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Google cloud establishes Web3 team

2022-05-07 16:34:1336kr

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On Friday , Gu Geyun, vice president Amit Zavery In an email to employees, it was mentioned that , Google cloud is building Web3 The team , by Web3 And blockchain application developers . The project will be run by former Citigroup executives James Tromans The dominant , towards Zavery report .

Web3 This concept was first developed by Ethereum CTO Gavin stay 2014 in . Nowadays, the general connotation is , Build a decentralized network based on open protocols and blockchains , Make the Internet more democratic .Web3 My supporters believe that , This is a challenge for Amazon 、 Google 、Meta And other companies' philosophy of manipulating the Internet .

Except for Google , At present Web3 Interested companies also include Nike 、 Warner Music Group, etc . Nike has made it clear that it plans to develop Web3 product , Warner Music has high hopes for digital collections and music royalties . Some are active in China's investment market VC Is also starting overseas Web3 project .

What makes Google different is , It has no intention of directly participating in cryptocurrency , Instead, invest resources to provide services to companies engaged in blockchain Technology . Including January this year , It indicates that there are plans to establish a Digital Assets Team To serve customers , Companies also “ Is studying how customers use cryptocurrency to pay ”.

The starting point of Google's initiatives is not difficult to guess . In the field of cloud computing , Google lags behind Amazon and Microsoft , At the same time, they also face being Alibaba cloud Risk of surpassing , by Web3 Providing services with blockchain developers can expand the range of potential customers , To grab market share .

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