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Young people who choose to live in a 10 ㎡ RV

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2020 year , When the epidemic gradually subsides , An interview showed that he lived in an RV 3 Harry and poached eggs , The couple who took the initiative to leave the big factory , Return the rented house , On the wheel 12㎡ Of “ home ” stray . When the report came out , Attracted the attention of millions of people across the network . This year, 3 month , We talked with the couple again about the recent situation : They are close to 30 A telecommuting 、 A self-employed neighbor Rest together in the mountains of Zhejiang , Live a sustainable life 、 More security , But there is no lack of daily necessities and anxious life .

Harry and poached eggs and their first generation of self occupied RV

amen 3 Mid month , Because the community is closed , Chongqing guy Ke Weiliang who lives in Shanghai Rented an RV , I'm going to spend the isolation period , I didn't expect to be on the hot search . Shanghai's sealing extended the days on the wheels , He compared this life to “ Street acrobatics surrounded by people ”.

One of the interviewees, kovilian , Driving a rented RV , By the Dishui Lake in Shanghai

One of the interviewees yoyo The RV of

Besides , We also found people familiar with outdoor culture 、 Focus on vanlife Young returnees , And the mother and daughter who practiced RV living in Xinjiang . 

Why do people live in 5~10㎡ In my car ?

room Car life It's like quitting 、 Travel around the world 、 Free and easy without grounding ? 

Listen to these Nomads That's what I'm saying .

One of the interviewees Eric The RV of  

This is Harry's fifth year living in an RV with poached eggs .

2020 When the epidemic had just calmed down in ,“ One ” Come to Guangzhou , Approached the couple's “ Nomadic life ”, They left the big factory , Where the body and mind yearn , Just set off . food 、 live 、 That's ok , Mostly rely on an internal space 12㎡ The RV of , That's home. .

Poached eggs in your RV  

End the short stay in Dali and some “ stray ” after , last year , They're heading for Angie , Live in a digital nomad community .

In the neighborhood , Have the ability to work remotely with South America yeye, Writer Lao Xu , Mobile Cafe Manager Fenny, Former bookstore owner ad , And a bunch of programmers 、 The designer 、 illustrator 、 translate 、 Video producer 、 Home stay operators 、 E-commerce practitioners 、 Owners of small start-ups ……

They once lived in Dali for a short time , melting Into the local community  

The poached egg said , The partners run their own business , freelance , Remote work , According to your biological clock , Enjoy full jet lag freedom .

“ People generally think that , There are far less job opportunities in the countryside than in the city . But the epidemic is coming , The working mode and resource flow are partially reconstructed , More people accept online meetings 、 Course 、 Mixed office . No matter where , Logistics and transportation are becoming more and more developed , Make one ‘ Vagrant ’, It may also maintain income and quality of life .”

In Moganshan, Zhejiang 、 Angie's “ Nomadic communities ” 

2020 In an interview in , The poached egg calculated the account , Two people simplify their material desires , Moon Flower 3000 yuan , Than From nine to five Time is much lower .

Now? , From where they live 2 Kilometers away , There is a small town , The restaurant 、 The supermarket 、 Milk tea 、 There's no shortage of cakes ,“ When you don't cook yourself , You can also go to the town to eat some civilian food , Sometimes it's a whim at night , Drive with some friends to have a midnight meal haidilao , But the overall cost of living is still very low .”

“ Digital nomads ” My office vision  

Watching the sunset at the top of the mountain

There is one kind of digital nomad ‘ Geographic arbitrage ’ That's what I'm saying , Is to earn the same money as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen , Living in a low-cost village . Harry and poached egg now have the most important job , Is to help people who yearn for RV life realize their ideals .

All these years , They keep upgrading their own RV all the way , Gradually improved to meet the needs of eating, drinking, Lasa and washing 、 Can be legally on the road 、 The use of hydropower system is in line with local conditions 、 An RV with comfortable driving and less vibration , Too busy to extend the new model pine series , And adapt them to the needs of different nomads .

RV layout 、 Two types of pine VAN Hydropower capacity and “ Apartment layout diagram ” 

Pine transformed for diving enthusiasts Van(B edition ), Open the back door , Enter the shower

The stove expands from the back door  

Poached eggs for making the bed , This is a pine suitable for parent-child families Van(A edition )

 “ Maybe it's because of the epidemic , These two years Look for me People who change cars , More or less, they are rethinking their future and the direction of life .”

A pair of car owners in Chongqing , Have a strong desire to explore delicious food , But inner cleanliness and social fear , Need a car to act as a means of transportation and “ Safe house ” The RV of . Therefore, the color of the whole vehicle is very dark , Put a lamp in the corner , It's the warmth under the cover . When you get the car , They often park their cars in roadside parking spaces in the old city , Observe the daily life of people coming and going .

