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Who is behind the sale of children's height anxiety? Who's the "money printer" again?

2022-05-07 16:21:1336kr

Are you worried about your child's height ? This is a soul torture for many parents . 

9 Year old girl received sexual inhibition needle for half a year 10 ten thousand

NBS New products are slightly concerned about ,5 month 9 Japan ,“9 The year-old girl spent 100000 yuan on sexual inhibition injection for half a year ” Search the topic on the microblog , It has aroused widespread concern and heated discussion on the Internet . 

According to Qianjiang Evening News , A man named Zhang Feng in Hangzhou ( alias ) Parents 9 Year old daughter Niuniu ( alias ) Diagnosed as “ Central precocious puberty ”, So give Niuniu a sexual inhibition needle , As a result, it took nearly half a year 10 Ten thousand yuan , In the best case, play for two years , Also want to 20 Ten thousand yuan or so . 

In order to make the child grow tall , Children not only need injections , And go to bed early 、 Jump rope 、 Drink milk , Race against time . 

Give the child an injection of sexual inhibition , This is mainly because some children are developing earlier . 

There is a data show that , near 4% My girl is 7 Breasts begin to develop at the age of , Today's children eat too much junk food , Cause endocrine disorders , Cause precocious puberty . 

When a child encounters precocious puberty , Many parents began to worry , Premature development can affect a child's height , This gave birth to sex suppression injections for children , That is to say GnRHa( Inhibition needle ). 

Sexual inhibition needle refers to long-term drug intervention , Inhibit children's development , Slow down the rapid growth of height , Inhibit bone age from maturing too quickly . 

In more popular terms, it is , Let the menarche lag a little , Give your child a longer time to grow up , Can grow higher . 

Children's height anxiety is terrible

Behind the sex suppression needle for the child , It directly reflects parents' anxiety about their children's height . 

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news last year 3 A project carried out in January is called “ Are you worried about your child's height ?” Small survey data show : Be close to 53% Parents do not accept that their children are less than 160 centimeter -165 centimeter ;30% Parents of boys expect their children to be taller than 175 centimeter -180 Between centimeters ,6 About 50% of female parents expect their children to be taller than 160 centimeter -165 Between centimeters . 

In the eyes of parents , Height will affect a child's future life , The above survey shows that , Yes 63% Parents believe that height will affect career choice ,56% Parents believe that height will affect mate selection ,43% Parents feel that height will affect their children's mental health , the height is 83% Of the respondents felt that their children would lose a lot of opportunities . 

that , In fact, the height of Chinese children is really so worrying ? Many authoritative reports and survey data show that , Chinese people are actually getting taller and taller . 

Issued by the national health and Health Commission 《 Report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents (2020)》 data display , In recent years , The average height of Chinese residents continues to grow .18-44 The average height of men and women at the age of 5 Years ago 1.2 Centimeters and 0.8 centimeter .6-17 The average height of boys and girls increased by 1.6 Centimeters and 1 centimeter . 

International well-known medical journal 《 The lancet 》 Data from a global survey conducted also show that , stay 1985~2019 this 35 Year , The average height of Chinese men has increased by nearly 9cm, The world's largest growth rate . Chinese women's height growth ranks third , Net height ranked first in East Asia . 

Although from the perspective of big data , The average height of Chinese people is getting higher and higher , But parents' expectations of their children's height remain . 

In order to make the child grow tall , Parents are fighting too hard

Height is determined by congenital genetic factors , Nutrition supply will also play an auxiliary role in the growth process . In order for the child to grow taller , Parents are often willing to try all kinds of ways . 

Zhang Feng, the parent mentioned above, is worried that her daughter Niuniu is worried about growing up because of precocious puberty , So we can intervene by injecting the child with sexual inhibition , It took half a year 10 Ten thousand yuan , Ideally, it would take 20 Ten thousand yuan . 

Based on the information reported by the media , Zhang Feng doesn't spend much for her children , The price of general inhibition needle is 1500 yuan , Different manufacturers and types of products have different prices in different regions , Generally in 1400 Yuan to 2000 Yuan between , The price is not cheap . 

