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Camping is popular. What are the hidden worries behind the trend?

2022-05-07 15:40:00Chinese industry information station

Almost all places with grass “ Changman ” Camper

Haiwozi ancient town, Xinxing Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, is close to Jianjiang River , It is a popular wanghonglu camp around Chengdu .“ The May Day ” During the holiday , The reporter's field visit found that , On the river bank 、 The beach is full of vehicles , tent 、 The sky curtain is next to each other , It stretches for miles , Some tents are even directly set up in the river .

The reporter visited Beijing 、 Chengdu and other green parks 、 I saw , Some flat grass 、 On the beach ,“ Long ” Full of all kinds of tents , Portable tables and chairs are standard , The table is full of all kinds of food and drinks , Some have Barbecue frame 、 cooker .

“ Camping has entered a popular era , As if for a moment , Every piece of grass ‘ Changman ’ Camper .” "Said an industry insider , If last year “ The May Day ” It's the world of lattice picnic mats , This year is the world of camp tents .

Some camping agencies that provide related services say , It's hard to get a holiday , Some orders for booking camps have been arranged until the end of May ,“ Marvel at flowers + Camping ”“ rv + Camping ”“ Journey take + Camping ”, Different names , Are popular .

According to the Ctrip data display ,“ The May Day ” Little holiday , Camping travel orders have increased compared with the Qingming holiday 5 times . Where are you going? Network data display ,4 Since the month , The search volume of camping Related words on the platform increased year-on-year 2.5 times , yes 2020 In the same period of 4 times , Camping related products this year ( accommodation 、 Travel ) Bookings are the same as last year 3 About times .

5 month 2 Japan , People are camping in wanjuan Shutai scenic spot, Nanchuan District, Chongqing . Shen Jizhong ( Photographed by Qu mingbin )
5 month 2 Japan , People are camping in wanjuan Shutai scenic spot, Nanchuan District, Chongqing . Shen Jizhong ( Photographed by Qu mingbin )

Chengdu citizens bought camping equipment at the beginning of next year , Every weekend, I ask several families to form a team to go camping .“ From the beginning, it was just a simple chair 、 Tea at a small table , Then set up a tent 、 Cook with a cooker , Now stay out for one night , The way of camping is changing , The purchase of equipment is also increasing .” Bao Ming said .

Reporter's findings , In the past two years, the epidemic prevention and control has been normalized , Many cities call for “ No need to leave the market ”, More and more people choose camping . Many campers say , In the process of camping, you can experience closer to nature 、 The feeling of having fun with family and friends .

According to the data released by AI media consulting ,2014 - 2020 In, the market scale of camping camps in China increased from 77.1 Billion yuan to 168 One hundred million yuan , Compound growth rate 13.9%.2021 In, the market scale of camping camp increased rapidly , Growth rate reached 78%, Market scale reaches 299 One hundred million yuan , expect 2022 The market size will reach 354.6 One hundred million yuan . Thirty percent of consumers spend... On camping equipment 3000 Yuan to 5000 element , Yes 18.4% Consumers will spend more than 10000 yuan .

There are hidden worries behind the trend :

Damage the environment 、 Security risk

Reporter's findings , The circle of friends is exquisite and beautiful 、 Behind the high-end and atmospheric camping photos , Some issues deserve attention .

Many professional campers say , The biggest impact of camping that suddenly blooms everywhere is environmental damage 、 The pollution problem is prominent .

In wanghonglu camp, haiwozi ancient town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu , The reporter sees , When the Jianjiang River flows through here, the channel narrows , The beach is flat and bare , The surrounding vegetation is dense . According to the local villagers , Every weekend or holiday , The beach will be crowded with tents , At the end of the holiday, the tourists dispersed , There's always a lot of rubbish left , Even campers put all kinds of waste water 、 The residue is poured directly into the river .

In addition to professional campsites , Most people choose near water 、 The grass is flat 、 Camping in areas with lush vegetation . Reporter's findings , In some city parks , Some vegetation is seriously damaged , Camping produces a lot of garbage , Some also directly pollute the water .

