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"No sheep, no cattle" sheep milk powder: from "cognitive dimension upgrading" to "conceptual impact"?

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I didn't expect that at the moment when the increment of infant milk powder market is narrowing , Sheep milk powder ushered in “ bull market ”.

Since the end of last year, Miaoke, a lamb under Feihe banner 、 Jiarui Miaoke and other sheep milk powder are distributed in the channel , In the first quarter of this year, JUNLEBAO launched sheep milk powder to become love only 、 Meisujia'er launched cross-border sheep milk powder , And Mead Johnson's acquisition of mecco Gault 、 Danone buys obijia 、 Yili Jiayang milk powder has been purchased one after another .

so , Whether it's a Chinese funded flying crane 、 JUNLEBAO and Yili , Or Mead Johnson of foreign capital 、 Danone, these domestic and foreign dairy giants, has become the general trend to distribute sheep milk powder .

that , What is the charm of sheep milk powder track that makes dairy giants end one after another ? Whether the milk powder market will become the next one as expected in the future “ Hundreds of billions of dollars ”? What will exist in the opportunities hidden in the market “ Variable ” Well ?

One 、 Sheep milk powder is fed “ bull market ”: Pain point based “ Cognitive dimension ”?

As the saying goes :“ If there is demand, there will be a market ”, The reason why the sheep milk powder track is favored , It is proved that there is an irreplaceable demand base in the market .

Scientific research shows that , Although milk is rich in many nutrients , But milk protein allergy is also the most common food allergy among infants , About every year 3% About newborns will have varying degrees of allergy to milk , Some even have stress reactions such as skin rash .

Published by the National Bureau of statistics 2021 National birth population in 1062 Ten thousand for example , Last year there were nearly 32 Million newborns are allergic to milk , Such groups are bound to look for an alternative , And sheep milk powder “ Hyposensitization ” The characteristics of become the most appropriate choice .

This has also become the basic plate for sheep milk powder to survive .

All the people in the world are for profit , The world is bustling for profit .

Sheep milk powder can make domestic and foreign giants end one after another , The probability of attracting them will not be based on this “ Pain points ” Of 3%, Maybe based on this point , And others “ Pain points ” String in series , Then from line to surface , Promote greater market potential and Bring up Larger market size .

2018 year , The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released 《 Research on the development of sheep milk powder industry in China 》, The research report shows that sheep's milk, especially sheep's milk , Own whey protein 、 Casein content is considered to be closer to that of breast milk , And its naturally rich lactoferrin is eight times that of milk ; At the same time, compared with milk , Goat's milk also has smaller fat balls , And rich in unsaturated fatty acids , More easily absorbed by the human body .

Aside from the identity of sheep milk powder , Just by “ Small molecule 、 Easy to absorb 、 Closer to breast milk ”, Can be the reason why many young mothers choose their . In Chinese traditional cognition , Breastfeeding is the best , Milk powder is only the second choice for various reasons . that , Breast milk is another for parents in China “ Pain points ” Where , Naturally, it also has a high value potential .

also , In addition to these advantages, sheep milk powder , In the cognition of Chinese people , Goat's milk is in “ Halfcooked ” In the situation of , It is most easily associated with cattle , For example, in idioms “ Flocks and herds ”、 In the vegetable market “ Beef and mutton ” It's usually a family ; But in liquid milk 、 Powdered Milk 、 In cheese products , People are often unfamiliar with it .

This cognitive conflict , So that dairy enterprises can take advantage of this “ Familiarity ” Let consumers accept , It can also take advantage of people's demand for sheep's milk “ Strangeness ”, Through cognitive education 、 Brand marketing , Quickly occupy the intellectual highland of consumers , Let consumers re-establish brand concept , For example, Lanhe overtakes with the curve of Mianyang milk .

meanwhile , It's also easier to paste sheep milk powder “ High-end ” The label of , Don't add all kinds of... Like milk powder DHA、OPO、 Lactoferrin 、HMOs( Breast milk oligosaccharides ) Wait to flaunt yourself , Over the years “ One cow alone ” In the market of , Sheep milk powder itself belongs to “ niche ” And “ Alien species ”.

and , Sheep milk powder is just needed in the basic plate “ The right place ”, And approaching breast milk and cognitive advantage “ and ” Outside , In the outlet of consumption upgrading, it has ushered in its own “ days ”.

