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The guaranteed 618, 2K price performance price ratio magic iqoo neo6 se is now fully pre sold

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Hot blooded Coldplay iQOO Neo6 SE The pre-sale has been officially opened , The price is 1999 Yuan Qi , And insured 618, Or will rely on all-round excellent performance , Become 2K The most worthwhile products in the price range .

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Robust performance, no need to worry ,Neo6 SE Equipped with Xiaolong with excellent reputation 870, experience 11 Rotation adjustment , Not only the strength is strong, but also the power consumption performance is satisfactory , And the total heat dissipation area is up to 36907mm2 Cascading liquid cooling helps heat dissipation , Make performance output calmer 、 continued . The performance is good and the use should be cool , just 30 minute , Double cell 80W Flash charge can make Neo6 SE Of 4700mAh Charge the large battery to 100%, Achieve “ Charge fast and use long ”.

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In addition to strong performance ,Neo6 SE It also brings “ Audiovisual touch ” Excellent all-round experience , carrying 120Hz samsung E4 The screen , Have “ double 10 Double touch micro operation ”, Support SGS Low blue light Certification 、HDR10+、1300nits Local maximum brightness and 600 ten thousand :1 The contrast of ; Have X Axial motor , The amount of vibration and response speed are greatly improved , combination iQOO Since the research AI Algorithm , adopt “4D Game vibration 3.0” Achieve richer and more realistic game vibration feedback ; Equipped with closed three-dimensional double lifting , combination “ Game custom sound ”, Customize different sound effects for different game types , Bring immersive listening experience .

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in addition ,Neo6 SE There is also 6400 Megapixel outsole optical anti shake three shots 、 Secure and fast screen fingerprints 、 Support 1600 Infrared remote control and full scene of three home brands NFC, Bring a lot of flagship features to 2K Price , It can be said to be an all-round and value-added product , Given by netizens “iQOO my brother ”、“ Stand up and clap ” And so on , and “ Optical image stabilization 、nfc、 The infrared has ” Functional sensitivity and “ OK, you love cool , I just stand up , Insured price 618 It's so sweet ” Price sensitive people , This time, we also reached “ Consensus ”.

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iQOO Neo6 SE Of 8+128 For a 1999 element ;8+256 For a 2299 element ;12+256 For a 2499 element . enjoy 6 Interest free installment , And in the pre-sale period & First sale day plus iQOO In ear headphones (Type-C mouth ), On 6 month 18 A few days ago, users can also enjoy price protection . New products are now available for pre-sale through all channels , And will 5 month 11 The morning of 10:00 stay vivo Official website 、 JD.COM 、 Tmall 、 Suning e-buy 、 A lot of spelling 、 Tiktok 、 Kwai and other authorized e-commerce platforms were officially launched ; In addition to iQOO Offline stores 、 E-sports hall and major authorized stores 、vivo The experience store is on sale at the same time .

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