It's on the South Sixth Ring Road in Beijing “ Double eagle camp ”, Reporters see , Some areas of the camp have been significantly Sandy , There is a lot of rubbish floating on the nearby lake . In some campsites in the suburbs , Rubbish can be seen everywhere , Barbecued bamboo sticks 、 Disposable plates are scattered all over the floor .

A camping enthusiast told reporters , Various supporting facilities of professional campsite, including public toilet 、 Garbage collection and treatment are relatively perfect , But now many people are looking for a flat grass everywhere in the suburbs and put up tents , Without any supporting facilities , There are many phenomena of littering .

Besides , The safety risks brought by camping are worthy of vigilance . Many campers like to use open fire , Barbecue and even cooking , There is a big potential safety hazard .

5 month 2 Japan , Campers have a barbecue picnic at the No. 3 Bridge Camp in Xiaoyudong, Pengzhou, Chengdu . Xinhua reporter Xue Chen taken
5 month 2 Japan , Campers have a barbecue picnic at the No. 3 Bridge Camp in Xiaoyudong, Pengzhou, Chengdu . Xinhua reporter Xue Chen taken

In downtown Beijing 、 Some parks in the suburbs 、 By the beach , Many campers set up barbecue racks to bake kebabs , The scene was smoky and burning , From time to time, sparks appear . In Huaixin park on the South Fourth Ring Road , The reporter saw tourists barbecue in the woods , A lot of poplar catkins are piled up on the ground under the forest , Once the fire is used improperly , Extremely prone to fire .

The reporter saw... At a professional camping site in Huairou District, Beijing , The camp has specially opened up a self-service barbecue area , There are special staff to make charcoal fire 、 Prepare the ingredients , Make sure you use fire safely .

“‘ Traceless camping ’ The concept of outdoor environmental protection has not been popularized yet , This concept requires people involved in camping to plan and prepare in advance , Camping on tolerable ground , Dispose of garbage properly , Keep the natural appearance as much as possible , Reduce the impact of field fire on the environment , Food scraps are packed and taken away , Reduce the use of soap cleaners .” Shen Wei, a senior outdoor adventure enthusiast in Chengdu, said .

Related industries are developing rapidly

Standardize management and make camping develop healthily

The gradual popularization of camping has brought fire to related industries . Sky eye data display , near 5 Over the years , The registered number of camping related enterprises in China is growing rapidly , among 2020 New year added 9100 More than ,2021 New year added 2 More than ten thousand families .2022 Since then , Already exceeded 7000 A camping related enterprise was established .

Industry insiders say , As a new type of business , There are also many problems in the camping industry . The homogenization of wanghong camp is serious 、 It is not uncommon for propaganda pictures to be seriously inconsistent with the reality and other roast . The reporter interviewed many campers at random , Many people reflect that there is a big difference between the environment and publicity , Some supporting facilities are poor , The experience is not good .

 Screenshot of netizen roast
Screenshot of netizen roast

Song Yu, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said , Camping meets people's leisure needs , But the next step should be to standardize , Guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry . Deal with and rectify the operating camping sites lacking qualification , Strengthen the design of the camp 、 Business norms , To destroy 、 Strengthen supervision of environmental pollution and other behaviors .

Yu Jibin, assistant professor of tourism and hotel management department of Xiamen University, said , The comprehensive service level of camping sites should be improved , At the same time, on the premise of protecting public resources , Delimit the area available for camping , Appropriate fees for camp maintenance and cleaning .

Song Yu said , You can moderately open camping spaces such as parks and green spaces , Strengthen space management and maintenance , Build relevant infrastructure, fire fighting and other emergency disposal facilities . At the same time, we should increase the publicity of outdoor environmental protection awareness , Clarify the rules of camping activities , Cultivate a sense of responsibility to live in harmony with nature .

The reporter : Wu Wenxu 、 Lu Chang 、 Xue Chen , Take part in the collection and writing : Sun Xiao

Coordinating editor : Guo Yanhui

proofreading : Huang chenqian ( The intern )

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