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Which major is Wenzhou Tiktok short video operation company in the education industry

2022-05-07 16:28:18Aguduo

The production of short videos in the education industry is affected by its special industry background , More professional , It's hard to be entertained . Therefore, many practitioners in the education industry will find it difficult to start when making short videos . So today, let's talk about how to make the Tiktok short video about the education industry ?

The most important thing to say about short video is positioning , A good positioning is very important , With its own traffic properties . For example, famous schools , For example, well-known institutions + Famous teacher , Such identity positioning , It has a potential traffic aura , Many users who want to obtain relevant knowledge and information will take the initiative to search relevant accounts .

IP Image building : By enhancing the achievement of rendering the identity object , Set an example , Arouse the enthusiasm of users to study hard . Whether it's the way of learning , Or the idea of solving problems and answering questions , Even a schedule , Can be shared content , For many non “ Students with excellent grades ” For users of , The answer to the problem brings a sudden sense of curiosity , For Xueba users , The answer to the problem is the resonance of IQ , Both have a high degree of participation .

Because there is not necessarily only one way to solve problems , It's easy to have a heated discussion in user interaction , Short videos with high participation can easily become popular . Partial topic 、 odd questions 、 Problem solving : Use classic problem cases as the content of video production , But we can't find the problem that the depth is very high and too unpopular , Few people can understand and watch such a short video , There must be no traffic .

One person plays two roles or two people act against each other to create a differentiated dramatic effect , In order to increase the interest of the video . Xuezha and Xueba's views on the same topic , There is a high contrast between the two responses . Different views of different disciplines on the same thing , Create differentiated thinking collision through multiple perspectives . Different identities experience the same thing together , Create differentiated effects through different levels of cognition . The above are common production directions , Many video productions can be grafted into the education industry , What is needed is to grasp the scale of Education .

Such videos have high fan stickiness , Because there will be a process to complete a challenge , From start to end , Users will have a sense of substitution in watching , And gradually get involved , This will form a stable and benign traffic growth environment . The classroom is everyone's memory , If there is another interesting teacher , So a harmonious and interesting classroom is the best short video material , And this kind of material is easier to attract users .

For the short video industry , What we face is more meaningful 、 New ecology with more content , Short videos will become more and more rational , The education industry has natural advantages at these levels . Because parents now attach great importance to education , Therefore, for the education industry, it is very beneficial to choose short video marketing promotion . Jutui media, as an operation company with authoritative qualification in the field of agent operation , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . For more information, please add our wechat jutui12, You can also make a phone call :400-606-5558 Consultation .  




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