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What's the difference between stone pot and ordinary non stick pot?

2022-05-07 16:18:54Popular science China

treasure , Have you ever heard of rice cooker coating causing cancer ? It is said that the who said .


Cough cough cough , In fact, this is another groundless rumor , Who has never said such a thing .

But about rice cookers 、 There have always been rumors about the harmfulness of non stick pot coatings , It's as if the pot is hooked to the coating , Will cause cancer 、 Will enter the human body 、 It will endanger health ……

What is the coating of rice cooker ? Is it the same as non stick pot coating ? Maifan stone coating 、 Diamond coating is something tall ?

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Teflon coating : Most rice cookers and non stick cookers use coatings , Very stable and safe .

diamond / Maifanshi / Marble / Sapphire coating : The essence is Teflon coating , It has been upgraded in terms of wear resistance .

Ceramic coating : The price is higher , A more stable , More resistant to high temperature , But not very scratch resistant .

In fact, no matter what kind of coating , As long as it is qualified , Can be used safely , You can choose either , Just pay attention to maintaining in the right way , Once the coating is damaged, it is best to replace it in time .

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