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Rookie appeared at the Asia Pacific Federation of Posts conference, and the experience of digital intelligence logistics has attracted the attention of many countries

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In recent days, , Asia - Pacific Postal Union (Asian-Pacific Postal Union) The Asia Pacific Postal System Exchange will be held online , Officials from the headquarters and Training Institute of the Asia Pacific Postal Union and Thailand 、 Indonesia 、 Philippines, etc. 11 Postal officials from Asia Pacific countries and regions 、 Operators attend the meeting . Rookies are invited to the meeting , And shared the experience of digital intelligence logistics to the participants .

The postal network in the Asia Pacific region is an important part of the global postal network , Around the world 50% Postal facilities and 32% All the employees are from the Asia Pacific Region . The epidemic has had a huge impact on the global postal industry , In the post epidemic era , With the restart of economy and the gradual recovery of international exchanges , The Asia Pacific Postal Union hopes to help member states, especially the less developed member states, obtain information to deal with the epidemic , Good experience in restoring development 、 Good practice .

As a leading Internet company in China's logistics industry , Through automation during the epidemic 、IoT And digital logistics capabilities such as digital supply chain , The efficient and stable logistics service is guaranteed . Officials of the Asia Pacific Postal Union said :“ We hope rookies will have the technical concept and relevant experience in the field of logistics technology , You can send it to Asia Pacific Post 、 The logistics industry provides a new scientific and technological perspective to improve logistics services under the epidemic situation .”

Zhao Wei, deputy general manager of rookie logistics technology division, shared the experience of rookie with postal system personnel of various countries through video .

stay “ Last mile delivery and distribution ” In the seminar , Rookie shared the application scenario of logistics technology in express terminal . Rookie post station provides more independent customer pick-up solutions through the Internet of things , Reduce contact between strangers , Rookie driverless cars have been used in hundreds of colleges and communities “ Contactless delivery ” Become reality .

In Digital Supply Chain , Rookies optimize inventory management and transportation schemes through digital technology , Especially in the current situation of unstable international supply chain , With the help of big data and digital management tools in " Reasonable inventory " And " Ensure supply chain security " Achieve a better balance between .

When talking about the automation ability of rookies , Zhao Wei recommended the cooperation case of lightning Da, a Thai express company, to postal supervisors of various countries .2021 Annual double 11 On the eve of , Rookie helped lightning strike build the largest automated warehouse in Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand ,168 platform AGV Robots work at the same time , It can be expanded to an average daily processing capacity of 20000 orders , Enough to meet the capacity demand during the local promotion period . The automated storage system has limited personnel activities during the epidemic 、 When the efficiency of manual operation decreases , We can still use relatively less manpower investment to ensure the stability of Logistics 、 Efficient operation .

At the meeting , Postal officials of various countries have paid great attention to the novice's digital intelligence logistics experience .“ Digital transformation and innovation are important topics for the postal industry in the next few years , We see the possibility of revitalizing postal value through technology from rookies ,” Officials of the Asia Pacific Postal Union said .

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