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The Shaanxi couple are going to ring the bell for the IPO

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“ Huawei in the beauty industry ” want IPO 了 .

The investment community - Day after day IPO learn , Giant biology has officially submitted its listing application to the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Goldman sachs 、 China international capital corporation Co sponsor . If no accident , Shaanxi is expected to usher in another super IPO.

At first glance, giant creature is a strange name , But it's not far from many girls —— It has two professional skin care brands : Kefumei and kerikin , Is very popular . Behind this company , There is a soul figure who rarely appears —— Fan Daidi, a professor at Northwestern University .

Fan Daidi and her husband Yan Jianya are college classmates , In the early years of Northwest China University . later , Fan Daidi studied in the Department of bioengineering of East China University of science and technology , Become the first female doctor of biochemistry in China .2000 year , Fan Daidi and his research team founded giant Biology , Start a business trip in a small office in Xi'an high tech Zone . since 2019 From the year onwards , Juzi biology has become the largest collagen professional skin care product company in China for three consecutive years , The last year's revenue exceeded 15 One hundred million yuan .

2021 year , Winona parent company Bertoni Successful listing , The market value was once 1200 Billion ,VC/PE Deeply shocked : The original functional skin care track has such great potential . thereafter , Giant creatures are being scrambled by the primary market ,“ Want to vote but can't vote ”. Final , High allocations 、CPE Source peak 、 Jinyi capital 、 Junlian capital 、 CDH investment 、 CICC capital 、 Black ant capital 、 Ficus altissima capital 、 Haisong capital and other well-known institutions participated in a rare round of financing of giant biology . Now , Giant creatures have finally come to IPO In front of the gate .

From Northwestern University

56 Year old female professor , Create a relationship with your husband IPO

Behind the giant creature , It's the entrepreneurial story of a couple .

The fate between Yan Jianya and fan Daidi began at Northwestern University . Yan Jianya this year 55 year , Chairman of the board of directors of giant Biology 、 Executive director and CEO, He was born in a small village in Zhouzhi, Xi'an ,1988 Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in . After college , Yan Jianya successfully stayed in school to teach . He also has a well-known identity —— The listed company Triangle defense Chairman of the board of directors .

Wife fan Daidi , At present, he is the executive director and chief scientific officer of Juzi biology .1966 year , She was born in Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province , My father is a country doctor , What impressed me most when I was a child was that my father was often called out in the middle of the night , This has had an important impact on her transformation of scientific research achievements into the medical field in the future .

1988 year , Fan Daidi received a bachelor's degree in inorganic chemical engineering from Northwestern University , Three years later, he got a master's degree in Chemical Engineering .1994 year , She successfully obtained her doctorate in chemical engineering from East China University of science and technology , Become the first female doctor of biochemistry in China .

In the last century 90 years , China is at a time when “ south ” boom . but 28 Year old fan Daidi resolutely gave up the opportunity to work in Shanghai and study abroad , Back to Xi'an's alma mater —— Northwest University . When I first returned to my alma mater , Fan Daidi only has 3000 Yuan for settling in 、5000 A start-up fund for scientific research and a monthly fee of 400 Yuan's salary . For scientific research , She huddled with the students 40 In a square meter Laboratory .

1999 - 2000 year , She went to the national bioengineering center of Massachusetts Institute of technology as a senior visiting scholar . After returning , Fan Daidi set up a scientific research team at Northwestern University , Began to engage in the research and development of human collagen . Since then , Her career has changed dramatically .

2000 year , Yan Jianya decided to combine his professional knowledge in the university with his wife's scientific research background , Giant biology was officially established in the entrepreneurship building of Xi'an high tech Zone .

The process from technology research and development to commercialization is very long and tortuous . Yan Jianya once recalled ,” Thanks to his wife who picked up some second-hand equipment from American Laboratories , Saved a lot of money ”. The company didn't make any profit in the first few years , It's all subsidized by their husband and wife's savings , To maintain operations .

2003 year , After countless experiments , Their scientific research project recombinant human like collagen has finally made an amazing discovery —— The research results of a kind of collagen close to human have aroused strong repercussions all over the world . It has been identified by experts organized by the Department of science and technology of Shaanxi Province , Human like collagen technology has reached the international leading level , Fan Daidi is therefore called “ The mother of human like collagen ”.

