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Onions are edible heart stents? Cancer prevention and hypoglycemic! Purple skin and white skin are very different!

2022-05-07 16:18:47Popular science China

Eating onions raw can protect blood vessels 、 The idea of lowering blood pressure has a long history , So that some people say onions are edible “ Heart stents ”.

You know what? ? Studies have found that onions can also reduce blood sugar !

Who experts found that , The reason why Pakistanis are not prone to diabetes , It has something to do with their love of onions . Investigation found , Pakistanis eat at least two per person per day ( about 400 g ) Onions .

Onions do not lower blood sugar levels in healthy non diabetes people , But eating a lot of onions can reduce the blood sugar level of diabetes patients .

Purple onion or white onion has higher nutritional value ? Is it best to eat raw or cooked ? Let's go to science today .

What are the other benefits of eating onions ?

Onion belongs to Liliaceae , Also known as ball onion 、 Green onion 、 Jade onion .

By leaf 、 Stem and root composition , We usually eat “ Onions ” It's its scaly stem —— bulb , That is, onions .

Onions store most of the nutrients of onions , Therefore, its nutrition is also very rich . In addition to containing carbohydrates 、 protein 、 Water soluble vitamins and calcium 、 iron 、 Selenium and other minerals , It also contains a variety of nutrients with unique biological activities —— Sulfur compounds 、 Flavonoids 、 Steroids 、 Polysaccharide 、 Phytochemicals such as prostaglandins .

These nutrients make onions have high nutritional value and health effects . Onions have antibacterial properties 、 antioxidant 、 Lower blood sugar 、 Fall hematic fat 、 Cholesterol lowering and other effects , For cardiovascular disease 、 diabetes 、 cancer 、 osteoporosis 、 Obesity and other diseases can also improve .

Onions can prevent cancer ?

It's edible “ Heart stents ”?

The study found that , A variety of ingredients in onion have the function of tumor prevention .

Selenium can induce apoptosis of tumor cells , Inhibit tumor angiogenesis ;

Quercetin can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells 、 adhesion ;

Allyl sulfide blocks cancer cells DNA The formation and replication of , Effectively inhibit gastric cancer 、 Cancers such as esophageal cancer and colon cancer ;

Flavonoids can scavenge free radicals , Inhibit the growth of tumor cells such as liver cancer and colon cancer .

It is also found in population studies , Increasing the intake of Allium vegetables, including onions, can reduce gastric cancer 、 colorectal cancer 、 esophageal cancer 、 The risk of cancers such as prostate cancer .

In cardiovascular disease , Onions also have “ Heart stents ” The laudatory name .

prostaglandin A Can dilate blood vessels 、 Reduce blood viscosity 、 Prevent thrombosis ;

S- Propylcysteine 、S- Methyl cysteine sulfoxide 、 Amino acids such as cyclic garlic amino acids can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood ;

Flavonoids have strong antioxidant capacity and can remove a large number of free radicals in the blood , Reduce the harm of free radicals to blood vessels .

Onions contain a variety of nutrients that protect cardiovascular health through a variety of ways .

Which people are not recommended to eat onions ?

The high content of irritant substances in raw onions will stimulate the gastric mucosa , Cause gastrointestinal discomfort , So gastritis 、 Raw onions are not recommended for patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer .

Raw onions irritate the stomach , But that doesn't mean it's okay to eat cooked onions . Whether raw or cooked , After eating onions, the intestines and stomach are easy to produce gas , Cause abdominal distension and abdominal pain , Therefore, patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery are not recommended to eat onions .

Besides , People with allergic constitution and patients with skin pruritus are also not recommended to eat onions .

violet 、 yellow 、 Which kind of white onion is better ?

Onion varieties can be divided into purple according to the color of onion skin 、 Yellow and white varieties .

The main differences between the three are :

● In terms of nutrients , Purple onions are rich in anthocyanins , Allicin and quercetin are also higher ; Yellow and white onions are rich in carotene , vitamin C High levels of .

● On the taste , The purple onion is thin , It's spicy ; White onions have a high moisture content , The meat is thick , Less spicy ; Yellow onions are also less spicy , The taste is purple and white, sweet .

● White and yellow onions with light spicy taste are very suitable for eating raw , And the spicy flavor is suitable to be used as seasoning . Therefore, when selecting onion varieties, you can choose according to the eating method and the taste you like .

When buying onions, you also need to pay attention to the following points :

First , Observe the appearance of onions . The onion skin is dry and intact without decay , Onion root is dry, no new root buds sprout , That means onions are well stored .

secondly , Be sure to pinch the onions before you buy them , Feel the onion texture . The harder the handle, the higher the water content of the onion , The fresher .

Tears flow when cutting onions , Everyone must have experienced . This is because , When cutting onions , Onion cell rupture releases alliinase, which reacts with amino acids to produce thiopropionaldehyde -S- oxide . And thiopropionaldehyde -S- Oxides are volatile and diffuse in the air , After contact with the eyes, it can stimulate the free nerve endings on the cornea , Stimulate the lacrimal gland to shed tears .

So I want to cut onions without tears , You can try the following methods :

One 、 Refrigerate the onions before cutting them , Lower the onion temperature , To slow down thiopropionaldehyde -S- Volatilization of oxides .

Two 、 Cut the onions and soak them in water for a while , Because thiopropionaldehyde -S- Oxides are easily soluble in water , Soaking in water also reduces thiopropionaldehyde -S- Volatilization of oxides .

3、 ... and 、 The easiest way is to wear goggles .

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