard is worth starting with .

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mature DDR5, full set PCIE 4.0 High speed solid state

iGame Z690D5 Ultra As Z690 The flagship motherboard of the chipset ,8 The layers are thickened PCB Effectively reduce line interference , Ensure overclocking and stability of use . about CPU Our support is as stable as Mount Tai ,18+1 phase 90A Power supply of , Whether it's 12900K Or as a flagship boutique 12900KS Can stably grasp .

What users expect most 12 The characteristics of Dai core , This motherboard has only DDR5 Memory socket version , But in DDR5 Memory has been reduced today , Presumably, many users will choose it to ensure the long-term development in the future . On this motherboard , Most memory modules can achieve XMP6200 frequency . stay PCIE 5.0 At present, solid state has not been popularized , Select on-board on the motherboard 3 strip PCIe 4.0 Solid state slot , And all equipped with efficient heat dissipation armor , In order to ensure the storage acceleration demand of game players .


Strange people and images , Challenge yourself

Good looking appearance is not the only highlight of this motherboard , The combination of technology and trend is “ future ” The word should reflect . This motherboard specially uses the ice step space heat dissipation armor , All the heat sinks adopt the wave design of imitating Ecology , Ensure the orderly elimination of heat dissipation of each layer , Improve air contact and heat dissipation . On board 3 individual 5V ARGB and 2 individual 12V RBG Interface , With new motherboard design elements , So that users can create their own unique personality host , Screen printed on the motherboard “ floating ” The concept curve continues to spread , Finally, it meets in the unique circular shape lamp on the armor plate of the South Bridge , Just like the host with personality , Starting with the motherboard as the base , Finally become a whole .


a main board 20 Anniversary fan benefits

To coincide with 2022 In, the rainbow mainboard line was established 20 anniversary , Seven rainbow is also in such a unique year , Expand your product line , Released such a unique motherboard , To show their deep cultivation and efforts in the main board product industry and semiconductor industry . Of course, there is no lack of welfare and interaction of all kinds of fans . In the player community “ Little black box ” On , Participate in seven rainbow 20 Anniversary of the activity , Just dry out your old motherboard , You can get a lot of peripheral benefits , And the probability of becoming “ Whoring for nothing ” Of D5 Suit trial Officer , Get white whoring iGame Z690D5 Ultra Motherboard and CVN DDR5 4800 Memory module , There must be more activities waiting for you this year !


It's worth more , Deliver the goods

iGame Z690D5 Ultra The motherboard will be in 5 month 12 It was officially launched on major e-commerce platforms , At the same time, the initial price is 1999 element , As a relatively high-end Z690 Chipsets and D5 Slot motherboard , Such luxurious materials , With today DDR5 Memory price and performance maturity , It is definitely a motherboard choice for players and all computer users !

Ultra Concept poster

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