After the battle , Giant biology fills the gap in this research field in China , China has become the first country in the world to mass produce human like collagen materials .

2008 year , At the dermatology conference held in Chengdu , Giant biology brings a series of products of corium to the conference , The success , This also opened the way for the commercialization of giant Biology .

today , Giant biology has become the second largest professional skin care product company ; At the same time from 2019 From the year onwards , The company has been the largest collagen professional skin care product company with retail sales in China for three consecutive years . among , The flagship brands of giant biological recombinant collagen are kelikin and kefumei respectively 2021 The third and fourth best-selling brands in China's professional skin care products industry .

“ It's no exaggeration to say , Human like collagen was born in Xi'an high tech Zone , It is the high-tech zone that hatched giant creatures .” before , A member of fan Daidi's team once told the media . Benefit from Xi'an's entrepreneurial policy and entrepreneurial environment , More hard core start-up companies like giant biology are rising in this land of Sanqin .

Rely on skin care for a year 15 Billion

VC/PE Grab share , Previous valuation 200 Billion

Why do giant creatures hold up a IPO?

The prospectus shows , The product pipeline of giant biology includes 85 Product under development , The product portfolio includes 105 term SKU, Covering efficacy skin care products 、 Eight major brands of medical dressings and functional foods , namely Ke Fumei 、 Korikin 、 Predictable 、 But marks 、 Can be leveled 、 Li Yan 、 Xin glycoside (SKIGIN) And ginseng glycosides . It can meet the needs of postoperative repair 、 Aging skin 、 Sensitive muscles 、 Diversified skin care needs of different groups such as problem skin .

The prospectus shows ,2019 year 、2020 Years and 2021 year , The company's revenue is 9.57 One hundred million yuan 、11.90 One hundred million yuan, and 15.52 One hundred million yuan . The net profits of the same period are respectively 5.75 One hundred million yuan 、8.26 One hundred million yuan, 8.28 One hundred million yuan , The net interest rates are 60.1%、69.4% And 53.3%.

among , Kerikin is one of the main brands of giant Biology . Most girls may not be strangers , Kerikin is a medium and high-end skin care brand of giant Biology , The main effect is anti-aging 、 Skin care and skin repair . By 2021 year , Kerijin's product portfolio includes spray 、 The mask 、 Face cream 、 The essence of 、 Lotion and gel, etc , Priced at 109 Yuan to 680 Yuan between , such as 150ml The price of toner spray 242 element .

The prospectus shows ,2019 year 、2020 Years and 2021 year , Kerikin's income is 4.81 Billion 、5.59 Billion and 5.26 Billion , At present, it accounts for one third of the revenue of giant Biology .

Besides , But Fumei is also a well-known trump product of giant Biology .2015 year , The company will fully promote kefumei brand products to consumers , That is, besides medical dressings, a series of products have been developed for the mass market , Products include facial mask 、 Toner 、 emulsion 、 spray 、 The essence of 、 Face cream and gel, etc . Tmall flagship store shows , A box of comeback human collagen facial mask (5 slice ) After folding 184 element , Average 36.8 Yuan a piece . In the past three years , But Fumei's income is 2.90 Billion 、4.21 Billion and 8.98 Billion .

The prospectus shows , The company's products have been sold and distributed to China 1000 Multiple public hospitals 、 about 1700 Private hospitals and clinics and about 300 A chain pharmacy brand .

By 2021 year , The R & D team of giant biology consists of 84 It's made up of two people , among 43 People have a master's degree or above , Of the R & D team 51.2%. As of the last practicable date , Giant creatures have 75 Patents and patent applications .

In fact, in the primary market , Giant creatures have always attracted much attention . Some investors have revealed ,“ This is a difficult project to grab share ”.2021 By the end of year , Giant biology has completed a heavy financing —— The amount is up to 6.3 Billion dollars ( renminbi 42 Billion ), The investor has a luxurious lineup , Including Highland 、CPE Source peak 、 Jinyi capital 、 Junlian capital 、Mubadala Investment、 Sinach capital 、 CDH investment 、 CICC capital 、 Black ant capital 、 Ficus altissima capital 、 Haisong capital 、 CDB innovation capital and other well-known institutions .

The prospectus shows , Hillhouse holds shares 4.99%,CPE Yuanfeng shares 4.33%, among CPE Chen Jinhao, the managing director of Yuanfeng, serves as a non-executive director . If calculated by transaction consideration and shareholding ratio , Giant creatures IPO The previous valuation is about 200 RMB 100 million .

