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Can't you hide the film viewing records of the open IP territory?

2022-05-07 15:39:46Chinese industry information station

Originally unknown netizens , Now we can recognize each other from the comment area .

So it seems ,IP The place of belonging is also a good function .

in addition to , The user's personal interface , It will also show 【IP Territoriality 】, Internet users can see where you come from .

One netizen said , This is good , Online dating is no longer a dream .

Of course! , To make fun is to make fun of , Xiao Lei doesn't advocate online appointment , After all, I won and went to jail , Lose and go to the hospital .

And wechat, which we usually use most , Although the personal interface does not show real IP Place of ownership .

But after the comments in the article comment area are selected , Still show “ Horse feet ”.

Not only wechat and Tiktok , Small ones like xiaohongshu and Douban App, It's all online 【IP Territoriality 】 Display function .

As for Xiao Lei , There's nothing wrong with the launch of the function , I even want to agree with both hands .

But from the feedback on the Internet , It seems that many netizens can't accept their IP Streaking out where you belong .

Nude surfing 、 Privacy violations and other voices continue to be heard , Some people prefer to uninstall the software to keep it safe , Others say that functions do more harm than good .

Spicy? , This brush explodes the whole network 【IP Territoriality 】 Is it really that terrible ?

What about today , Let's have a good talk IP On-line ownership .

IP The address is your Internet number

“IP Address ” It can be said that it is a common word on the Internet , But Xiao Lei found , There are still many people who don't understand its specific meaning .

So , Let's follow the usual practice , Have a brief talk IP What's the address .

We usually go shopping , There is always a place of departure and destination .

Surfing the Internet is the same , Every internet device must also have a house number , Used to connect with each other in the vast sea .

and IP The address is the number assigned to each device .

Let's take the simplest example , We used to use online chat tools to contact our friends , It's essentially one IP And another IP Interconnection .

If not IP Address , We don't know who sent the message , Who is the person who receives the message , There is a smell in the wechat drifting bottle .

But surfing the Internet like this is no different from blind flies , You will never find the information and people you need .

here IP The existence of address is very necessary .

It has two main functions , One is “ House number ” function , Tell other netizens where you are .

The other is the addressing function , That is to visit other IP Address .

If everyone can't understand , You can look back on a wave that was very popular before “ Coral QQ”.

Cough , A little exposed age ......

Specifically speaking , Coral QQ It's Tencent. QQ The magic version of , It has two levels of functions .

One is to show invisible friends , Let the diving monster have nowhere to hide , Second, show friends IP, Open the chat window to know where the other person is .

This is obvious , On the surface, we are with friends QQ Chat in the window .

But in “ Internet ” Eyes , It's just two IP Just flirting with each other .

IP The territory is open , These people need to panic

See here , Some friends may be very confused , since IP An address is like an Internet house number , That should be private .

Just like in reality , We don't want strangers to know where they live .

It's true , In theory ,IP The address is private and should not be published at will .

But with the popularity of some new technologies ,IP The location of the address has long been less accurate .( Let's talk about it later ).

And the major mainstream platforms show , It's not specific IP Address , But a wider Province 、 Municipalities directly under the central government and even countries and regions .

For us ordinary users , Just show one IP Territoriality , It really won't have a big impact , Even recognize fellow villagers on the spot .

Then why can it cause so much controversy ? Xiao Lei privately thought , Related to these groups .

The first one , It's someone who pretends to do business overseas , They are at home , But I know that netizens are full of curiosity about foreign life .

So I'm going to take care of it , Package yourself as an overseas Chinese blogger .

For example, Lulu, who collects junk in Japan , since 【IP Territoriality 】 After the launch , Her account home page shows that she belongs to Henan .

And this is called “ People in New York ” Bloggers are even more embarrassed .

Mark yourself in the United States on the left , But the truth on the right IP The territory exposes itself .

The platform seems to be following these 【 People are xx, I just got off the plane 】 My blogger said :“ Stop pretending, brother , Now it's all displayed IP The territory .”

As for some accounts that engage in local eating, drinking and fun , The scene seems even more embarrassing .

As you can see , Here are “ Xi'an eat, drink and have fun ”、“ The life of Guangzhou people ”、“ Chongqing food and drink life ” Waiting account ,IP The territory is all in Hunan .