One of the entrusted owners tutu Of “ home ”

Some car owners put the piano on the RV

A pair of car owners in Beijing , Once lived in Australia “ A place of no support ” Life in general , Worked in all kinds of jobs , Although the income is not too high , But the demand for materials is also low , Plus good financial management , Still have savings , It's not hard to live .

When they visited Harry and poached eggs , Only one 24 Inch suitcase , It contains all the belongings .“ Beijing girl grew up in a courtyard , Move in only 5 In the car with a living space of square meters , Show an unexpected surprise at size , She said This is really her first home .”

3 month 10 Japan , Harry and poached egg delivered a new RV to a pair of car owners . The car owner is from Shanghai , On the return trip , The epidemic intensified , Just live in the car , Continue to do the sideline just started at the end of last year : Pet products e-commerce . Now? , They sit by the field with several mobile phones every day , Coordinate the supply of goods 、 Do customer service , Come and play with your neighbors . 

Cafe on the wheel

Bookstore on the wheel

Poached eggs and Harry tried to change , Perhaps it is the relocation of the Chinese people . She said , “ Our sense of security , Not through the house . We look for other ways , Maybe it's a skill to settle down 、 adaptability to surroundings , Or the determination to run a small business .”

Now , The epidemic has not subsided yet , But it has little impact on the mountains . Afternoon , They are usually busy in the reconstruction Workshop , At night, I deal with desk work , Write an article 、 Out plan 、 Cut the video 、 Draw the design draft 、 Communicate with the owner , And often bring an adopted dog , Join the neighbors “ Shared office space ”, Work together .

In the work  


Although living in a country RV , But compared with the city , Instead, they enjoy socializing more . Once upon a time, on we media , You can often brush a lot of glittering people , But that's just the appearance , It will cause people's anxiety .“ The charm of offline acquaintance community lies in , It's hard for people to pretend 、 Exaggerate yourself , Everyone's survival logic can be observed , Experience can be verified . Between people , You can trust each other .” The poached egg said .

There are many RV bloggers on the Internet , With a stereotype “ Resignation ”“ travel round the world ” Such as tag , The freedom and beauty of RV life are magnified infinitely , Poached eggs are worried about this , She even received help from bloggers : The view outside the window is good , The road ahead is also confused .

Because I have experienced the hardships of exploration , She knew that , The ideal life cannot be “ Play ” Coming out , The mode of making money while traveling as a blogger is actually very difficult “ sustainable ”.

Yunnan mountains

Nanning market, Guangxi

Poached egg lift , In the countryside of a small town in northern Italy , There are some well-known handmade car customization brands , Has been maintained on a small scale 、 Craftsman like production mode . That's what they're trying to do , Live closer to nature , The industrialized way of life that combines the two front lines of traditional cities , Integration of production and life .

“ Live in your own works every day , More creative and focused .”

No matter where you stay for a long time , They give themselves something else every year 2 A holiday of about three months , Live in another place , Or just travel separately . last year , Harry went to Xinjiang , Drive along the Tarim River , Find a crab farmer near a hidden lake , It was very cheap 、 Crabs more amazing than Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs .

“ Better than ever , Our current state ‘ sustainable ’ 了 , I can manage my hobby as a career , Have a steady income , Again ‘ idle about ’.”

1、 An RV that can legally go on the road , What are the refitting precautions ?

Poached Egg : At present, domestic laws and regulations only change the body color 、 Wheel hub 、 Luggage racks are recordable ( The luggage rack is now within a certain height range and does not need to be recorded ). Don't try to tear down an ordinary vehicle and refit it easily , Subsequent annual inspection or ordered rectification , It may cost more . By watching videos “ Study ” RV transformation , It's also dangerous , Don't try carpentry without professional guidance and protection . Besides , In many modification videos , The first one will be pasted with sound insulation and shock absorber , in fact , The use of anti shock materials is not to paste the whole car, and the leather is full , But most people who take photos and change themselves don't understand the principle of posting this thing , It's done exactly as the gourd painting ladle did , If the first person to do it is not professional , After that, everyone went to “ Study ” People will fall into this strange cycle .

2、 What kind of people are suitable to experience RV life ?

Poached Egg : There's savings 、 A skilled person , Even on the road , Can also continue to earn income .

3、 Living in a domestic RV , You know 、 Adapt to what environment ?

Poached Egg : Most of the RV in foreign countries do not consider using in the underground of the separation camp , However, the number of camps in China is small 、 Expensive price , As a result, most people who really use RV are reluctant to enter the camp . So the design we do is actually a comprehensive solution technology 、 beautiful 、 Life state 、 Local environment 、 statute 、 After sales maintenance of these problems , So that the RV can adapt to the use in various areas .

Probably 3 month 17 Day or so , A message was posted on the microblog hot search ,“ Shanghai Xiaohuo community was closed 14 God , Rent a car for the night ”. 

3 month 29 Japan , The guy who still lives in the RV, kovilian, sent a circle of friends :“ Isolate the listless life , After a period of street acrobatics surrounded by people . The story is not over , Nucleic acid is still doing every day , I just kind of want to go home .” 

