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WSTS: in 2021, global chip design IP sales increased by 19.4% year-on-year to US $5.45 billion

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According to the World Semiconductor Trade Association (WSTS) Statistical data , Following 2020 Chip design IP Sales are up year on year 16% after ,2021 Year design IP Sales are up year on year 19.4%, achieve 54.5 Billion dollars . meanwhile ,2021 Semiconductor sales increased year-on-year 26.2%. Based on this ,IPnest On 2022 year 5 Month issued 《 Design IP The report 》, Sort... By category IP Suppliers are ranked .

2021 Year design IP The main trend for most IP The suppliers are very positive , especially Synopsys increased 21.7%,Imagination Technologies(IMG) increased 43.4%, Flash compiler vendor ( Super agile semiconductor , Liwang electron ) and Alphawave Up to 100% above .

obviously ,Synopsys and Alphawave The growth of confirms Wired interface IP market Importance ( The growth of this category is 22.7%), With data centric wired interface applications 、 Superscalar 、 Data Center 、 Network or IA Consistent . however ,ARM and IMG Its good performance proves the recovery of the smartphone industry , And the rise of the automotive industry is a growth carrier .

review 2016 to 2021 year IP The history of the market , You can get IP Information on major market trends . The global IP The market has grown 59.3%, The growth of the top three suppliers is uneven . Number one ARM increased 33.7%, Second place Synopsys increased 140.9%, Third place Cadence It's growing 167.2%.

Relatively speaking , Market share information is more important .ARM Market share from 2016 Year of 48.1% Down to 2021 Year of 40.4%,Synopsys Market share from 2016 Year of 13.1% Growth to 2021 Year of 19.7%( Or from 2016 Year to 2021 The market share increased in 50%), and Cadence Market share from 2016 Year of 3.4% Growth to 2021 Year of 5.8%.

Besides , You can also compare 2016 - 2021 Comprehensive analysis based on the compound annual average growth rate of . among , A strong message is ,2016 - 2021 Year design IP The compound annual growth rate of the market is close to 10%. It is also worth noting that ,Synopsys The compound annual growth rate is 19.2%, yes ARM( The compound annual growth rate is 6%) Three times more .

IPnest Also under license and royalties IP The income is calculated IP Supplier ranking :

Press IP Calculation of authorized income ,2021 year Synopsys With 31.2% Market share of , and ARM with 25.6% Second in market share .Alphawave Founded in 2017 year , Now ranked fourth , Second only to Cadence, This indicates high performance SerDes IP It is very important for modern data centric applications .

in fact ,Synopsys Their good performance is related to their high attention to wired interfaces to a certain extent , They are 13 In the billion dollar market 55.6% Share , High performance SerDes It is the main pillar of the interconnection market .Synopsys Adopted “ "One-stop" work style ” strategic , Support almost all protocols (USB、PCIe、 Ethernet 、SATA、HDMI、MIPI、DDR Memory controller ), And occupy a leading market share in each agreement .

Alphawave In a sense, they are complementary , Because their strategy is more inclined to “Stop-For-Top”, It limits their support for the most advanced products on the cutting-edge technology nodes . But if you focus on 2021 Design in IP result , You will find that both can succeed , And follow different strategies and market positioning .

2021 The annual royalty ranking shows ,ARM With 60.8% Our market share is dominant , If you consider their customer installation base and their strong position in the smartphone industry , It's not surprising . And what's more surprising is , Super agile semiconductor and Imagination Technologies(IMG) Recovery of , Make them second and third in the top five .

Super agile semiconductor is benefiting from the recovery of microcontroller market , Because they are equipped with most of the microcontroller products sold . and IMG Has been able to overcome the cold spell brought by apple a few years ago , And repositioned as a modern mobile phone in various market segments other than smart phones GPU supplier , Such as car entertainment 、 Smart TV or tablet .

2021 Year design IP The industry grew by 19.4%, It proves that this segment is very strong in the semiconductor market , At the same time 2016 - 2021 Year 9.8% The compound annual growth rate of is a good measure .IPnest Also on the design IP The future of 5 The forecast was made in ( Not yet announced ), namely 2026 Year design IP The market will reach 110 Billion dollars , And the compound annual growth rate (2021 - 2026 year ) by 15%.

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