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As the machine turns and the service runs, Shanghai Songjiang accelerates the resumption of work and production

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Xinhua news agency client Shanghai 5 month 3 (Reuters) ( The reporter Yao Yujie 、 Gong Wen 、 Sun Qing ) Carrying a schoolbag 、 Dragging luggage , Looking forward to waiting for the bus to pick up , This scene took place at the gate of a residential area in Songjiang District, Shanghai .5 month 1 Japan , Shanghai announced 6 All districts meet the basic social clearance standard , Songjiang is among them . The busy figure of returning to work and production , Flying production line , It's the most exciting picture at the moment ,“ go , Go to work !”

Various types of enterprises have resumed work and production

Shanghai Hejing silicon material Co., Ltd., located in Shihudang Town, Songjiang District, recently welcomed the second batch of returning personnel ,4 month 23 since , The company has accumulated 91 Employees return to work , The company's production capacity is gradually restored to 50%.

Shanghai Hejing silicon material Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of key enterprises in Shanghai “ White list ” The enterprise , Mainly responsible for the research and development of all kinds of silicon single crystal polishing chips for integrated circuits and epitaxy 、 Production and marketing , It is a leading enterprise in the semiconductor silicon material industry in Shanghai's integrated circuit industry .

 The machine turns 、 Service runs , Shanghai Songjiang accelerates the resumption of work and production

caption : In Shanghai Hejing silicon material Co., Ltd , The staff are conducting the final quality inspection before shipment .( Chart of respondents )

“ Thanks to the support of all parties , Not only for us to coordinate production materials from downtown Shanghai and even surrounding cities , Recall qualified employees from the community , And guide us to do a good job in disinfection and sterilization . at present , The returning personnel live and eat in the company , Implement closed-loop management , Carry out antigen testing every day .” Shang Haibo, deputy general manager of Shanghai Hejing silicon materials, said ,5 month 6 The third batch of returning employees will be welcomed on the th .

It is reported that , Two groups of key enterprises in Shanghai “ White list ” in , There are more than 100 in Songjiang District , Involving multiple industries and categories , Including operation support 、 Manufacturing of important components 、 Economic support 、 Production of epidemic prevention materials 、 Livelihood security and continuous production , Focus on the recovery of the industrial chain .

 The machine turns 、 Service runs , Shanghai Songjiang accelerates the resumption of work and production

caption : In the production workshop of feidiao Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd , The workers are busy .( Songjiang financial media supply map )

The production workshop of feidiao Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. located in Xiaokunshan town , All kinds of equipment operate in an orderly manner , The workers in masks are busy .“ Currently on duty employees 380 Left and right , Production capacity has been restored to 30%, With the further opening of logistics channels , Production capacity will gradually recover .” The person in charge of feidiao electric appliance said .

 The machine turns 、 Service runs , Shanghai Songjiang accelerates the resumption of work and production

caption :4 month 18 Japan , The transport vehicle carries a super 10000 A laptop , Drive out of the warehouse . This is the first batch of products shipped by Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city after the resumption of work .( Songjiang financial media supply map )

It's worth seeing , Just a week , The number of people returning to work in Guangda Shanghai manufacturing city has doubled , from 4 month 15 Japanese 2000 People rise to 22 Japanese 4000 people , Total shipments of notebook computers 、 Vehicle modules and other products are more than 23 Thousands of pieces of .

Special period service “ No closing ”

Except that the offline machine turns , The application of digital technology , It has become a key measure to ensure supply and stable production in the manufacturing industry . In Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District , The capacity of a factory “ emergency ”, Match through big data , The order was “ send ” To Suzhou factory with similar production equipment and manufacturing capacity , Direct delivery after production .

This benefits from a smart network based on the Internet and big data .“ company 3 The smart factory network platform launched in January , During the epidemic, through the electronic components online mall , Every day for more than 2000 Small and medium-sized electronic manufacturing enterprises provide component supply , Avoidable cause ‘ No material available ’ Affect the production schedule .” Cloud core city ( Shanghai ) Zhou Xuefeng, vice president of Internet Technology Co., Ltd., said .