Ask no questions , Hunan knows more about eating, drinking and having fun all over the country , Or is it that the center of the universe is in Hunan ?

In fact, Xiao Lei thinks , These numbers should be by someone from Hunan MCN Under the unified management of the organization .

From another perspective , I'm in Hunan , You can also master the characteristics of eating, drinking and playing in various regions , And sort out the output , Business ability is really not black .

But now netizens don't like being cheated , It seems that the local blogger you like is not local , I guess it's not a taste in my heart .

Of course! , I really want to say who was IP Territorial damage is the deepest , It belongs to those “ In caoying and in Han ” People who .

Once Xiao Lei was very puzzled , Why is the atmosphere of microblog so smelly , Go up and watch it every day , It's either boxing or spitting .

since 【IP Territoriality 】 After the function goes online , Xiao Lei finally realized , Look at these unfriendly comments , Almost all from overseas .

Through the network, there is a certain concealment , These people are everywhere on major social platforms “ Shit ” Follow the trend blindly , It's strange not to stink the network environment ...

These people may carry “ Major tasks ”, Rat shit bent on Internet public opinion .

But now IP The territory shows up , Who's in a hurry , Know everything. .

To make a long story short , If we were just ordinary people , Make an ordinary wave on the Internet .

that IP Whether the display of territory , It won't affect our surfing interest .

IP Don't panic if the address is leaked

The discussion is over IP Territorial matters , Let's talk about , If detailed information is obtained IP Address , What's the big risk .

If you put the time back to more than ten years ago , Everyone will find , At that time, many forums showed the of posting and commenters IP Address .

And different from today's territory , At that time, the forum showed IP It can be described in great detail , Only the last paragraph hides the number .

such as

But just the first three paragraphs , That's enough for us to find out IP Where did it come from .

And because of this , At that time, some netizens who paid attention to privacy posted everywhere , Ask to hide the truth IP Address method .


There are many netizens in the comment area giving advice , Most of them mentioned , It's the agent IP Dafa .


Um. , How do you feel a little familiar , Today, Xiao Lei really painted “IP Acting abnormal industry explosion ” News of .

Sure enough , There are policies on , makers .


But Xiao Lei still said that , If you just go online , So even if you know the details IP Address , It's not a big deal , There is no need to buy the so-called 【 Replace IP agent 】 Software .

Because of the present IP Address , It has long been impossible to accurately find a single networked device .


In the early IPv4 When there are plenty of addresses , It's true that each networked device has one IP Address , here IP Address disclosure will have a serious impact .

For example, others get your IP After the address , You can find out what little movies you downloaded , Or cyber attack you .


Later, as more and more people surf the Internet ,IPv4 The address is becoming more and more scarce ,4,294,967,296 I'm running out of addresses .

but IPv6 It hasn't been popularized yet , In order to alleviate IPv4 The problem of shortage , The experts made a NAT agreement .

So-called NAT agreement , Is the public network distributed by operators IPv4 Address , Convert to intranet IP.

thus , All connected devices at home , You only need to consume one IPv4 Address , Increase the carrying capacity of Internet equipment in a disguised form .


Then just put NAT The task of transformation is on your shoulders , Let the users of the whole community , Share an intranet IPv4 Address . Later, operators felt , This is not environmentally friendly enough .

harm , On saving resources , It depends on the operator ...


Even if others know your public network IP Address , You can't find out exactly where you are . The best thing about this , Naturally, the security is better .

Want to “ Follow the cable ” Come and hit someone ? sorry , No way .

Of course , If everyone really thinks IP The territory was made public , It's an invasion of your privacy , You can really consider taking a wave of prosecution .

A netizen did this a few days ago , And the data collection is quite complete .


But Xiao Lei thinks , Just open one IP Territoriality , In fact, it's hard to say it's an invasion of privacy .

Don't forget , Previous forums were open IP Scale of , Much more than now .

On the whole , Publicly show 【IP Territory 】 The function of is online , It's still necessary .

At least it has exposed the original shape of many people who take advantage of the rhythm of the Internet , Give Way “ People are xx, I just got off the plane ” People were slapped in the face .

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