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Which specialty of Xi'an Tiktok short video operation company of food category?

2022-05-07 16:52:29Aguduo

When we brush Tiktok , You should always be able to see videos about gourmet explorers , And this kind of video is also very popular , I've painted a lot before , For example, Xiaobei is hungry , People do very well . So what should we do for this kind of short video of delicious food ? You can take a good look at this article .

First , The first question for everyone is , How to choose a suitable account type , It's food exploration , Or mystery class , Gourmet shops , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Mainly focused on shop On the level of ; And mystery class , It focuses on private food 、 Treasure food 、 Street corner snacks and other dimensions , It will be more niche .

First Or your own interests , Which dimension are you more interested in , Just choose which one . secondly It's how much you accept being on camera , If you only focus on integration accounts , Trying to avoid being on camera , Then try to choose a type other than the shop , That is, the previously mentioned mystery class , Or leave the food field to do life and play accounts .

Because if you prefer to do food exploration accounts , It's more likely to be on camera . Last It depends on which aspect of their own resources are more inclined to , If it is a gourmet business, there are more resources , It must be that choosing to be a gourmet shop account has more advantages .

  Shoot this short video , It's usually taken from a personal perspective , The shooting content includes about the store environment 、 Service status 、 Service and the type and quality of dishes . Then in post production , Will cut these materials carefully , Usually cut into 30s or 1 The length of a minute , Then add magical dubbing and ear grabbing music or melody . And the type of mission appearance , This is the best short video form of shop exploration , It can bring the audience the greatest sense of reality and substitution .

  Because the criteria for judging whether a food is delicious or attractive , There are no more than two dimensions , That's taste and vision . In the taste dimension , Because of the distance between the real food and the audience across the screen , therefore , The audience can only rely on vision to judge , A good food shop video , It must be from the visual form of the dish , The short video explanation plus the real experience . And in terms of trust , A video shot by a real person , It must be more convincing than any kind of short video .

The significance of formulating human design and positioning is , Whether to attract specific people as fans of the account . To be lively is to be a good person 、 People who love sharing set time , It's about copywriting and video style , Closer to the tone of young people ; When human design is a wise ingredient Of 、 Keeping in good health Of , Then copywriting and video style need some depth . In the process of specific shooting or topic selection , If it's some popular stores , Or shops where young people are the main consumer groups , Then we need to show more lively and lively characteristics in human settings .

As the saying goes, content is king , Content positioning is mainly about what aspects are usually photographed . For example, focus on new stores , Or focus more on What kind of The restaurant . Different content positioning is not just different shooting themes , If you don't know anything about this aspect, you can consult us . Jutui media, as an operation company with authoritative qualification in the field of agent operation , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . For more information, please add our wechat jutui12, You can also make a phone call :400-606-5558 Consultation .  






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