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Nintendo mobile games has a total revenue of nearly $1.8 billion, and "flame Herald hero" contributes the most

2022-05-07 15:45:24Chinese industry information station

In second and third place are 《 Animal Crossing : Pocket camp 》 and 《 Mario Racing Tour 》, The revenues of the two mobile games are 2.76 $and 2.7 Billion dollars . The two have similar revenue , but 《 Mario Racing Tour 》 Is in the 2019 year 9 Month launch , Later than the former 22 Months .

Nintendo's other mobile games are , To be discontinued later this year 《 Lost dragon contract 》 Created 1.67 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue ,2016 Published in 《 Super Mario Parkour 》 The income has reached 8700 Thousands of dollars , The number of games downloaded worldwide has reached 3.07 100 million times , There is no doubt that Nintendo has become the most downloaded mobile game . But the game is buyout , Make the game less profitable . It is worth mentioning that ,《 Mario Racing Tour 》 since 2019 Since its release in, there have been 2.24 Billion downloads , At present, it still has a good market performance , There's a lot more than 《 Super Mario Parkour 》 Trend .

《 Animal Crossing : Pocket camp 》 Although income ranks second , But the number of game downloads is only 6500 ten thousand , The main reason is the same theme 《 Assemble ! Animal Crossing 》 stay Switch Platform fire , And Nintendo rarely publicizes this mobile game . So it looks like ,《 Flame badge : hero 》 The biggest winner , The game in 9.83 Behind the billion dollar revenue , Only 1800 Million downloads .《 Lost dragon contract 》 Minimum Downloads , Only 400 ten thousand . Off the shelf 《 Dr. Mario 》 Download volume reached 1300 Ten thousand times , Total income is 1400 Thousands of dollars .

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