Under the great pressure of young people's life , The desire to have children is not high , It makes the contemporary family gradually move towards “4+2+1” Inverted triangular structure . also , Due to the change of educational cognition , It has prompted Chinese people to embark on “ Eugenics ” The path of . thus , Changes in ideas and family structure , Make the consumer's ability to pay in the mother and baby market stronger and stronger , Consumers are willing to work for high quality 、 High security 、 Pay for high value-added products .

IResearch 《2021 China Insight into the market trend of mother and baby consumption 》 The report can also confirm this : While the increment of infant milk powder market is narrowing continuously , High end consumption of mother and baby 、 Refine 、 The trend of personalization is obvious , New mother infant ecology is taking shape .

Sheep milk powder is passed to consumers with low sensitivity 、 Close to breast milk 、 Easy to absorb 、 High end label , This is based on “ Pain points ” Cognitive dimension , Just in line with the market demand and underlying logic under consumption upgrading . such , Maybe that's why sheep milk powder is in the situation of narrow growth rate of infant milk powder Market , And make flying cranes 、 Erie 、 The reasons why Danone and other domestic and foreign dairy giants entered the sheep milk powder track .

Two 、“ Turn red ” Blue ocean of , Old and new players “ mixed ”?

Deng Delong is 《2 Hour brand literacy 》 wrote :“ In any category , There are valuable steps , When these steps are empty , When there is no brand occupation , You can take the lead in developing this field , Preempt this resource , That is, enclosure movement .”

for example , A lot of spelling With “ Sink the market ” Entering the game shook Taobao JD.COM “ Double overlord ” Pattern , Dexter lost Sanlitun in Beijing , from “ Rural areas surround the city ” The meteoric rise , Or the flying crane is 2015 First proposed in “ More suitable for Chinese babies ” Concept , Directly seize the first consumption scene of Chinese babies .

However , Dairy giants have followed the sheep milk powder track , At least in terms of infant formula , There are no empty stairs .

from 2018 Since, Aoyou has been 4 In, it accounted for more than... Of China's total import of infant formula milk powder 60%, And the sales volume of goat milk powder ranks first in the world . According to Aoyou 2021 Annual financial report data , Jiabeiaite, its only sheep milk powder brand, recorded sales of 33.48 One hundred million yuan .

According to the Institute of mother and child 、 Prepared by the prospective industry research institute 《2015 year ~2020 year 》 In terms of the market scale of sheep milk powder in China , The market scale of infant sheep milk powder has exceeded 10 billion , So only Aoyou accounts for almost one-third of the total market .

In the remaining two-thirds of the market , Not just full of The Red Star Meiling 、 Meilu and Lanhe are old players on the sheep milk powder track , We also face the giant flying crane of dairy enterprises 、 JUNLEBAO 、 danone 、 New players like Mengniu “ Stir up ”.

so , Sheep milk powder is a new track that has just entered the vision of consumers , It's already a red sea . however , Whether it's new players or old players , Each has its own advantages and disadvantages .

In addition to overseas production such as Aoyou 、 Domestic sales “ The half-blood ” Outside the brand , For old players , Because the entry into the Bureau has already realized the early occupation of most domestic sheep's milk resources .

and , There are great differences between dairy sheep and cows .

The first is that dairy sheep are more suitable for stocking , This means that the goat milk industry is difficult to be managed centrally at the breeding end , The scale effect of the industry is weak . The second is the low output , Compared with dairy Holstein cattle 8000~10000 kg / For the average annual milk production , The average lactation of dairy sheep is only 500-600 kg / year .

that ,“ Supply is less than demand ” Next , Early entry into the sheep milk powder track , And it is also the Red Star Meiling of the industrial pillar of Shaanxi Province 、 Yubao, Baiyue and other sheep milk powder enterprises , Undoubtedly, it has stronger advantages in goat milk resources than new forces such as flying crane .

