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With more downloads than tiktok and sheen, why is this social app so popular?

2022-05-07 16:16:3136kr

lately , A new social software LiveIn It's all over the world , Board the United States App Top of the list , exceed TikTok, And dominate the list for five consecutive days . 

source : Seven wheat data  

Try to ask Ta Why is it so hot ?

not a few LiveIn Fan representation , The point is Ta Sure “ control ” Friends' mobile screen , Let the other person's screen show their own “ charming photo ”. 

Many couples are crazy about LiveIn   hit call, Use it with your partner Ta To update the moment , It's really the sweetest thing we've ever done together . 

nothing Unique couple , At home Also recently Yes A similar social App Comparing the fire , named 「 Paste 」 , He also made it to the No. 1 of the tool list the day before yesterday 1 name . 

source : Seven wheat data  

In little red book , There are also many users “ insane ” Want to buy , Say you must be with your best friend 、 Lovers play this software , The number of likes of related posts has reached 1.9w. 

Today's article , The operation agency will come and talk about , The hottest social networking nowadays App —— Liveln、 How to play ? This kind of App How did it get on fire ? 

01“ Occupy ” Your phone screen ,「LiveIn People 」 How to play ?

In the experience of Liveln after , There is a reason why the operation agency found this software popular overseas . 

Liveln The basic playing method is very simple , Many users use Ta Come on “ Occupy ” A friend's phone screen , The user is in Post Interface , Choose from your mobile photo album or take photos directly , After confirming the sending , The photo can appear on your friend's mobile screen . 

also ,LiveIn You can add up to four friends to your desktop widget , Users can always check the status updates of their friends . 

After sending photos , Users can also update in real time “ state ”. Users can edit text or emoji, To update your mood , Friends only need to click into the software to view . 

Except for the simple po Photo ,LiveIn There are many “ Custom play ”.

First ,LiveIn You can send handwritten graffiti . Some foreign netizens sent it in their friends' exam week “ Handwritten blessing ”, Draw a picture on the screen “ I have passed the exam ”. 

Picture source :LiveIn 

This can “ Online editing 、 Draw by yourself ” The function of , It has also become the of many couples “ Show of affection ” Artifact . Some netizens pour out their love to their partners across the screen , Make a surprise . 

Picture source :LiveIn 

secondly ,LiveIn Yes “memories Calendar memory ” function . You can see the photos sent in the last ten days on the home page , Click the picture to view all the photos sent that day . If you want to see a collection of all the photos in the last month , You need to click below “View all my memories”. 

And the above “ Calendar memory ” Function echoes , After viewing recent photos , Users can generate video from their own and friends' status , manufacture “ Video memoirs ”. After generation , You can also share to TikTok On . 

This function can be selected up to 5 Of a close friend 24 Zhang dynamic , To synthesize video . 

Last ,LiveIn Not only can you send photos to your friends , It can also be sent to strangers .

App In the official settings of , The relationship between users is divided into :friends friend ( Pay attention to each other ) ,follower ( fans ) , world A stranger ( You can choose to share it with everyone ) . 

For strangers , Users' photos can't appear on each other's screen , This is actually not good for meeting new friends . 

however , The authorities have not completely closed 「 Public social 」 Entrance , Users can go to 「Moments - World」 Inside to check the status of strangers , You can also choose Follow( Focus on ), After mutual relations between the two sides , Can “ enjoy ”po The picture is on the screen of the other party's mobile phone . 

except LiveIn,2022 In the first half of the year, this kind of social interaction on the mobile screen App it is often seen .

such as , Popular in domestic little red books “ Paste ”, It is praised by netizens as “ Take off the sharp weapon ”、“ Couple check post artifact ”. 

Paste compared to LiveIn, Function is relatively simple , Only the core “ To send pictures ” This is a function , Pay more attention to the privacy of making friends , There is also a limit on the number of friend invitations . 

Users can choose to use wechat 、QQ Friends and copying passwords are three ways to invite friends , however , Each new user can only invite 5 A close friend . 

Again such as , in addition a 「 Real time interactivity 」 and 「 More private 」 Of App - BeReal. When your friends send you photos , Must be in receipt of App After the prompt 2 Shoot and upload in minutes Photo , To see the photos shared by friends that day . 

And recently updated Realmoji It is a new attempt to combine desktop screen sharing : The user can choose one emoji expression ( Like anger 、 smile 、 Thumb, etc ) Make the same real face , After sending , The friend's interface can display this photo . 

These interactive classes App Like bamboo shoots springing up one after another , Downloads are firmly at the top of the list , It seems successful “ Take it ” Netizens hope 「 Social acquaintance 」 Interactive psychology . 

02 LiveIn、 Paste, etc “ Antisocial ”App, How the fire started ?

From social App In terms of user value , Strangers socialize to make friends and talk about their emotions , For example, Momo 、Soul, Its function also revolves around the communication between strangers . 

And acquaintances socialize for communication efficiency , Text messages from the beginning 、 Telephone , Gradually developed into mail 、QQ、 WeChat ; In terms of improving efficiency, if it develops to the extreme , Then came the flying book 、 nailing 、 Enterprises, micro enterprises and other offices App. 

however ,LiveIn、 Paste , If it's not appropriate to socialize with strangers or acquaintances ,ta Instead “ abandon ” Some social functions , To target than “ acquaintance ” More intimate social relationships . 

social contact App In order to get users quickly , It tends to focus on the public domain , take 「 communicate 」 Put it first , However , these App But the opposite is true , Made it more niche 、 More intimate “ Antisocial ” App. 

