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Not just off screen cameras! ZTE axon 40 ultra will bring five unique images in the industry

2022-05-07 16:31:17TechWeb

【TechWeb】 Earlier, ZTE officially announced , Will be in 5 month 9 New product launch conference held on , Officially launched a new flagship mobile phone —— ZTE Axon 40 series , Among them, the most notable is naturally the super large cup model that will bring new off-screen camera technology and more shocking visual immersion ——Axon 40 Ultra. With the release time approaching , The official preheating of the aircraft is also more intensive . Now there's the latest news , Recently, senior vice president of ZTE 、 Ni Fei, President of terminal business division, further exposed the core highlights of the machine .

According to the latest information released by Ni Fei , It's basically the same as the previously exposed news , New ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Will bring five unique images in the industry , Including the only three main cameras can take lightning shots , The only three subjects 8K video , The only three main camera preset focus , Only equipped with dual Sony sensors and dual omni-pixel omni-directional focusing , As ZTE's strongest video flagship mobile phone so far . And it will be officially introduced before , The aircraft will be equipped with “ Never count 3×6400 Mega pixels ”, Respectively 6400 Megapixel custom wide-angle main camera 、6400 Megapixel custom humanistic main camera and 6400 Megapixel periscope telephoto main camera , And the three main cameras are equipped with flagship CMOS, The main camera and ultra wide angle are Sony IMX787, Support full pixel omni-directional focusing and OIS Optical image stabilization .

other aspects , According to the previously exposed news , New ZTE Axon 40 The series will be equipped with newly upgraded off-screen camera technology , The independent pixel driving scheme is adopted , Instead of the previous one drive more , It can effectively improve the light transmittance of the screen , Not only did it 400PPI Super delicate display effect , It can also guarantee less than 2% Full screen brightness difference , The front display is integrated , It can be called the best solution for the off-screen camera . Besides , The aircraft will also be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 Gen1 Flagship processor , And supplemented by two-way VC Liquid cooling .

It is reported that , New ZTE Axon 40 The flagship model of the series of off screen cameras will be launched in 5 month 9 Meet you today , It will be endorsed by famous actor Wu Jing . More details , We'll see .

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