On-line “ Run ” There are not only order services , And administrative services . In recent days, , Head of giant network Group Co., Ltd “ Never leave home ” Completed the extension of food business license .

according to the understanding of , During the epidemic , Giant network implements closed-loop management , The internal canteen of the enterprise undertakes the daily work 1200 The catering task of more than people . The staff of Zhongshan market supervision institute found that , The food business license of the canteen of the enterprise is about to expire . Once overdue, it means to cancel and redo , It will affect the normal meal supply of the enterprise , It will also bring inconvenience to the resumption of work and production of the enterprise .

 The machine turns 、 Service runs , Shanghai Songjiang accelerates the resumption of work and production

caption : The staff of Zhongshan market supervision and administration office are in the daily epidemic prevention and control patrol work , Carefully check the relevant certificates of the enterprises under the jurisdiction .( Songjiang financial media supply map )

So , After the staff contacted the relevant person in charge of the enterprise , Guide them through video “ All in one ” Online declaration license renewal 、 Upload relevant information , After repeated communication and operation , Handled this business .

Similarly, , The relevant person in charge of Shanghai shape memory alloy material Co., Ltd., located in Songjiang Science and Technology City, Lingang, said , In the special period of epidemic prevention and control , Just use 2 I got the medical device business license within days .

It is reported that , Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau ensures the uninterrupted registration and licensing service of market entities during the epidemic prevention and control period , Implement the whole process network office and vacancy handling service . For those who meet the conditions and are involved in epidemic prevention and control 、 A guarantee of guarantee 、 Market players of key projects , Open green channel , Tolerance handling , It is allowed to supplement the application materials after the end of the epidemic .

More bail outs are on the way

Affected by the multi-point spread of the epidemic and other factors , Some industrial chains and supply chains are blocked 、 The production and operation of small, medium and micro enterprises are facing difficulties , Bring pressure to the overall development of manufacturing industry .

Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, said , Relevant government departments at the urban and rural levels will continue to support and help enterprises , After personnel return and rotation 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Do a good job in epidemic prevention and living material reserve , Create conditions for more enterprises to resume work and production .

As one of the five new towns in Shanghai 、 Changjiang delta G60 The origin of the science and innovation corridor , Songjiang aims at the overall industrial structure 、 Enterprise characteristics 、 market demand , Adjust measures to local conditions .

In order to improve the enterprise and resume production , Songjiang has set up a special work leading group , Under it, there is industrial coordination 、 Steady growth 、 Steady employment 、 Traffic security 、 Epidemic prevention guarantee, etc 8 Special working groups , Fine implementation of the specific work of the resumption of work and production of the enterprise .

Sun Wenjie, director of Songjiang District Development and Reform Commission, said , In recent days, 《 Application guide for several measures to support the development of market players in response to epidemic situation in Songjiang District 》 Release , Including the reduction of enterprise rent 、 Extension of tax declaration period 、 Guarantee the production capacity of key enterprises 、 Encourage and strengthen regional cooperation 、 Support credit repair, etc 12 The measures .

such as , In terms of strengthening financial support , Guide financial institutions to increase the investment of inclusive small and micro loans , Give priority to supporting difficult industries, especially small and micro enterprises and private enterprises , Appropriately relax the tolerance of non-performing loans of inclusive small and micro enterprises , Further increase the first loan of small and micro enterprises 、 Credit loans 、 Loan renewal without repayment of principal , We will not blindly hesitate to lend to difficult enterprises affected by the epidemic 、 Take out a loan 、 Cut off the loan 、 Pressure loan .

“12 The goal of this measure is to benchmark the needs of market players in an all-round way , Try to implement the policy and find someone . It's just an introduction , Next, we will also release relevant supporting measures and Implementation Rules , Make clear who is responsible 、 All day on duty telephone , More accurately rescue and solve difficulties for enterprises .” Sun Wenjie said .( End )

source : The xinhua news agency

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