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Self salvation of traditional automobile enterprises

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2015 Geely joined the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry in , Introduction “ Blue Geely plan ”, stay 2020 In, the sales volume of Geely energy vehicles accounted for 90% above . In the same year, BAIC new energy proposed “ Blue career plan 2.0”, To 2020 Strive to achieve vehicle sales in 20 More than ten thousand .

Two years later, , Chang'an launched the new energy strategy “ Shangri la plan ”,2025 In, the sale of fuel vehicles in the traditional sense was completely stopped , Realize the electrification of the whole spectrum ; And GAC needs a little more “ smart ” These give a floating range , Wu Song, then general manager of GAC passenger cars, said ,2020 In, GAC and GAC motor's new energy vehicles will realize 10-20 Ten thousand scale .

But without exception , These seemingly ambitious goals at that time were vulnerable to reality .

Baic new energy 2019 Sold in 15 Ten thousand vehicles are about to reach the goal , The next year's sales fell sharply year-on-year 82.8%, have only 2.6 Thousands of cars ; Geely new energy vehicle 2020 Annual sales 6.8 Thousands of cars , The proportion has not broken through double digits, only 5.2%; GAC group's sales of new energy vehicles 7.77 Thousands of cars , Nor did it reach the minimum goal set in that year .

Because the deadline has not come , Only Chang'an is not a complete failure . But last year, at the Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference , In less than three years, I also changed my mouth in the face of pressure , plan 2025 In, the sales volume of Chang'an brand reached 300 Thousands of cars , New energy accounts for 35%, That is to say 105 Thousands of cars , Instead of the previous complete suspension of sales .

These traditional car companies have the same characteristics without exception , Early entry time 、 Ambitious goals , But they're all wrong. The market , And I haven't withstood the temptation halfway , Join the online car Hailing army or the trend of making wealth with mini cars . In the case of the sudden burst of new energy market , Most traditional car companies don't seem to adapt to .


2009 year , BAIC established Beijing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd , It is the first independent operation in China 、 The first one to obtain the qualification for new energy vehicle production 、 The first to carry out mixed ownership reform 、 The first batch of new energy vehicle enterprises to pilot the ESOP reform of state-owned enterprises .

Multiple debut honors did not bring due achievements , If compared with BYD, which started in the same period , BAIC new energy may lack more firm determination and goal .

2014 In, BAIC listed in Hong Kong and stripped off the new energy vehicle business , BAIC new energy began to prepare for listing , Start the mixed transformation 、 Employee stock ownership plan , The first two rounds of financing exceeded 140 One hundred million yuan .

however , The purpose of mixed reform is not “ mixed ” And in the “ Change ”. BAIC bluevale doesn't seem to realize this .


New energy vehicle enterprises attach great importance to R & D investment , For example, the cumulative R & D investment of Wei Xiaoli in recent three years is 115.08、79.1、55.55 One hundred million yuan . Although the proportion of BAIC bluevale in R & D investment has increased significantly , But the main reason is 2020 After the year, the sharp decline in sales led to the decline in revenue , The actual value changes little .

Accumulated R & D investment in three years 49.6 One hundred million yuan , Not even the most... Of the new forces “ save ” Ideal car .

The most direct embodiment of R & D investment is the competitiveness of vehicle models , BAIC suddenly found that B The models that kill the four sides are completely invincible C The rising stars of the end , That's why I hurriedly restarted the brand of Jihu, which had been quietly searching for traces in previous years .

However, the existence of BAIC still has significance , With the sales volume of travel market, BAIC has won the new energy sales crown for several years , It also makes other traditional car companies feel a little excited .

Such as GAC and Chang'an , They are all 2017 In, he shouted a slogan . The following year , The two enterprises also established GAC Weilai in a joint venture with Weilai 、 Chang'an Weilai . Who's showing determination , Who's probing “ Deficiency and excess ”, It gradually appears in the future .

Than Chang'an , GAC runs faster , Not only in the cooperation with Weilai , The first concept car was released in the second year , At the same time, it is also very fast in the establishment of its own ai'an brand , This is also due to GAC from 2017 Started to build in GEP Pure electric platform and new energy plant put into operation early .

Ian is 2021 I sold it in 2000 12 Thousands of cars , Surpassing Wei Xiaoli and other new forces , But on the average price , Ai'an is still trapped in the middle and low-end market , Especially the main force AION S, According to the insurance volume data AION S stay 2020-2021H1 The rental ratio of is 60%-70%.

However, this does not prevent Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC group, from making a statement at the media communication meeting , To put “ Wei Xiaoli ” become “ AI Xiaowei ” Bold words .

