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The welfare of the disappeared Internet big factory: the monthly salary evaporates thousands of yuan and moves from small suites to shared houses

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The welfare magic of the Internet factory is disappearing .

In recent days, , Alibaba After its flying pig declared its independence , The welfare system is also stripped from the group . According to media reports , Its internal taxi subsidy has been cancelled 、 Accompanying leave 、 House purchase loan 、 Commercial insurance and other benefits , And the rights of Alibaba Group employees 、 Rank benchmarking, etc .

Similarly, , Well quickly Afternoon tea was also cancelled earlier 、 Housing subsidy benefits , Change to childbirth gift money .“ I can't afford to rent a house near the company .” A Kwai employee sighed to times finance . Iqiyi Benefits have been reduced to the extreme , Some employees said on the social platform , The station trash can has been cancelled , Even the standard of paper towels is decreasing ……

Over the past decade , With a high salary 、 Benefits and free and open workplace relationships , Large Internet companies once became an ideal country for young people , Even today , The big factory brand is still the capital that many young workers show off on social platforms .

And the welfare of big factories is like a mirror , It reflects the survival state of a company . Behind the welfare downturn , It is a reflection of the over allocation of talents in large Internet factories , It is also a footnote to the end of the era of rapid growth .

01 Once fattened by employees , Three months fat 10 Jin

Shinshin shin is jumping away 1 After more than years , Still miss the free staff restaurant . She described it as a benchmark for five-star hotels , The exclusive plate can hold five dishes , Satisfy the taste buds of employees from all over the world .

zhaopin 《 Questionnaire survey of annual welfare enterprise selection 》 data display , Yes 42.8% The benefits that most job seekers are concerned about are “ Canteen food management ”, This ratio profoundly explains the “ Dry rice ” The soul of .

“ Basically, you don't need to spend money to go to work , There is a taxi subsidy 、 Meals are free , snacks 、 Afternoon tea is also unlimited .” Xiaoxiao said to Shidai Finance .

In her opinion , We are a family company , Will collect the opinions of employees .“ There was no hot and sour soup in the restaurant , Then I put it on the wish list , After a month , It appears pleasantly on the menu , My appetite is kept tricky by the canteen ”.

Xiao Xiao calculated an account , The welfare of the big factory has saved itself tens of thousands of yuan every year : Including the membership fee of major takeout platforms 、 More than a month 2000 Food and beverage expenses of yuan , This does not include the annual card fee of tens of thousands of yuan in the gym .

Like most of the employees who flocked to college in the graduation season , Xiaoxiao is also entering the company 3 After a month , Fat 10 Jin . Fortunately, it's less than... From the staff restaurant 100 M is the gym , It provides for future exercise and slimming “ One stop service ”.

Xiaoting, who works in another big factory, is not so lucky . As benefits shrink , She must bear the cost of three meals a day . At the end of last year , The company announced the cancellation of three meals and afternoon tea , The benefits once regarded as just needed are no longer standard in the Internet industry . This year, 2 month , Xiaoting recorded the pictures of afternoon tea taken since she joined the company on the social platform , She tried to communicate with the big factory in this special way “ say goodbye ”.

Although the cruel side of the big factory is gradually torn apart , But Xiaoting, who took this as the starting point, still outperformed many of her peers .

First day in , Xiaoting, who graduated from double non college, once showed afternoon tea in her circle of friends . So , She almost became the focus of the whole class .

Now? , The only thing left for Xiaoting is to work overtime 20 After that 30 yuan “ Energy coupon ”, A dinner in the office area of Beijing costs 20-30 element . Xiaoting spends nearly 1000 yuan more every month to fill the lack of Welfare ,“ Afternoon tea is a substitute for dinner , There is no change in wages after the reduction of benefits , It's a disguised pay cut ”.

02 No room allowance , Lost the whole rent qualification

A mature large factory , There may be kindergartens 、 The gym 、 Staff canteen , Naturally, the housing pressure of employees will also be taken into account , Derived from housing subsidies and interest free policies on housing loans …… This contracts almost all the daily needs of employees .

Since working in a large factory , Wen Qiang decided to put his new home in a place only two subway stations away from the company , The commuting time is no more than half an hour . Move home closer to the company , He can also invest more time in his work .

Wen Qiang's house is located in the inner ring of Shanghai , The average monthly rent is close to 4000 element . His confidence , It's the company every month 1000 A housing subsidy of yuan , A year off , This extra income exceeds 1 Ten thousand yuan .

In order to attract more talents , Internet rising stars are often more willing to pay real money , This has led to the inclusion of housing subsidies and benefits ,“ Section room ” Follow the trend .

2018 year -2021 year , The number of employees has increased from 5000 People expand to 10 ten thousand people , There are more than in Beijing alone 40 Office location , Select a new office address every byte , The price of the surrounding rental market will also rise .

