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Zhangboli: Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine is a major feature of the prevention and control of the COVID-19

2022-05-07 16:18:29Popular science China

5 month 6 Japan , Hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international economic and technological cooperation “2022 New year expert new think tank Power Forum ” On , Academician, Chinese academy of engineering 、 Zhang Boli, honorary president of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese Medicine , Delivered a speech via video link .

Academician Zhang Boli said , The prevention and control of COVID-19 in China has gone through three stages : Emergency containment stage of outbreak 、 Exploration stage of normalization prevention and control , Up to now, the whole chain of precise prevention and control “ Dynamic reset ” Stage . These three stages are also our experience 、 The process of continuously improving the ability of prevention and control . We know more and more about novel coronavirus , Late November last year , The Omicron variant virus was first discovered in South Africa , Its main feature is strong infectivity , But the virulence has weakened . Although the Omicron virus spreads faster , But the symptoms are relatively mild , Mainly mild . Omicron strain has more spike protein mutations , yes Delta Twice as many , This may mean that the virus may be optimized to be infectious but with a low mortality rate , In line with the evolution of most respiratory viruses . Against the Omicron virus “ Highly contagious 、 Less virulent ” The above characteristics of , The role of traditional Chinese medicine can be brought into play .

Zhang Boli said , Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “ Syndrome ”. Regulate body discomfort , Let the body reach a state of balance , Fight the virus with the body's own immune function . Maintaining the status quo , This is the characteristic and advantage of traditional Chinese medicine . COVID-19 is “ Damp poison disease ”, The reason is that “ Dampness and poison ” For the core pathogenesis ,“ Double clip disease ” It is a clinical feature , And in line with the general characteristics of dampness pathogen . Traditional Chinese medicine participates in the physical therapy of COVID-19 , Played an important role . Yes 、 Ordinary patients , Traditional Chinese medicine can improve symptoms , Reduce the proportion of mild to severe diseases ; For severe cases 、 Critically ill patients , We insist on Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine , Save lives ; For convalescent patients , Traditional Chinese medicine promotes rehabilitation , Reduce sequelae .“ Damp poison disease ” Put forward the theory , It enriches the theory of traditional Chinese medicine , It has effectively guided the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese Medicine , It is a major theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine .

Academician Zhang Boli said , Traditional Chinese medicine fights “ Epidemic disease ”, Has a long history . China has at least 3000 years of epidemic history , from 《 Historical records 》 Recorded B.C 243 year “ The world epidemic ” beginning , to 1949 Year end , There is a great epidemic 500 Remaining times . Traditional Chinese medicine's understanding of epidemic diseases , Rich experience has been accumulated in the practice of preventing and controlling epidemic diseases , Formed a complete theoretical system . From pre Qin and Han Dynasties to new China , There are many ancient books of traditional Chinese Medicine , Clinical experience is also summarized , Many effective traditional Chinese medicines have been developed . The clinical screening “ Three drugs and three prescriptions ”, It is based on the classic prescriptions of classical medical books .

Zhang Boli said , For thousands of years , The Chinese nation can do it again and again “ Epidemic prevention ” Turn danger into safety , It depends on traditional Chinese medicine . In the three stages of prevention and control of COVID-19 in China , Especially in the prevention and treatment of Omicron mutant virus , Traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role . Combination of Chinese and Western medicine 、 Combination of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine , This is a major feature of the epidemic prevention and control , It is also the essence of traditional Chinese medicine 、 Vivid practice of integrity and innovation .

Zhang Boli said , Clinical evidence and quality of traditional Chinese medicine , It is the bottleneck of the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine . We should vigorously promote the fine cultivation of pollution-free traditional Chinese Medicine , Ensure the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine industry . We should strengthen research and demonstration , Summarize the theory and diagnosis and treatment law of epidemic disease prevention and treatment with traditional Chinese medicine , Organize scientific and technological research . We should make good use of modern evaluation means , We should also fully respect the experience of thousands of years , give a clear account 、 Clarify the curative effect of traditional Chinese Medicine . We should follow the development law of traditional Chinese medicine , Inherit the essence , Keep innovation , Accelerate the modernization of traditional Chinese Medicine 、 Industrialization ; We should attach equal importance to traditional Chinese and Western medicine , To promote the mutual supplement of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine , The coordinated development ; Promote traditional Chinese medicine to the world , Give full play to the unique advantages and functions of traditional Chinese medicine in disease prevention and treatment .

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