In order to make the child grow tall , In addition to the sexual inhibition needle , More controversial are various types of growth hormone , Be commonly called “ Heightening needle ”. 

Some parents will choose to give their children sexual inhibition injections first , Then hit growth hormone , Some parents will choose “ doubles ”, That is to say, sex inhibitive injection and growth hormone are given at the same time . Two needles together usually cost more than 10000 yuan a month , As mentioned above, Zhang Feng gave her child Niuniu and chose “ doubles ”. 

so , Many parents want their children to grow tall , Especially families with better economic conditions , Willing to spend a lot of money , Think of various ways to make children grow tall . 

China finance and economics is 2021 Reported in , There are parents here 2021 year 1 Start giving your child growth hormone treatment in June , The price of a needle is 1300 about , It costs... Every month 8000 yuan . 

More media coverage , A parent is 15 The year-old has been on growth hormone for two and a half years , The total cost is as high as 50~60 Ten thousand yuan . In the view of some parents with better economic conditions , Spend five or six hundred thousand to buy height for children , Or you can't buy it with money , Beyond this age, there is no . 

What's more surprising is , There's even 13 year , Height is already 1.72 My child , Parents also go to the hospital for advice and want to have a growth hormone injection . 

Children's height anxiety also makes hospital Pediatrics , Or the development clinic of pediatric hospital has become a popular Clinic . For example, Lin Ming, a child endocrinologist in Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital , The number of patients on weekdays is 50-80 Between people , Many of them came to consult about the use of growth hormone injection . 

But from a professional medical point of view , Whether it's a sexual inhibition needle , Or growth hormone , After all, it's medicine , Only eligible patients , You need to be under the guidance of a professional doctor to play . 

such as , The real need for growth hormone therapy is only a very small part . 

Of course, some parents handed in “ stupid tax ”. According to Xinhua News Agency , Huang Ke, deputy director of Endocrinology Department of children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University, once treated a mother , Because I'm worried that my child is short , Go on seeing doctors everywhere , It's been a year 48 ten thousand , As a result, the child only grew tall 1 centimeter . 

so , Sexual inhibition needle and growth hormone , There has been abuse . 

Trafficking in children's height anxiety , Who is behind the scenes ?

stay NBS The new product looks slightly , Continue to hype and sell children's height anxiety , There are direct behind the scenes , And the indirect behind the scenes . 

First say , Directly behind the scenes : Private medical institutions . 

Whether it's a sexual inhibition needle , Or growth hormone , It is mainly used in hospitals and medical , It is more applied to all kinds of private medical institutions . 

This has long been reflected in the financial data of listed companies , such as , Changchun high and new Current growth hormone products 30% The following are sold in public hospitals ,70% The above are sold in other cooperative medical institutions . 

These private medical institutions have accurately grasped parents' anxiety about their children's height , Recommend sexual inhibition needles to parents , Or growth hormone , Or both , These injections are expensive , The treatment cycle can reach half a year 、 A year , Two years , Even longer time periods . 

Promoting growth hormone products can make huge profits , Some medical representatives use high kickbacks to lure pediatricians into prescribing indiscriminately . 

Recommend a variety of inhibitors or growth hormone products , It has directly brought considerable and sustainable income to these private medical institutions , Private medical institutions and industry practitioners have become the direct driving force behind the scenes for parents . 

Besides, , Indirect behind the scenes : Major pharmaceutical companies . 

At present, many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies have already bet on the hormone drug market , Especially the growth hormone market . 

Take growth hormone for example , There is data showing ,2014-2018 year , The compound annual growth rate of the domestic market has reached 33.5%.2018-2030 year , The market scale of long-acting growth hormone will be in accordance with 42.6% The compound growth rate of , And expect 2030 reach 62 Billion dollar market size , renminbi 357 One hundred million yuan . 

Major pharmaceutical companies have seen that parents are anxious about their children's height , I also see that parents are willing to pay for their children's height , One after another, they have launched relevant pharmaceutical products . 

