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Clion announces the latest development roadmap

2022-05-07 16:52:45Programming China News

CLion Is a suitable for Linux、macOS and Windows Of C and C++ Integrated development environment , And CMake Build system integration . except C and C++ outside ,CLion It also supports other languages directly or through plug-ins , Such as Kotlin、Python、Rust、Swift etc. .

JetBrains Released a few weeks ago CLion 2022.1, Mainly focus on quality improvement . It strengthens the existing remote development 、Docker、CMake The project and CUDA The workflow of debugging .

In recent days, JetBrains It's public CLion The roadmap , Revealed what will be the focus of attention in the coming months , And strive for 2022.2 And later versions . Of course, this roadmap is just JetBrains A preliminary plan of the team , It may change for various reasons .

The roadmap

  • Tool chain
    • In order to be in Docker Developing in a container ,CLion Through dedicated Docker Tool chain Provided complete Docker Integrate .CLion Will investigate and improve the performance of project loading .
  • Project model
    • be used for CMake Variable GUI
    • CMake Quick documentation of commands
    • Will start vcpkg Integrated work , Initially used only on internal prototypes , Will not be released publicly
  • C++ Language support
    • C++20 Module support will be CLion The main task of the team . With the help of CMake and Visual Studio generator , Now you can finally use this major language feature in real projects .
    • Another direction is to strengthen... Through interval analysis CLion Accuracy of data flow analysis . So ,CLion The comparison of integer types will be added (<, >, <=, >=) Support for . Based on Interval Analysis , Will also establish " Array index out of range " Check .
    • It is planned to continue the relevant optimization work , Reduce Clangd The number of crashes , So as to improve CLion The overall quality and stability of the language engine in .
  • The debugger
    • Will continue for Windows Upper Visual Studio C++ Tool chain enhancements are based on LLDB The debugger . The same debugger is also Rider For unreal engine projects , So this work is undertaken by two teams .
    • Plan and test LLDB 14.0 Bound to the CLion in .
  • Embedded development
    • The plan continues what we started earlier Serial Monitor The work of the plug-in .
  • Remote development
    • CLion At present, it has supported remote development function , But there are still many problems to be identified and unsupported C++ Specific workflow , New remote development work is under way within the team , Will also work with JetBrains Remote development team cooperation , Fix these problems in the next release cycle .

After watching CLion Development roadmap for , Are there any features you pay special attention to ? What other features are currently missing but you'd love to join ? You might as well leave a message in the comment area to discuss . It needs to be emphasized that , All the above functions are just a preliminary plan of the team , It may change over time .

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