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"Subway begging" is actually new product marketing. How many volumes does the tea circle promote?

2022-05-07 16:34:0736kr

“ Build up your courage , Accosted a little sister ” 

In recent days , A hot note in Xiaohong Book attracted Xiaoyu's attention , It's about , On the subway , A boy saw a little sister holding three cups of milk tea , Go up and chat up , And proudly said that she would take a cup of milk tea from her younger sister . 

Then , The incident appeared again in the little red book , Express “ I was going to ignore the boy , But he kept on talking , It's annoying . Sent a cup of milk tea ”, And in the title “ nausea ” The expression of . 

Microblogging @ Meimeiko bot Forwarded the event , Instantly caused the melon eaters to treat boys like this “ chat up ” The resentment of the way . 

stay # Tricky poor man topic page , Netizens commented and accused the boy “ Isn't begging forbidden on the subway ”“ The skin is thicker than the wall , He doesn't think he's smart, but Love ”. 

However , At this time, careful Netizens found , Compared to the event itself , The pictures are worth pondering . 

In the picture of the document from the perspective of girls , Take a clear picture of two cups of milk tea , It is two cups of books that burn Fairy grass New products “ Orange man camellia ”. And then , Someone stood up and said with certainty ,“ This is actually the book also caused the opposite soft wide ”“ The crafty marketing Guangzi of a Book Burning fairy grass ”. 

After the resumption of the whole incident, the masses were speechless for a moment , At the same time, I can't help wondering , recognized “ Roll King ” The marketing mode of the new tea industry , already “ volume ” Have you reached this point ? 

01 Fancy cross-border joint names , Each brand shows its magic power

Cross border co branding , It is the of milk tea marketing today “ A soldier's land ”, In the process of brand linkage , The brand side can always unlock all kinds of strange communication “ New ideas ”. 

4 month 8 Japan , Ruixing posted a microblog on the official wechat “ Countdown three days ! This cooperative brand 34 For the first time in years ”, And a vague picture of the joint brand , It seems to be deliberately creating a sense of mystery . 

However , A group of netizens in the comment area have already guessed that this action is “ Coconut coconut joint name ”, The partner is the old coconut juice brand , Some people even started to give two brands CP name , what “ Coconut deer Salem ”、“ Lucky deer under the tree ”、“ Tree brother and deer sister ”. 

After being seen through , Ruixing posted another microblog , Beg for mercy from netizens , Express “ Let me finish the performance seriously ”, At the same time, coconut official wechat also came to comment below “ Come on come on , We'll continue tomorrow ‘ Play ’”. 

But actually , This forced to disrupt the rhythm of communication , It looks like a pinch , In fact, take it . Whether or not Ruixing deliberately arranges himself “ Marketing rollover ”, In the sound of ridicule , It launched a co branded product “ Coconut Latte ”, Have successfully attracted a lot of attention and curiosity from netizens . 

And after the launch of the new product , The official also unlocked the poster of the new posture of drinking Ruixing , That is to imitate the pose of the model in the coconut tree and coconut juice advertisement , And then “ Coconut goddess ” Xu Dongdong himself came to an end , Demonstrated a new camera pose . 

And then , It has attracted a large number of netizens to send videos and take photos to imitate . 

According to Ruixing's official wechat message , Yeyun series products 2022 The annual sales target is set as 1 Hundred million cups , Comparable to the single product freshly ground coffee with the highest sales volume in the domestic market “ Raw coconut series ”. 

However , After this “ Fancy operation ”, The actual effect is much better than expected . The total sales volume of Yeyun latte on the first day exceeded 66 Ten thousand cups , Some stores even sold out in just a few hours , Since listing, the average daily sales volume of a single store has exceeded 100 cups , Significantly pull Rui Xing coffee The improvement of overall sales , It is expected to set a new record for new product sales . 

Similarly, , Rui Xing is not the only one who sells fancy unlock joint brand new posture . 

Almost at the same time ,4 month 6 Japan , The cross-border joint name Xicha official account 、B The avatars of the station and other official media accounts have been replaced with explosive heads LOGO, Also released a message “ Xi tea is dark ” The dynamics of the . 

Netizens are keen to capture , Happy tea must have come again New movement do . 

Sure enough , The second day , With trend Godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara “ black Tea” Limited Planning , In addition to introducing the latest special drinks “ Cool BlackBerry mulberry ” Outside , Also launched a series of CO branded cups 、 Cup cover 、 Insulation bag, etc . 

