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Vigorous forest, shallow sea

2022-05-07 15:38:57Xiaguang Society

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not long ago , Yuanqi forest overseas business “ helmsman ” Liu Zhen leaves . As one of the four core executives of Yuanqi forest , Liu Zhen is only employed 15 I chose to leave after three months , Let the outside world be full of speculation about the overseas business of Yuanqi forest .

To replace Liu Zhen , It's the founder of Tang Binsen “ old friend ”. Li Guoxun, vice president of Yuanqi forest, is in 4 month 15 It was revealed at the media communication meeting on the th , The executive who took over the international business , Once completed Internet entrepreneurship , and “ Financial freedom has been achieved ”.

Liu Zhen is the third senior executive to leave Yuanqi forest in the past six months . The international business “ Change the general ”, Let the personnel unrest inside the vitality forest be magnified again , Its sea going strategy has also been carefully examined by the outside world under the microscope .

Recently, , Rising prices continue to be heard from the vitality forest 、 layoffs , And OEM plants 、 The supplier suddenly “ Supply interruption and shutdown ” The news of . So much so that some outside critics say ,“2022 The year is a year when the vitality forest decides its fate ”.

What is the current overseas business operation of Yuanqi forest , Can we achieve a breakthrough in sales at sea ? Over the years , What is the sea situation of China's soft drinks and FMCG ?

01 Net red air bubble water , Occupy overseas CSL

In a small supermarket in London's Chinatown , The shelves are lined with happy tea 、 Sugar free bubble water of brands such as Yuanqi forest and nongnongshan spring .

“ Domestic net red drinks are basically available here , But the price is much higher . For example, the price of this bottle in China is less than 5 Yuan of bubble water , Sell here 3.49 pound , It needs to be converted into RMB 30 It's a piece of money. .” Xiao Lu, an international student studying in London, told Xiaguang .

Not just exported to the UK , According to the data of Yuanqi forest , end 2021 end of the year , Its products have been exported overseas 40 Multiple countries and regions , Including North America , Australia , And the European country France 、 Germany , And East Asia, Japan and South Korea .

Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest , In his early years, he made remarkable achievements in the North American and European markets by playing games , After turning to the new consumer track , It is also logical to look overseas .

from 2019 Year begins , The vitality forest has started “ Two way brand globalization ” Of “ Overseas strategy ”, Started its internationalization step .

The drink first won Singapore HCS Health signs , Then it entered the mainstream sales channels in European and American developed countries . last year 11 month , Yuanqi forest officially settled in Wal Mart online mall in the United States . This year, 4 month 15 Japan , Yuanqi forest has gained in the Australian market “ Healthy stars ” sign . In Australian beverage standards, the higher the star level , It means the healthier the drink , And the vitality forest got 4 star .

at present , The channels of Yuanqi forest in various markets have basically run through , And made great efforts in localization strategy , Launched 20 A variety of beverage products specifically for overseas markets . In the last year 12 Amazon bubble water best seller list in June , Yuanqi forest overseas edition was shortlisted for the first time Top10, Become the only Chinese brand to be shortlisted in the top 10 of the list .

In overseas marketing promotion , Vitality forest is still trying to take the social media route , And copy the online popularity playing method in China . The official account of Yuanqi forest , stay Tik Tok There is an approach to 15 Thousands of fans .

In all short video content , Most of the high volume players are how to make Western-style drinks with bubble water , Make it more in line with local tastes .

Vitality forest products in the video , Into the foreigner's three meals a day 、 Picnic , Even everyday scenes such as shopping , It has attracted some attention among foreign consumer groups . With “ Low sugar and fat ” Vitality forest drink for selling point , also It is consistent with the concept of healthy life advocated by developed countries , Achieved its natural sea friendly gene .

02 Soft drink to sea , Reality and contradiction

Although Yuanqi forest's overseas business continues to make breakthroughs , But we have to face up to the ups and downs of the road ahead .

Currently affected by the epidemic 、 Shipping and other aspects , The cost of going to sea is still high , Overseas business breakthrough is difficult , But the goal and determination of the company's global strategy will not change .” At a media communication meeting not long ago , Li Guoxun, vice president of Yuanqi forest, mentioned the difficulties they faced on their way to sea .

On the one hand, all the factories are located in China , Affected by the epidemic, the production cost remains high . Among them , It also includes the cost of vigorous forest last year 55 Billion yuan self built 5 Big factories .

Yuanqi forest once said , Plan for the future 2、3 year , Own factories overseas by means of investment or self construction , But in fact, I have no time to take into account , There is no follow-up news about overseas factory construction . This makes the soft drink under the epidemic go to sea , Have to face the rising cost of sea freight , And the risk of irregular closure of Port Logistics .

The person in charge of Southeast Asia market of Yuanqi forest once mentioned in the interview , They divided the product packaging design into two versions —— Chinese version and overseas version .

Changing the main bubble water into white bottle aluminum can is only a surface phenomenon , The essence is that the shelf life of bottled bubble water is only 270 God , Instead, it is changed to the overseas version of aluminum tank after soaking in water , The shelf life can be extended to 540 God . Only then Transport drinks to overseas markets , Leave enough flexible logistics time .

Although Tang Binsen has the experience of game going to sea , But the game goes to sea by logistics 、 Supply chain management 、 The impact of sales channel construction is very small . And according to the report , Part of the aluminum tank bubble aquatic products of Yuanqi forest come from Hubei , From home to Southeast Asia 、 In North America 、 European market , The supply chain of fast-moving brands is a great challenge .

