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Shi Jin: the secret of writing killer titles

2022-05-07 16:29:29Yunyong Longyou

The secret , It is used privately by the students of magic copywriting secret training course , It's a secret script ( The tip of the iceberg )!

If you want to keep writing killer headlines , Then this secret script can help you !

Do you suddenly feel , You are very lucky to read this article —— You are the luckiest !

 Shi Jin : The secret to writing killer titles

Magic copywriting detonates orders

Dear President :

What is the secret of constancy ? Is the secret of eternity …… Always effective , As long as you use !

Let me ask you first , What is your purpose of writing a copy ?

Get more customers , Sell more products …… Or get more responses from users , Let old customers repurchase and so on ……

you 're right , Good sales copywriting can attract ideal potential customers , Help you sell more products , Let you get more money ……

But the premise is ……

You take a video , Need to attract users to click on it . You write a copy and send it out , Need to attract users to read ……

The key is how you attract ? use ……

Your title

I said in an article published on the official account yesterday , What is the function of the title in the sales copy ?


In order to make you pay attention to , I can't emphasize it too much !

A rotten title , No matter how well your sales copy is written , No one saw .

Again , Even if your video content is wonderful , But at first you can't catch people's attention , It's hard to be clicked .

Mr. Li Bingchi once said : World Masters , Often write 50 individual ,100 individual , even to the extent that 200 A title , Then choose one of them 2~3 To test , Finalize a title .

Of course , Except for the messages sent by your circle of friends . A copy you spend your time draining or collecting money , You need to pay attention to the importance of the title !

I am here Magic copywriting class I share , Many practical methods and formulas for writing titles , You just apply 、 practice , Can write all kinds of killer titles .

however , What I want to say next , You just have to read it carefully ……

Even if you haven't written a title …… The core secret of this title writing , It also allows you to Write Killer headlines immediately !

It is ……

place a substitute by subterfuge

That is to say , Adapt and apply the successful title of Top Copywriters , It allows you to keep writing killer headlines .

Before I write the title , Will open my “ Classic Title Library ”—— These titles have been verified by the market …… As the mouse slowly scrolls , I read , While waiting for inspiration to flow ……

such as , How to have more friends , And you can influence everyone around you by yourself ?

I'll adapt it to :

How to become a copywriter , And write killer copywriting anytime, anywhere ?

such as : In the process of learning English , Have you ever made these mistakes ?

I adapted it into :

In the process of learning copywriting , Have you ever made these mistakes ?

such as : Why does your body collapse ……

I adapted it into :

Why is there no order for your copy ?

Did you find out ?

Applying and adapting these titles is very simple …… Of course , I have a little thought ……

At this time, I will change my perspective , Think of yourself as a customer :

I will think. , If I'm a potential customer , Can this title arouse my curiosity ?

If not , It would be Modify the title .

After reading the above cases , Do you have more inspiration ?

Be careful : This is not a simple imitation , But cross-border adaptation

Of course, cross-border adaptation of the title , You don't have to use it all , I'll share these with you , There are two reasons :

1、 You often practice with cross-border adaptation , It can help you overcome your writing phobia , Act now !

2、 It makes your brain produce dopamine , Make you excited , More motivation .

It is important to : You don't have to rack your brains to think , Just change into your product !

Another example of a long title , The following title is master copywriter John · Carlton wrote :

The one legged golfer discovered an amazing secret

It can make you play more every time you kick off 50 code

Never miss the direction again

Almost overnight , You can reduce... In the game 10 rod

You can try to combine your products , To adapt it .

The following is my adapted title :

The diligent founder of magic copywriting discovered an amazing secret

It allows you to sell any product or service quickly

Don't worry about having no orders anymore

Almost overnight , Can make you a copywriter

Whether this title is good or not, leave him alone , Here's what I want to tell you ……

Think about the title yourself , It's hard to bring you new inspiration .

And cross-border adaptation of other successful titles , Can give you a new perspective , Open the brain hole , Let you get more inspiration and creativity .

in addition , Copywriters have many breakthrough ideas , All found in life , Especially when chatting with customers ……

Ideas you ignored

When you're talking to customers and friends , Often a casual sentence can be used as a title .

There is a famous copywriter , Write a document for a drug for hemorrhoids .

He went to know the situation of users , During this period, he heard a patient say : I especially don't want surgery .

So he created the title in the words of the patient is :

“ No surgery required , Gradually eliminate hemorrhoids ”

Because it conforms to the ideas of customers , This title has also achieved great success !

You can see , Chatting can make good headlines !

It is said that : A thousand learning is better than a look , A thousand looks are better than one practice !

The key is , You're going to practice , Don't worry about your poor writing , As long as you start acting , You must write killer headlines and copywriting .

This is the secret training course of magic copywriting. There is no training , It's the reason why you practice with your hands . Copywriters are trained , None of them are learned .

in addition , More powerful ways to Write Killer titles , I'll put it in the “ Magic copywriting secret training course ” in !

You can also share this article , Help more people !

Good luck ?!


Shi Jin

Long copywriter private education

The founder of magic copywriting

Sales copywriter | adviser

p.s: Even if you've never written a title , This core secret of copywriting can also make you 1 Minutes to create killer titles !

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