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Researchers share a rare image of "high fin arowana"

2022-05-07 16:10:01Chinese industry information station

This week, , The researchers shared a video of this torpedo shaped creature . According to the video , The creature comes from the depths of the Bay 980 feet ( about 300 rice ), Remote control vehicle for seabed exploration “Doc Ricketts” shooting . The lights on the survey car lit up the creature , And show you its glittering metal like appearance .

This bronze colored creature has aroused people's excitement because of its rarity . The Institute calls :“ Researchers observed some different arowanas deep in Monterey Bay , But this is what we have so far , The rarest arowana species encountered . In more than 30 years of deep-sea research and more than 27600 Hours of video , We've only seen this particular species four times .”

according to the understanding of , The length of the creature is about  6.5 Inch ( about 16.5 centimeter ), Its color is very dark . In the introduction of arowana , Researchers say they have the darkest black body known in nature . before , stay 2020 In a study in , It has been proved that the fish has a cool “ Super black ” appearance .

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