Yuanqi forest overseas packaging , Picture source : The spirit of the forest tweet

On the other hand , The main consumers of Yuanqi forest after going to sea , The overseas Chinese community is still .

In recent years, , Yuanqi forest has been trying to localize its products and channels , Also in Thailand 、 Malaysia 、 Singapore and other Southeast Asian regions , Through cooperation with international dealers , Entered some large local supermarket chains . and , According to the internal information of Yuanqi forest , The proportion of overseas non Chinese buyers is increasing .

But so far , Including vitality forest Domestic net red soft drink goes to sea , The main audience is still Chinese groups such as Chinese students .

In the eyes of foreign student Xiaolu , The vitality of the forest to sea is actually not “ Representative ”. Overseas market , It also faces competition with other domestic beverage manufacturers , Like a farmer's spring 、 Even tea loving, sugar free bubble water competition .

Among non Chinese groups , Nestle, which is more familiar to overseas consumers 、 Sparkling water under Coca Cola and other brands 、 Health drinks 、 The competition for energy drinks is already fierce .

Open the popular Chinese takeout software in London , Search for “ Energetic Forest ”, perhaps “genki forest”( English trade name of Yuanqi forest ), The marketable businesses are basically Chinese supermarkets , It also includes two undersea fishing in London .

And using local takeout Software deliveroo Search the vitality forest , Is displayed “ Could not find about ‘genki forest’ Search results for ”.

This is not a problem faced by the Yuanqi forest family . The Chinese brand “ wahaha ” As “ One of the world's four largest beverage manufacturers ”, Its official sales territory has long been as far away as Britain and the United States , But its products are the same in local mainstream supermarkets “ Check no one ”.

At present, although some overseas sales channels of Chinese FMCG brands can run through , But maintaining high sales is not easy .

for example 12 Amazon bubble water best seller list in June , Although Yuanqi forest is on the list , But soon after, it was faced with a decline in sales .

Log in to the official website of overseas us of Yuanqi forest , Customers will find that drinks can only be bought in boxes . It can be seen that the offline channel laying of vitality forest bubble water in overseas market is not perfect , There is still a long way to go before brands really occupy foreigners' minds .

03 “ Return to tradition ” Forest of vitality

As lively as the overseas process , It is a challenge from the domestic market of Yuanqi forest : The international business “ Change the general ”、 Encounter the direct competition of major international brands such as Coca Cola 、 Deep in-house layoffs 、 It's rumored that people will have a big blood change ......

More importantly , For the vigorous forest that has passed the period of rapid growth , We have to face the problem of slow growth . according to 《 A bit late LatePost》 The news of ,2022 The revenue target set by Yuanqi forest in is 100 One hundred million yuan , The year-on-year growth rate dropped sharply to 37%. Compared with 2021 Year on year revenue growth 260%、2020 Year on year growth of annual revenue 309% The data of , The vitality forest is already “ To slow down ”.

Although Yuanqi forest is concerned about Liu Zhen's resignation , Gave a very positive response , Call it “ Lead the team to explore the global overseas market , Achieved more than expected results .”

But the truth is , If Yuanqi forest cannot consolidate the existing achievements of the domestic market , Wait until the peak of the product has passed , Sea market expansion is more likely to be weak .

The new consumer “ online celebrity ” The vitality of the starting forest , The initial official website introduction is “ It's an Internet company + Our beverage company ”. Founder Tang Binsen has also mentioned on many occasions , They are in “ Use the Internet to make spiritual drinks ”.

The initial explosion of the brand “ Sparkling Water ” series , At first, it was through promotion in little red books , Aimed at... Yes “0 sugar ”、 Women in the first and second tier cities with high slimming requirements can get out of the circle . Then the vitality forest and B Station cooperation , The award for the Z Generation market . This kind of play with internet gene , It is usually through early-stage marketing to spend a lot of money , After building momentum, we can harvest through all channels .

As the company becomes larger and larger , The net red playing method is no longer suitable for the fast-growing vitality forest .

Start inside the vitality forest , No longer advocate “ Internet thinking ”, Instead, he shouted “ Return to tradition ”.

At the end of last year , Tang Binsen said in an interview that ,2022 Since, Yuanqi forest will return to a traditional company . Tang Binsen said that Yuanqi forest should “ Slow down ”, Redo the construction of basic parts .

In fact, Yuanqi forest has been learning from local old brand FMCG beverage brands in all aspects . On the one hand, focus on building its own factories and sterile production lines , On the other hand, pay attention to dealers and offline channels , Strive to turn the development direction back to the route of traditional beverage manufacturers .

The company's internal management reform is also being promoted . According to the internal information of Yuanqi forest , The company has taken many measures recently , Including adjusting the organizational structure , Improve standards and systems to strengthen internal communication , Improve office efficiency .

Right choice “ Active deceleration ”“ Return to tradition ” For the vitality of the forest , Ensure sustained and stable domestic production capacity , Build a more perfect and smooth supply chain , Is the prerequisite for going to sea . In the future, after consolidating the strength of the brand , It is also easier to establish cooperative relations with overseas mature large FMCG brands in the future , Help large supermarkets after going to sea 、 Establishment of retail channels such as convenience stores .

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