And even the car companies with sales leading weixiaoli like GAC AIAN , The root cause of its early fall , We should always cure it at a later stage .

The focus

To achieve the goal , We need to find the focus and find the right medicine , To cure the disease . Review the new energy transformation of traditional automobile enterprises , Basically encountered four problems :

firstly ,B The temptation of the end market .


It is not difficult for us to observe the changes of domestic new energy sales in recent ten years , The time when the market really rises is actually 2021 year , Even in 2014-2015 There was an amazing year-on-year growth in , But also 2016 Keep... After years 50% The growth rate up and down , Even in 2019 During the decline of the automobile market in, there was negative growth .

That is to say, before 9 Mid year , Whether new energy can replace fuel vehicles is still a huge question for most car enterprises . It is not difficult to understand why most of the main engine plants that live well in the fuel vehicle market , Always unwilling to step into the door of new energy , But standing at the door and jumping repeatedly .

But the emergence of BAIC new energy has given traditional car companies another answer , That is B Mid-market . adopt To B/G Occupy the pit , At the same time, the demand for products in this market is not high , Technology investment and even R & D investment can also be minimized .

The early new energy market is more like the current meta universe , Major Internet companies are laying out , But actually shout ALL IN But there are only a few, such as Facebook(Meta). For the time being , This shout ALL IN My role is BYD .

If there is no blowout development in the new energy market, or it comes later , Maybe BYD doesn't have the voice now , For the traditional main engine factory , It's not like you're going wrong and lose everything .

But people who are going through history never “ Afterwards, sir ” See more clearly .

second , The temptation of mini cars .

Small cars and pure trams are relatively cheap for consumers 、 The characteristics of lower entry threshold , In terms of automobile enterprises, the development speed 、 The cost can be reduced , At the same time, it can also provide points for the production of fuel vehicles .


Many people are in Hongguang MINI EV Only after they appeared did they realize A00 Class mini car , But actually 2017 In, small pure electric passenger vehicles accounted for... Of the sales of new energy vehicles that year 78.9%.

This year Baojun E100 Listed in Liuzhou , Liuzhou, a third tier city, has been successfully pushed to the front line of China's new energy wave through government enterprise cooperation . This kind of cheap car suitable for small cities or short trips , Let Liuzhou in 2018-2020 Years with 19.9%、24.7%、28.8% The electrification rate of ranks first in China .

Agatsuma MINI EV2021 Annual cumulative sales 42.7 Ten thousand units , The latest sales volume 4.2 Ten thousand units , It is one of the best-selling models at present .

From the earliest artifact of deception and mending to today's new energy darling , We can see the transformation of traditional car enterprises on the pragmatic road .

However, this has also created the situation that the main engine manufacturers have joined the mini car market one after another . According to Baidu Marketing 《2021 White paper on new energy passenger vehicles 》 data display ,2021 In, the resources for new energy products are still being invested in micro and small enterprises 、 Compact segment tilt ,2021 The annual delivery amount reaches 271 paragraph , The number accounts for nearly 70%.

Look at the sales data of new energy vehicles of major automobile enterprises last year , Most OEMs can surpass Wei Xiaoli . The Great Wall 2021 New energy Xiaoli 13.6 Thousands of cars , Among them, Euler brand accounts for 13.5 Thousands of cars ; Chang'an sold 10.6 Thousands of cars , Run E-Star Account for the 7.63 Thousands of cars .

In the upstream, the price of raw materials has increased significantly 、 In today's tight supply chain , Euler black / White cat 、 Run E-Star The national edition stopped receiving orders one after another .

third , The problem of changing oil into electricity .

Basically, all the traditional car companies in transition have had “ Oil to electricity ” Black history of , Such as GAC GE3、 Geometry Kung Fu cow EX3 wait .

The advantage of changing oil to electricity is that it reduces the R & D cost and time , However, due to different vehicle power systems, the layout of oil vehicles and trams is completely different . This also makes the space utilization of oil modified tram 、 Poor performance in terms of endurance , The competitiveness of products is far less than the vehicles developed by new forces , Naturally, it is also said by consumers that “ Traditional car companies can't do with new forces ” That's what I'm saying .

Three points above , Most car companies are involved in one or two of them , In the game is in the game , The result is that the product strength is not strong , Brand reputation and tonality always lag behind new power brands , Many models are slightly chicken ribs , The food tasteless , It's a pity to abandon it .

For the first two years of the market , Traditional car companies really don't have to worry , For new energy, the retail penetration rate reaches 28.2% The present , Traditional car companies have to worry .