Of course , Like dairy giants “ Not bad money ”, Naturally, it can also increase the upstream industrial chain of goat milk , such as 2021 In, Feihe's original ecology acquired Shaanxi lvneng , Overweight goat milk industry . however , It still takes time for the self owned organic pasture to be transformed from being put into operation , And for the selection and breeding of dairy sheep , It also takes a lot of time and cost .

Acquisition is really the fastest way to get a new track “ Admission ticket ”, But also bear the risks before the acquired enterprise . Still take the flying crane as an example , In the middle of last year, Feihe acquired Shaanxi Xiaoyang Miaoke dairy , Change it to “ Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd , Suspected of changing waistcoats to enter the sheep milk powder Market .

This stems from the predecessor of small sample Miaoke, Guanshan dairy , I was in 2014 It was acquired by Feihe and renamed “ Feihe Guanshan dairy ”, However 2015 year 6 month , Feihe Guanshan dairy 6 Batches of products failed to pass the national inspection, and two batches of nitrate failed , The maximum exceeds the standard 8 times , There are also four selenium products that are unqualified .

Guanshan dairy, which failed to pass the national inspection, was immediately subject to administrative punishment , Then the flying crane hid his ears and stole the bell and deleted “ Feiheguan mountain ” In the company name “ Flying crane ” The words... , And sold it to Shenzhen Yueyou Industrial Development Co., Ltd., which was only established for more than ten days at that time .

In order to enter the sheep milk powder Market , Re acquire the former “ Guanshan dairy ”, It sounds good to forget the past , It's doubtful that Guanshan dairy was really sold in those years , It's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons “ cover other's eyes and ears ” Well ?

For dairy giants , Maybe not willing to miss the tuyere , As the big head of goat milk, Shaanxi naturally becomes its best target , However, many Shaanxi sheep milk powder enterprises have had problems in recent years , In addition to the lamb Miaoke and Guanshan Longzhou dairy mentioned above , And Mead Johnson's acquisition of mecco Gott 、 Red Star Meiling 、 Baiyue Ulis 、 Xiaozhi sheep Dairy industry 、 Red flag dairy 、 Joyous, wait .

that , Flying crane 、 Should Mead Johnson mention consumer checks , Before the acquisition, take a look at the background of the enterprise and the food safety problems that have occurred . After all , There is no ventilated wall in the world , In the Internet with all kinds of news , Consumers can always find clues for their children's health .

For new players , Although the current control over the upstream industrial chain is weak , But they all have unique advantages , Can be said to be “ Dimension reduction blow ” General brand influence .

Like a flying crane 、 MENGNIU 、 Erie 、 JUNLEBAO and others can take advantage of their channel advantages and brand effects in the country and even the world over the years , Put a single / New products of the matrix are rapidly rolled out in all channels , And according to years of marketing experience and working capital , With marketing support, products occupy the minds of consumers in the shortest time .

3、 ... and 、 Sheep milk powder market may suffer “ Conceptual shock ”?

Sheep milk powder on the track “ dividend ”, It is based on the premise that the market is stable and continues to grow . When sheep milk powder to the market “ Pain points ” For consumers “ Captivity ”, Also vulnerable to “ Conceptual blow ”.

“ Conceptual blow ” It can be divided into two points , On the one hand, for dairy enterprises , On the one hand, for consumers .

For dairy companies , The purpose of entering the sheep milk powder track is to narrow the growth of infant milk powder , With “ Goat milk powder ” As a concept , Bring new growth to yourself .

However , This will form a kind of “ paradox ”: As a segment of the milk powder market, sheep milk powder , On the premise that the large market scale remains unchanged , The increase of sheep milk powder will bring the decline of milk powder , like “ Hand to hand ”. When sheep milk powder is high-end 、 The image of nutrition is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through market education , Then most of its share must belong to the group of consumers who originally belonged to the high-end milk powder Market .

