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In the future, bytes will make music "shorter"?

2022-05-07 16:50:5536kr

as everyone knows , Nowadays, the surname of Chinese music is “ Shaking, ”.

At the end of last year , Tencent music has made one of the top ten hot songs of the year , Namely :《 Cloud and sea 》《 White moonlight and cinnabar mole 》《 Prodigal gossip 》《 Dreams that can't wake up 》《 Stepping on mountains and rivers 》《 thousands on thousands of 》《 Fall into enemy hands 》《 Shepherd of koktokai 》《 Empty 》《 refuse to realize one's error 》.

Almost all of them are Tiktok divine music .

Yes , The most popular part of Chinese music , It has become the accompaniment of Tiktok .

In front of traffic ,QQ Music and NetEase Cloud music also chose to bow its head , There is a special Tiktok hit song list ,QQ Music is more “ Tiktok ” As a recommended option for searching songs .

Whether you like it or not , The subversion and controversy brought by Tiktok to China's music industry have become increasingly apparent , Those Tiktok divine melodies are lingering in your mind , Let the Chinese music market complete an unpredictable evolution .

obviously , Byte himself realized this , And then suddenly realize :“ My own traffic , Why give in ?”

So they ended up in person , Enter the music market , And this may completely change the music market —— Even the whole “ music ” The appearance of .

Byte beating traffic

From the moment of birth, Tiktok , It has a close relationship with music —— There is one in the name of Tiktok “ The sound ” word , The icon is also a note .

Go back , The predecessor of Tiktok Positioning is “ Music short video ”, It was similar to the popular among American teenagers at that time Quite similar , The latter creates short videos by guiding users to lip synch with music or dance , By 2017 end of the year , It has more than 200 million registered users .

Also in 2017 year , By byte hopping , Later, it was incorporated into the overseas version of Tiktok TikTok, by TikTok Brought many active users and creators , After that TikTok The rapid expansion in the global market has laid a good foundation .

And the byte beats “ formal ” Enter the music market , It started two years ago .

2020 year 3 month , Byte officially launched in India and Indonesia Music broadcast Release software Resso, You can think of it as “ Tiktok ”,App Once opened, it is personalized song recommendation , If you don't like this song , It can be like brushing Tiktok , Slide the screen up and down , Quickly cut to the next song .

Resso Online for half a year , Download more than 1500 Ten thousand times . With this experience ,2021 year , A music division has been set up inside byte , A key task is to get through Resso and TikTok Our music community .

however , For a variety of reasons ,Resoo Did not open up territory to more countries and regions , At present, the open area is only India 、 Indonesia, Brazil and other countries .

In music , Maybe the next starting point , It is the domestic market .

2022 Spring begins , Byte beat has launched online music in China App—— Soda music .

Soda music interface and Resso It's like , Also use up and down sliding to cut songs , Compared with the familiar left-right key switch , Up and down can greatly improve the speed of cutting songs , Under this interactive logic , People are not so much listening to songs , than “ Brush song ”.

what's more , According to media reports , Most of the data of soda music and Tiktok are also synchronized , Pop music can help people collect the divine music heard in Tiktok simultaneously , And find more similar songs in the proud algorithm recommendation .

Byte's intention to make music is obvious , Is to do the flow coordination of Tiktok and soda music —— Predictably, , The soda music concert and Tiktok are more deeply linked , Form a flow closed loop : Tiktok can hatch Tiktok divine comedy , Diversion to soda music ; Those niche songs in soda music , You can also hatch with the help of recommendation algorithm “ Soda song ”, And then it can be used to feed back Tiktok short video , Become a Tiktok divine comedy , So as to further consolidate the position of Tiktok in the field of short video .

It looks really good .

future , The music will get shorter

As for the , Bytes infiltrate the field of music , What does it mean for China's music market , It's up to you .

Please note that , This article does not intend to talk about the vulgarization tendency of Chinese music , After all, there is no need to argue about reality , The whole Chinese music world presents a dangerous prosperity that will collapse once the coarse gravel foundation is removed . Huang Shujun has a song called 《 change 1995》, There's a lyric in it that goes deep into my heart :“ Only popular , No music , I think you're out of sight , It's also a good thing .”

So today we can't see for the net , To avoid the “ Music quality ” Not to mention , Chat “ Music length ” The topic of .

Have you thought about it , When music can “ Brush and listen ”, People are bound to leave less and less time for a song , More and more stingy , Stingy enough to never give you again “ Time for a song ”.

Yeah , Not now “ It used to be slow ” The era of the , In the past, everyone was sincere : song , One song is one song ; The movie , One is one . Not now , People's interest cycle is getting shorter and shorter , The content carrier has to be shorter and shorter , In this way, it can be embedded into people's increasingly fragmented nihilistic life at any time .

therefore , Just as people are getting impatient to watch a whole movie , And used to watching “X After watching a movie in 20 minutes ” Short video , People have become increasingly impatient to listen to a whole song , And get used to going straight to the climax , Just listen to the chorus ( Especially for new songs ).

I even think , One day in the future , The online music platform will be completely “ Chorus ”, namely , Every song people brush , There will be only the climax .

If so , So the change of this new technology carrier to music —— The time of a song is bound to become shorter , Melody and rhythm “ Remember ” It is bound to become more accurate —— It will be no less than the change to music when black glue was born .

Need to know , Nowadays, a song usually lasts only a few minutes , And thanks to black glue . At first, church music and court music had no time limit ( Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is about 70 minute ), But as music can be stored by new technologies 、 Copy and distribute , A work has also been “ pinpoint ” When black glue was born 4 In the poor capacity of minutes , Musicians can choose not to compromise with technology , But as long as you want to grab the dividends of new technology , You have to make the work shorter , Make the melody and rhythm more accurate , To cater to the increasingly impatient attention of the audience .

Um. , Whether you like it or not , This process is repeating itself , The emergence of new technology media such as bytes , Make human attention shorter than before , This also makes the time for a song , Become shorter than before .

Maybe hundreds of years later , A new generation of young people look back 21 Jay Chou in the th century , Just as we look back 18 Beethoven in the th century ——“ It's just a song , Why are you writing so long ?”

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