Support a market value of 100 billion , A secret track is on fire

And a group IPO hurry

The rise of giant creatures , It is the epitome of the popularity of functional skin care track .

A hundred billion was born here last year IPO—— Bertoni . Behind the company stands a 59 - year old professor —— Guo Zhenyu . Born in Kunming, Yunnan , Guo Zhenyu graduated from Yunnan University in his early years , Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario, Canada , For George Huasheng Tenured professor at Dayton University . After returning , Guo Zhenyu joins Dianhong Pharmaceutical Group , a move Kangwang, a famous brand of dermatology in China, has been created .

Bertini's most famous product is Winona , A medical skin care brand . Double last year 11, Winona's turnover reached... On the first day of tmall's sale 8.2 One hundred million yuan , Second kill a number of overseas brands , Ride a dust storm .2021 year , Winona's parent company betaine is listed , The total market value once exceeded 1200 One hundred million yuan .

One more IPO Is coming —— Fu Erjia .2021 year , Fu Erjia, who specializes in medical facial mask and functional skin care, submitted a prospectus , It is planned to log on GEM . It is worth mentioning that , Submitting IPO Before the prospectus , Fu Erjia completed the last financing before listing , Valued at over 10 billion .

Fu Erjia's story starts from 1996 In speaking of , At that time, Zhang Liguo from Harbin went into business , Founded Huaxin Pharmaceutical .2012 year , Zhang Liguo smelled the business opportunity of repairing products after cosmetic surgery , Start to extend its business to the medical and beauty industry .2017 year , Huaxin pharmaceutical founded fuerjia company . Start with medical dressing products , Fu Erjia has successively expanded the common facial mask 、 Water emulsion 、 Freeze dried powder and other functional skin care products .2020 year , The sales of the company's patch products occupy the first position in the market .

Besides , Hyaluronic acid giant Huaxi Biology Also quietly entered the functional skin care track . at present , Huaxi biological's functional skin care products include moisturizing Baiyan 、 Kuadi 、 Michelle 、BM Jihuo and other brands , The price of the product is 100 Genna 300 Yuan up and down .

At the moment , The domestic functional skin care track has achieved unprecedented excitement , Such as Ximuyuan 、AOEO、C Coffee 、 Good time 、 Young facial mask 、 Book by book 、 Lifelong research 、 Lishudan 、 Xiaoya creature …… Category covers facial mask 、 Toner 、 Essence 、 emulsion 、 Face cream 、 Ampoules 、 Facial cleanser to makeup remover, etc .

The track is packed with VC/PE, Tiger Global Fund 、Coatue、 Sequoia China 、 Ficus altissima capital 、 Capitals 、 Black ant capital 、 Sky map capital 、 The speed of light, China and other institutions have come .“ No one looks at makeup now , Instead, they all invest in functional skin care brands .” A Shanghai investor who focuses on consumption once told the investment community ,VC I'm tired of burning money for marketing , In contrast, Winona's share price performance , It's exciting .

Why are you optimistic about such a subdivided direction of functional skin care ? First of all, the efficacy skin care market is mainly sensitive muscles , And there is a huge group behind this . Research data show that , In China, , Every time 3 One of the women 1 One is the sensitive muscle , And as air pollution intensifies 、 Excessive skin care 、 Internal and external factors such as endocrine disorders caused by increased work pressure , The vast majority of women are interested in Whitening 、 Freckle 、 Moisture replenishment 、 antioxidant 、 There is an obvious demand for anti-aging and anti wrinkle . 

This is a secret track with a scale of 100 billion . Some investors found through research , As early as 2019 In, the sales volume of China's functional skin care market reached 740 One hundred million yuan , At the same time, its super 23% The compound annual growth rate of is also much higher than the overall growth rate of the cosmetics industry , To 2025 The market scale is expected to grow to 1250 One hundred million yuan .

More to the point , China and Europe and America 、 The market penetration of functional skin care products in Japan and other countries is relatively high , There is a gap of four to ten times , The ceiling of the industry is still far away .

There is a general view in the investment circle —— Just like the beauty industry once ran out Perfect diary , In the skin care industry can also run out of the corresponding head brand . that , Who will be the next Winona ?

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