Xi tea this joint name , Designed to reflect “ Inspiration and cool ” The spiritual core of , It immediately resonated with young people , a “ Second creation ” The tide is in vogue . 

Xiaohongshu netizens have printed pictures , Refit the joint name of happy tea into a vase 、 Penholder and so on , Because of its unique black , Netizens call directly “ senior ”.  

After discovering the second innovation enthusiasm of netizens , Also respond quickly , Decisively reprinted these contents , Encourage more consumers to carry out secondary creation . 

02 Hot pot milk tea 、 Pepper milk tea flow password , New ways of short video marketing

In addition to pushing through the old and bringing forth the new in the joint name , Take the psychology of curiosity as the driving force , Milk tea brand also has new marketing methods . 

SEVENBUS Realized 22 Yuan's idea of having enough with milk tea , With a whole bowl of black sugar smoothie , Put taro balls on it 、 Pearl 、 Highland barley 、 Sweet potato and an ice cream ball , Created a real “ Milk tea hot pot ”, After the launch of the product , The brand quickly linked with various food bloggers to punch in one after another . 

and Naixue's tea The latest product is domineering and crisp Guava , In addition to taking guava, a unique fruit in Chaoshan, as the raw material to match with mango , The official also gave chili powder 、 Plum powder , And shared a hidden way to eat . 

It encourages netizens to sun out the new eating method of this new product on the social platform , Attract a kind of netizen to call directly “ Naixue is so good at playing ”、“ It tastes amazing ”、“ Surprisingly good ”.  

meanwhile , In addition to other ingenuity in products and forms , How to use channels , Maximizing the marketing effect is also the proposition of each milk tea shop . 

Following Snow Ice City Achieve almost perfect by magic theme song “ After virus marketing ”, The short video platform is still “ Favored by milk tea merchants ”, One of the reasons is that the short video platform is easy to spread , And easy to form social topics , At the same time, the popular content on this platform is mostly pushed by young consumers , This makes its user push more accurate . 

According to Xiaoyu observation , Recently, the book also burned Xiancao to promote new products , Launched the latest... On Tiktok # One mouthful full of vitality value activities , use Is there a book Also burn the brand image of Xiancao and the stickers of new products “ Who's not a dynamic rabbit ” and @ Official account number , That is, you can participate in activities , The official will be creative with video 、 Rule association degree 、 Give rewards by ranking in the comprehensive amount of likes , The first prize is the chanel bag worth 10000 yuan . 

also , Under the shadow of the epidemic , Milk tea is also catching up with the current hot group buying trend . The book also burns fairy grass to launch the Tiktok group purchase , In some anchor studios ,9.9 Yuan is enough get A cup of books is also new .Coco5 The latest group buying activity in May , Two out of three, just 15.9 element , At least 7.9 element . 

03 Whether the sinking market is really broken ?

Despite the efforts of various brands , The overall road of breaking the new tea industry is still difficult . 

According to the investigation launched by houlang Research Institute , Results show , Nearly 70% of young people think they will not be affected by online marketing and business brainwashing , Yes 20.27% People are not moved before the new product , Only choose the taste you like . 

Now , The new tea brand began to turn to the new problem-solving idea of sinking the market . 

As early as 2020 year 4 month , Xi tea launched a sub brand “ Xi Xiaocha ”, According to the tea loving plan , The customer unit price of Xixiao tea brand products is 15 yuan , said “ Be as affordable as possible on qualified standards ”. 

And this is just foreplay , In this year 2 month 24 Japan , Xichaben brand also began to adjust the price , Its official wechat officially announced “ Within this year , Will no longer launch 29 Drinks of yuan and above ”, And said “ We sincerely invite you to witness , Never slap in the face ”. 

among , The single product pure tender bud with the greatest price reduction is made by 16 element / Cup down to 11 element / A cup of , Drop in price 31%. 

After the price reduction of Xicha , Naixue's tea, which is also facing the high-end market, followed up immediately .3 month 17 Japan , Naixue's tea announced a comprehensive price reduction plan , Its classic products have been greatly reduced 10 element , Its products are the lowest 9 Yuan Qi , And launch 9 To 19 yuan “ Relaxed ” series , Promise a new low-cost product every month . 

Some consumer industry analysts and experts believe that , High end brands go down “ compatible ”, Exchange price for quantity 、 Trade volume for market , And with the advantage of sexual price, retain and capture those price sensitive consumers , It will be the strategy that some advantageous tea brands have to adopt . some time , The mid-range milk tea market may become the core of the tea industry . 

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