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China has issued 120 million electronic driving licenses and 370 million electronic inspection marks

2022-05-07 15:39:29Chinese industry information station

The issuance of electronic driving licenses and electronic inspection marks , Promote public security government affairs services in the Ministry of public security “ Internet + E-government services ” The platform realizes the whole process of online management , Internet traffic control services alone will benefit super 37.2 Million people .

according to the understanding of , Since last year , The Ministry of public security has implemented electronic driver's license throughout the country . Drivers everywhere also responded positively , Tens of millions of people applied for it in a short time . Electronic driver's license has the same legal effect as physical driver's license , Effective nationwide , It can be applied to law enforcement management 、 Public services and other scenarios , It can complete all kinds of traffic control business instead of physical certificates , Such as the registration of second-hand car transactions in other places 、 Pavement Inspection 、 Illegal treatment 、 Driving qualification certificate, etc .

Statistics from the Ministry of public security show that , By 3 At the end of the month, the number of domestic motor vehicles reached 4.02 Billion cars , Motor vehicle drivers 4.87 Hundreds of millions of people , Among them, the car driver 4.5 Hundreds of millions of people . Even if there are 1.2 Million people apply for electronic driving licenses , But there are more than 2/3 Your driver hasn't claimed , If you don't have a license, you can operate it quickly .

First, you need to download security “ Traffic management 12123”App And register and log in , After real name authentication , Click on App Top right corner of home page “ A driver's license ” Location , Click again “ Electronic version of driver's license ” You can enter the application step . after , You need to fill in all the information as required , The application can be submitted after passing the face recognition verification , You can apply successfully in one working day , The process is relatively simple .

With an electronic driver's license , In the future, we can handle all kinds of traffic control affairs through the network platform , It's no longer necessary to run to the traffic control office with a little thing , Don't worry about forgetting your driver's license when you go out . With the rapid development of Internet technology , More and more things can be handled directly through the network platform , You don't have to wait in line at the offline government service window every time . This greatly improves the convenience of citizens , It also improves the efficiency of government departments in dealing with things .

Especially now the domestic epidemic situation is severe , We all try to reduce going out and choose to do business online , It also rapidly promotes the continuous improvement of the functions of various network platforms , Some things that used to be very cumbersome can also be easily solved . Online service is bound to become the trend of the future , There will also be more and more electronic certificates , We should apply for it in time .

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