Xiaoting has also enjoyed the happiness brought by housing subsidies , The extra on the monthly salary card 2000 element , Enough to give her the freedom to choose the house she wants —— A set of 30㎡ One bedroom , The average rental 5000 element , Walk 30 You can get to the company in minutes .

“ Housing subsidies and free meals can be taken into account in wages ”“ Excellent employees can also get high bonuses ” When recruiting ,HR He has constantly advocated the advantages of the company's welfare to Xiaoting .

Two months ago , Housing subsidies also disappeared with free meals and afternoon tea . Xiaoting finds that a group of colleagues have moved away from Xierqi , This is the gathering place of Beijing Internet manufacturers , Most of the employees settled near the company , It has also quietly raised the overall level of rent .

Higher than the surrounding rent , It soon became a heavy burden on employees , Xiaoting must pay from the reduced salary 5000 Yuan is used to pay the rent . As the rental contract is approaching , Considering the renewal cost , Xiaoting had to reduce the house configuration , From a single room to a three bedroom shared room . It is difficult to advance from luxury to frugality , After living in a shared room , Xiaoting feels that the happiness index of life has plummeted , The room area is only 10㎡, The bathroom at home 、 Share the kitchen with your roommates .

Another cruel reality is , The cancellation of benefits is also accompanied by the horn of layoffs , The former is often the foreshadowing of the latter . Xiaoting witnessed the station from full to a row with only three people sitting down , Then there are no people in the film .

In the face of layoffs , The reduction of benefits also seems insignificant .

“ In limine , Everyone has complaints , Learned that some departments are in danger of mass destruction , I dare not say anything .” Xiaoting said to times Finance ,“ Compared with the cancellation of benefits , Layoffs may be the worse news , The two evils are equal to each other , People can only be forced to accept the company's decision ”.

03 It's a hotbed , Also shackles ?

While reducing the cost of living of employees , Big factory welfare has also created a hotbed , Some employees are reluctant to jump out of the company's weaving “ Comfort zone ”. according to the understanding of , Every employee has an ergonomic chair worth nearly 10000 yuan , It makes it difficult for many employees to get used to home “ Humble ” Home office environment .

Wen Qiang was in isolation , Received the value issued by the company 600 Yuan material gift package , also 1500 Special subsidy for anti epidemic and two-day paid annual leave , Byte runout is pasted again “ The company of others ” The label of .

Under uncertainty , The welfare factors implemented by large factories have become a safe haven .“ The performance of a company during the epidemic has become a new standard for judging a company , At least we can see the humanistic care of the company .” Many respondents told times finance that .

Wisteria just left a large domestic factory , Out of the embrace of enterprises , She received two anti epidemic gift packs in a month . What makes her most satisfied is that every day 6 The work rhythm of leaving work on time at o'clock , Holidays are no longer subject to a wechat message at any time 、 A working meeting interrupted .

In the case of welfare reduction of domestic Internet companies , Foreign companies still have the longest paid vacation period . Take Microsoft for example , Put aside the staff canteen 、 Afternoon tea 、 Gym and other basic configurations , Microsoft China has a long history 30 Days of paid leave ( Including annual leave and sick leave ).

last year 10 month , Tencent has announced controversial employee benefits —— Statutory retirement benefit gift bag , As long as you work in Tencent until the legal retirement age , You can also enjoy the customized souvenirs provided by the company 、 Thank you for your long service 、 Three benefits of retirement honorary pension .

among , The long-term service fee is 6 One month fixed salary , Retirement honorary fund provides “ Service life payment ” and “50% Unlicensed stock options ” The two plan , Employees are free to choose one of .

however , Some experienced big factory people see the behind Welfare “ trap ”.“ With the current work intensity and elimination rate of the Internet , How many people can survive until retirement ?”

affectionately Research Institute data show , The average age of employees in most Internet companies is 30 Under the age of , Where bytes jump and A lot of spelling The average age of employees is 27 year , Tencent this value is 29 year , For most employees , Retirement is still a distant word .

In a way , Large factory benefits will also become invisible shackles for employees , Imprisoning the determination of employees in large factories to turn around and leave . In the near future , There are employees of big factories who speak on social networking sites , Said that the company laid off employees in the way that the labor contract expires and will not be renewed , But I was told to be in 3 Pay off within days 50 Ten thousand yuan, all loans .

Employees of another large factory also said to times Finance , Employees who have been in the company for two years can also apply for 50 Ten thousand yuan interest free mortgage , The prerequisite is to repay the full loan before leaving .“ Most people don't want to start , Because it's like tying yourself to the company , It's hard to leave .”

More and more employees are aware of : Welfare is like a foam , A stab will break .“ No matter how many benefits, there is no salary increase to feel safe .” Many large factory employees frankly say .

“ This year, many job seekers are more interested in the actual salary of the company , I don't think welfare is particularly important .” Internet headhunter Luo Ting said to times Finance .

( In the text, Xiao Xiao 、 Xiaoting 、 Wenqiang 、 Wisteria 、 Luo Ting is a pseudonym )

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