1) Repositioning , Change the name to explosive fire

LiveIn App As early as this year 2 It has been online since October , The name at that time was LivePic Widget. There was a small heat when it was just launched , But since then, it has been tepid . until 4 month , This kind of App It's like riding a rocket , Downloads are rising vertically , Rush on Appstore Top of the free list , Species “ The fire broke out overnight ” The visual sense . 

source : Seven wheat data  

What happened in the middle ? 

The research of the operating agency found that , stay 3 month 30 Japan , This App The new version on the line has a suffix after the name 「LiveIn」; 4 month 8 Japan , Direct will LiveIn and LivePic Widget Replaced the position of . This is the replacement , Let it search and download “ Rub ” rose . 

source : Seven wheat data  

For users , Most names have “Widget” Our software is just tools , Not social , Can only play “ Decorate the screen ” The role of . 

for example ,Widgetsmith Can help users , Add desktop clock widget .

The number of downloads of this functional software , It's not as good as social software . After discovering this ,LiveIn Repositioned , Change the name from “ Tool type ” Of widget Changed to a simpler LiveIn, More emphasis on social functions . 

in addition , When the name becomes simple , The threshold of user search has also been reduced , Greatly improve the efficiency of search . 

There is another advantage of the renamed , Yes App The launch of . Detected from seven wheat data 「 Keyword coverage quantity history 」 Show ,LiveIn After the change of name , The number of bidding keywords has soared . It means , a certain extent , Renaming makes the input and output of advertising more valuable : Their ranks 、 The number of downloads has soared .

source : Seven wheat data

2) Product function : No fission , friendless

such A lot of spelling Type “ Chop a knife ” Fission seems to have become the life-saving straw of social software in recent years . social contact App Only on the basis of adding friends can its core functions be realized . 

such as ,LiveIn app Only after adding friends , To send photos to each other's mobile phone home screen . otherwise , Unable to interact . The domestic 「 Paste 」 And foreign 「BeReal」 The same thing . 

And last year's fire for some time Poparazzi Also through forced fission , Add friends to play . 

New users must give 3 Send invitations to individuals , To successfully register , and , When publishing photos , Must first tag At least one good friend , Or your photos won't be sent out . 

As a “ Antisocial ” Software , Users can't comment in it , It can't be forwarded either , You can't even confide in each other , Group chat can only be carried out based on picture content . 

There are also those who have surpassed wechat in the ranking list before 「 Jelly 」, Not only allow users to invite 50 A close friend , Build a more private circle of friends . 

and ,「 Jelly 」 There is no public domain community on , If the user does not pass the invitation “ collect ” To more friends , You can't continue to socialize . 

It's not hard to see. , Users in these App in , If you don't invite friends to socialize , It's hard to experience all the features of the product , even to the extent that , There are some App You can't do it at all “ play ”. 

3) New business strategy for young people

these App The target population is very clear , The cold start phase is basically only in 18 - 25 In the age group . 

Today's young people are diverse and “ De-Commoditize ” My hobbies , Trying new things is their social “ Center point ”, It is also an important part of their consumption drive

According to the data report of the aurora survey ,“ Taste fresh ”、“ Satisfy ” Such character is already Z The preferences of young people in the times . 

① on-line : Using short videos KOL Aggregate flow

LiveIn The core strategy in cold start is to TikTok Put it up .LiveIn App In their own official Instagram Once recruited TikTok The creator of , Make promotional videos for them , To achieve the effect of drainage . 

stay TikTok Owned on 170 Thousands of fans @tuckethorn I've published it for my own use LiveIn App In the video , The video has 30 Ten thousand points of praise ; More Than This ,Tucker Still in his TikTok Personal homepage introduction Office , Put it on LiveIn App Your friend invitation link , Guide fans to download App. 

and #liveinapp Under the topic tab , The operation agency also pays attention to the existing problems 1 More than 100 million users watch , The most popular video authors are also 18 - 25 A young man of . 

The domestic 「 Paste 」, Not only App The name uses Internet buzzwords , Also use the expression pack that young people often use as logo. 

and , just as LiveIn stay TikTok Marketing on the Internet , Tietie also put a lot of money on Tiktok , About # The amount of relevant videos posted has reached 7.8 Billion . 

meanwhile , The operator observed ,「 Paste 」 There is also a release on the little red book , But it is different from Tiktok , Selected different talents to launch : 

Vibrato on , Mostly star gossip entertainment numbers ; 

On little red book , Mostly tool recommendation numbers . 

② Offline : campus KOL“ Push type ” Crazy pull new

「BeReal」 stay 2022 year 1 Launched in April “ Campus Ambassador Program ”, Campus ambassadors must be full-time students 、 Live on campus , And if you study in a country , Must be a resident of the country . 

I can see you ,「BeReal」 I hope that students who really understand local culture and have rich campus life can become opinion leaders , Take the lead in making popularity among students . 

03 Conclusion

Simply speaking , these “ Antisocial ” App The essence has caught the user's desire to be with his best friend 、 couples 、 Close people always share the very subdivided social needs of life . 

From past data , these App In the end “ A flash in the pan ”, It's hard to influence wechat from the root 、Ins、Facebook etc. App.

however , This lightweight App It is also true that there are countless heavy social networks trying to seize users' time App in , Good results , Maybe for users , A core innovative playing method may be enough to become a bridge connecting the circle of friends . 

From the new promotion , It's not hard to find out , Whether it's foreign LiveIn Or domestic posts are split and innovated through social media —— Tiktok 、TikTok、 Xiaohongshu and other popular platforms nowadays KOL, for App Publicity .

Build a circle of close friends , In a sense, it seems to be becoming a kind of social App New trends in 、 The new solution .

author | Zheng Yuxuan   Wei Yuzhuo  

edit | Yang Peiwen  

Design  | Yan Tan Mengjie

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Operation Research Institute ”(ID:U_quan), author : Editorial Department of operation agency ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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