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What is NFT? What is the magic of NFT digital art?

2022-05-07 15:55:18Tune

Why such a simple picture , After Jay Chou's promotion , It can be downloaded from 6000 It sold for more than 100000 yuan , Why can such a picture of sneakers that can't be worn be fired 100 More than ten thousand ? these NFT What is the magic of digital art ? What is the logic behind them ?

 What is? NFT?NFT What is the magic of digital art ?

What is? NFT?NFT Is to put the picture 、 video 、 Blockchain audio digital content , A simple example , If there is a picture I drew with computer software , If I store it in my computer , Then it's an ordinary picture , But I just upload this picture to NFT platform , Through the platform, I can make this picture into NFT. This platform will use a technology called casting , English is called Mint Add a piece of code to my picture , This code contains the number of the picture , Including the Creator , That's my name , It will also include the name of the owner , Although the creator is me , But once I sell it or transfer it to someone else , Then the owner becomes someone else , And because this code is unique , Even two identical pictures , After casting , Also because the code behind them is different , So they are also two NFT, And most importantly, once passed NFT The platform turned this picture into NFT, So this NFT Your work will no longer be saved on your computer , It's stored on the blockchain , Because of the public nature of blockchain, this NFT There is no way to artificially delete or tamper with your works , This is it. NFT.

So can I just find a picture to make NFT? If you find a Picasso painting , I made it NFT Can I do that? ? Theoretically, it can , But in fact, even if you do it, it doesn't make any sense , Because everyone click on this one NFT, If you see the producer behind it , Then it's worthless , But if Picasso himself uploaded this picture to NFT platform , Then you can see that it was created by Picasso , Just buy it for $10 million .

NFT What's the use ? At this stage, I either like to collect , Or it's just for frying , There is really no third use . But suppose if Tiktok 、 Wechat is a social media platform , They support your avatar upload NFT picture , Your fans or friends , Just click on your head and you can see this NFT Which artist created it , How much did you pay for this information , If you can see it ,NFT Does it have a huge use in an instant , That's social flaunting , This is not an assumption, it has happened , The previous twitter test was called mask Plug in for , This plugin allows you to upload what you have NFT, Use them as your avatar , Everyone can click on the avatar , See what you have NFT Information about . And suppose that if the future enters the meta universe , In the virtual world , Your piece of land , A house , A sofa , These are theoretically yours NFT, In the era of metauniverse ,NFT Is the most basic element of your life .

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