These pharmaceutical companies also carry out marketing and publicity activities , Some are known as children's health science popularization , Like every year 8 month 18 Day is set as children's healthy growth and development day ,8 Month is a healthy month for children's growth and development , Behind it are all initiated and promoted by pharmaceutical companies . 

These major pharmaceutical companies are advertising 、 Medical system channel publicity and marketing 、 Point of view guidance and continuous publicity of product functions , Constantly exaggerating children's height anxiety . 

Even some growth hormone companies invite doctors to participate in training , Ask the doctor to prescribe more growth hormone for the child , Proportional Commission . 

Children's height anxiety has become whose “ Money printing machine ”?

Major pharmaceutical companies have accelerated the market of hormonal drugs , These products bring them considerable income . 

Sexual inhibition needle , Even growth hormone products have become the focus of these pharmaceutical companies “ Money printing machine ”, Performance soared , Make a lot of money . 

Issued by Changchun hi tech, a listed company 2021 According to the annual financial report of , The company's operating income throughout the year 107.47 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 25.30%, Net profit growth 23.33%. among , The contribution of growth hormone products to performance is as high as 98%, Despite the failure of its vaccine business , But growth hormone products are growing at an alarming rate . 

Disclosure of information , The main product of Jinsai pharmaceutical under Changchun high tech business is recombinant human growth hormone for injection ( Powder injection )、 Recombinant human growth hormone injection ( Water injection )、 Polyethylene glycol recombinant human growth hormone injection ( Long acting water injection ) Et al. Growth hormone series products . 

Kinsey pharmaceutical is 2021 Annual realized income 81.98 One hundred million yuan , Net profit attributable to the parent 36.84 One hundred million yuan , Carry Changchun high tech 76% Revenue ,98% The net profit . 

Growth hormone products have directly become Kinsey Pharmaceutical , And its parent company Changchun hi tech “ Money printing machine ” and “ A cash cow ”. 

Again , The financial report data of Anson biology, which ranks second in the industry, also shows , 2022 First quarter of 2009 , Company revenue 5.33 One hundred million yuan , Year on year +10.01%, Return to mother net profit 1.73 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 37.67%, Deduct the net profit not attributable to the parent 1.58 One hundred million yuan , Year on year +33.97%. 

The rapid growth of Anson biological performance , It is also mainly driven by the core product growth hormone , Growth hormone is expected to maintain high growth , Guosheng securities in this year 4 month 28 On the day of, Anson biology was given a buy rating . 

The gross profit margin of growth hormone is as high as 90%, It's a door made of “ Children's height anxiety ” A profiteering business . 

This kind of products not only have large market demand and high profits , More importantly, there is no need to worry about sales , The market and customers are rushing to pay the bill , And let these pharmaceutical companies “ Win effortlessly ”. 

Here's the thing to watch , Changchun high tech and other pharmaceutical enterprises , Has set its sights on the adult growth hormone market . 


This time, “9 Year old girl received sexual inhibition needle for half a year 10 ten thousand ” The topic is hot , It also reflects that parents' anxiety about their children's height still exists . 

Whether it's a sexual inhibition needle , Or all kinds of growth hormone needles , At present, there has been abuse in the medical service market , The profiteering business of selling children's height anxiety is being questioned more and more . 

Xinhua news agency is in 2021 year 8 month 4 A new article entitled 《 If you're worried about your height, hit “ Heightening needle ”? dangerous !》 Comments on , Pointing to the abuse of growth hormone , This led to the sharp decline of relevant concept stocks, including Changchun high tech . 

This year, 1 month 19 Japan , Led by Guangdong Medical Insurance Bureau 11 Provincial alliance centralized purchase releases procurement documents , Bring recombinant human growth hormone into the scope of centralized drug procurement , This is the first time that growth hormone has been included in the collection of inter provincial alliance . 

Growth hormone is included in the collection , Despite the release of new signals from the pharmaceutical industry , The market wants to reduce the price of related drugs , But at present, it is mainly used in private medical institutions , How the future will change , Remains to be seen . 

More importantly , Parents and children should treat height scientifically and objectively , There is no absolute standard for height , Excessive use of hormone products , In fact, it is not conducive to healthy growth . 

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