The lunar New Year has just passed , GAC ea'an fired the first shot .2 month 18 Japan , The energy expansion project of gac-e'an plant has been completed , This has doubled the annual capacity of the plant to 20 Thousands of cars . At the same time, the construction of the second factory is also going on simultaneously , Will be in 2022 End of year completion , Planning capacity 20 Thousands of cars / year .

The next month, gac-ea mixed reform took another step forward , Through the implementation of equity incentive for core personnel , It not only prevents the brain drain, but also stimulates the vitality of the organization , At the same time, it is slowly breaking away from the blood transfusion of GAC group .

And gac-e'an had previously taken the general manager 、 Deputy general manager 、 The minister 、 The section chief 、 Department head's organizational system , After the mixed reform, the cadres of the section chief and below shall be abolished , All become project management system .

Although the final outcome of Chang'an Weilai and GAC Weilai is very similar , All went to the way of weakening Weilai . But from the process , GAC runs faster , And Chang'an, which has been silent, began to wake up this year .

In the near future , Chang'an released the dark blue brand , And launched the late EPA1 Electric drive platform , Since then, Chang'an brand has gone to three lines ,UNI Series of independent brand management , Dark blue will become a new energy brand , Avita is related to the Ningde era 、 A high-end brand jointly invested by Huawei .

Three pure electric models listed this year , Mini car LUMIN、 The car ran C385、 Avita 11 The overall span from model to price is very large . It seems to be due to early “ slow ” It led to the urgent march in the later stage .

There are not a few car companies trying to promote brands or new products , But most of them are in a tepid state .

Dongfeng Group launched lantu brand last year , The first mass production model, lantu free Last year's cumulative delivery 6791 car , The second mass production model dreamer MPV And this year 6 On the listed , According to Dongfeng Group, another new high-end electric off-road vehicle will be released in the same period M brand . At least for now, it is still hard to say that Dongfeng has stabilized the new energy market .

relatively , BYD, which sold well last year, also has “ annoyance ”, Almost everyone knows the ambition of impacting the high-end market of new energy this year .

Since Daimler transferred most of its shares to BYD last year , BYD's high-end layout keeps moving , Zhao Changjiang, former general manager of BYD sales company, served as general manager of Tengshi sales division , And this year 4 This month revealed the development direction of Tengshi .

Tengshi will release three models this year MPV、 Medium large scale SUV、 medium SUV, among MPV The market is given special attention by Tengshi , Its first model D9 Also in the 4 The moon reveals part of the wind .

It is important to , Teng Shi will no longer be embarrassed in Mercedes Benz as before 4S In the shop , The channel will be rebuilt offline . This makes the current BYD Dynasty + Add another member to the sales model of Ocean network .

Wang Chaowang is the mainstay of BYD at present , Qin, Han and Tang series have accumulated good reputation ; Ocean net is younger , But being younger means not making much money .

But before we 《 BYD can't drive out “ Generation gap ”》 It has been stated in , Although these young people can't offer BYD to the high-end altar , But BYD is a good helper in cultivating brand awareness for a long time , because 70、80 Later, for the low-end of early BYD 、 The bad impression has been engraved into DNA, It's only among young people who have not experienced the world that we can create a new image , Of course, this is also a project with “ years ” Counting strategy .

But Tengshi is not BYD's ultimate goal , BYD has also revealed that it will launch another high-end brand , Locate in 50-100 ten thousand , In the short term, this market development is not mature enough on the new energy track , Fuel vehicles still occupy a high position , And Porsche at the same time Taycan、Macan as well as BBA To compete with the flagship tram . Eat with a stutter , Therefore, Tengshi has greater hope for BYD's impact on the high-end .

If domestic independent brands are divided into old 、 in 、 The third generation of Qing Dynasty , At present, youth car enterprises have completed market exploration , Wei Xiaoli successfully completed the monthly sales of more than 10000 , Have certain competitiveness in their respective subdivided fields , And radiate towards the upper and lower sections .

The three independent powers in the Mesozoic learned from the experience of failure , Accelerate the transformation of new energy . Geely launched krypton , And layout the chip 、 mobile phone 、 Satellite and other industries ; The Great Wall is back WEY Brand as a transition , At the same time, invest in incubating honeycomb energy 、 A little wisdom 、 Xiandou and other enterprises , In energy 、 Catch up with Wei Xiaoli intellectually ; BYD relies on hybrid systems and lithium iron phosphate batteries , It swept the new energy market last year with high technical threshold and cost performance at the same level .

The old generation car enterprises are slightly slow due to their respective restrictions , But it's also starting to get into the game . And we can see , This time GAC 、 baic 、 Car companies of the older generation, such as Chang'an, are not like the situation that slogans are greater than actual actions in the past , It is also true that they are applying the right medicine to the disease one by one , To complete their redemption .

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