After all , The market size is so large 、 There are so many consumers in each class , And developing 、 production 、 In the publicity and education market , And a lot of money . This can not help but give people a kind of , My own assets , From left hand to right hand , A trance feeling of paying a large fee .

Unless , Flying crane 、 Danone, a milk powder giant, can guarantee , Their share of goat milk powder is made up of “ Siphon effect ” from , Take small manufacturers 、 Small brands will be eliminated , All they eat is their share . however , This is almost impossible in market operation , stay “ Cattle and sheep ” and “ The sheep themselves ” In the double competition , No one can guarantee where the balance tilts .

also , With the improvement of national policies , Will make some brands lose “ Conceptual advantage ”. For example, it is published on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision 《 Announcement on further standardizing the labeling of infant formula milk powder products 》 Make it clear , from 2023 year 2 month 22 The date of , The name of the product contains the words "animal origin" , Its raw milk 、 Milk powder 、 Whey powder and other milk protein sources should all come from this species .

Simply explain ,《 Notice 》 After the launch , This kind of semi goat whey milk powder added with demineralized whey powder and whey protein powder ( It is commonly known in the market as “ Mixed sheep ”、“ Half sheep ” Powdered Milk ) It can't be called... On publicity or labels “ Infant formula sheep milk powder ”. According to the 《 Milk powder circle 》 Statistics , Up to now (2021 year 12.01), Our country has 93 Goat milk powder is registered through formula , Among them is 53 This sheep milk powder is made of cow whey “ Half sheep ” Formula powder , That is to say, near 57% Sheep milk powder will be subject to the new regulations .

This is a good thing for consumers facing the mixed sheep milk powder Market , But once the market turns into “ Pure sheep ”, Well, for Beikang, this kind of has always been “ Pure sheep ” The selling point is to promote the brand , Thus, it will lose its selling point and market competitive advantage .

that , Will the future goat milk powder be the same as the current milk powder , This leads to the addition of various DHA、OPO、 Lactoferrin 、HMOs( Breast milk oligosaccharides ) Wait to show your “ superior ” Well ?

For consumers , Buying sheep milk powder, whether from sensitization or approaching breast milk, is to solve their own problems “ Pain points ” Of , And this is on the premise that sheep milk powder has outstanding advantages or uniqueness in the market .

however , The uniqueness of sensitization or approaching breast milk , No one can guarantee that there will be any new products , Iterate it .

2017 year , Journal of nutrition Nutrition Journal A report by Professor Yang Yuexin was published on the “ Lactose intolerance ” The experimental results show that , Some self diagnoses are “ Lactose intolerance ” People who , Gastrointestinal discomfort after regular milk intake , It may be related to A1-β Casein related , Not lactose itself .

recently , Aoyou 、 Flying cranes and others also entered the game one after another A2 Milk powder track .A2 Contained in milk powder A2-β Casein is one of the main caseins in breast milk , It will not be produced during digestion and absorption, which may lead to indigestion of the baby 、 Abdominal distension 、 Diarrhea BCM-7, In short, it is equivalent to sheep milk powder in the milk powder industry .

also , When goat milk tells about its scarcity due to low production ,A2 Milk also has “ Scarcity ”: It is reported that , Only purebred strains that have been genetically tested A2 Cows can produce A2 milk , At present, there are only about 30% Our cows are purebred A2 cow .

As can be seen from “ Sensitization ”、“ Affinity ” And “ Scarcity ” Come up and say ,A2 Milk powder is not inferior to sheep milk powder , This means that sheep milk powder has been lost in the eyes of some people “ Uniqueness ”. Even for Aoyou, which ranks first in the sheep milk powder market , Also appeared in the Internet “ The growth rate of goat milk powder has slowed down year after year , Aoyou continues to launch high-end strategy A2 product ” Manuscript .

that , some time , once A2 The market awareness and popularity of milk powder exceed that of sheep milk powder , For the sheep milk powder market, the probability is a wave “ Conceptual shock ”.

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