3 End of month , Keweiliang suspended the RV by the Dishui Lake in Shanghai

The story begins with 3 month 13 Friday night , Keweiliang returned to the door of the community and found , It's sealed inside , Can't get in . He wants to ,“ Now that you can go back , You can also not go back , I choose not to go back ”. 

Live in the 2 Night after the hotel , He decided to rent an RV . Although I've never spent the night in an RV in the past , But covidian leads a small content production team “ Concave convex big brand ”, Specializing in car related exploration 、 Travel Video , I've been in contact with RV at work . 

last year , Keweiliang also went to the UK on business for nearly half a year , Originally only planned to stay 3 More than a month , But before returning home, I found , Got a new crown . During this time , He learned from an English friend that , When the epidemic prevention restrictions were implemented in London , Many people rent boats on the canal , City “ Stop ” How long? , How long did you stay on the ship ,“ That's interesting .” 

3 month , Covidian drives an RV , Walking through the increasingly quiet Shanghai

3 month 16 Japan , Kovilia got an RV that could accommodate a family of three , Take a bath 、 The hardware equipment for cooking is complete . Because of frequent business trips , He kept some toiletries and clothes in his office , Temporarily put these things together , Enough for daily life . 

Work as usual during the day , The car is parked downstairs of the office . Wait until the end of the night , Take two steps downstairs , Just “ get home ” 了 . When I first checked in , Many friends care about his living conditions . Several colleagues came to visit with food and drink , Congratulations on “ Housewarming ”. 

At first ,” New house “ Just parked under the office

Beyond the excitement , He pays great attention to “ Process justice ”. When wandering outside , Insist on paying your own expenses every day ,“ My neighborhood is sealed off 14 God , Although I don't live at home , But never give society trouble , Each link should comply with the relevant provisions of the epidemic prevention department .” 

Further back , More and more people live at home , The office building is also closed . Keweiliang after work , Help some friends who stay at home and can't buy food for the time to send supplies . Actually , He also has his own trouble , Although living on a seemingly mobile vehicle , But parking and water and electricity supply are big problems . 

This RV is tall 3.3 rice , Exceeding the height limit of most underground garages in Shanghai , Can only stop on the ground . On the road, it's relatively free , Except for some tunnels , You can basically go to other places .

Charging is not difficult , The body has a national standard slow charging swivel and plug . Besides , This car is a hybrid of oil and electricity , Can charge while driving , An hour or two is full of . Covidian doesn't have pots and pans , No electric stove , Daily take out , No need to cook , So when fully charged , It can last three or five days . 

Days on the RV

It's more difficult , It's water replenishment . This RV comes with three water tanks , Clean water tank for cooking 、 Drinking , The grey water tank is used for washing , Black water tank for toilet use , common 150 l . But take a bath , The water tank is about to bottom out , So kovilia had to fill the RV with water every day .“ More people use RV abroad , Therefore, the thickness of the faucet and the size of the swivel are relatively uniform , But at home , Even the RV camp , Many specifications do not match , Some trouble .” 

Continue to pay attention to hydropower stock

After a few days looking for water 、 After the day of looking for a parking space , He knows from his friends , There is an open RV camp near Dishui Lake .3 month 23 Japan , After arriving at the camp , The toughest problem was solved . 

There is no one by the open dripping Lake , But it can Point to Take-out food , Nucleic acid detection sites are also open to the public . Time out of work , Kovilia reads , Or looking at the lake for a while . Although in the rainy morning , He will still be awakened by the sound of raindrops hitting the skylight , But the days finally calmed down . 

A quiet life didn't last for a few days . When he learned the news of the closure of the river , Not only can't stay in the RV camp , There's no time to return the car 、 Go back to Puxi's home . At this time , The most difficult problem to solve is how to eat : No takeout , There are no pots and pans . 

For a whole week , by instant noodles After sending , Under the guidance of his friends , Go to the village on the outskirts of the city for shelter , Do nucleic acid with the villagers every day , Also rely on local farmers to solve the daily diet and the replenishment and charging of RV . Idle , He continued to use the camera to record farming work and spring river water heating . 

“ Warm duck in spring ”

After living in an RV for about three weeks , Early April , Covidian is over “ nomadic ”, Park your car in front of a rental point , Borrowed it from a friend ,“ Tired of staying in the RV , At least you can eat better now ”. 

He shared this experience on the Internet , Received some questions . Regret choosing an RV from my isolation ? We asked .“ No regret , Although very tossed , But it's a rare experience . It seems to start with the epidemic , I'm often in ‘ retrograde ’ state .” 

2020 year 2 month , When the epidemic in Wuhan is quite dangerous , Covidian used to be a volunteer , Drive from Shanghai to Wuhan , Delivered a batch of materials for the shelter Hospital . His idea is , If there's a chance to do something , Then you should stand up , To do . 

“ Some netizens said I was an unstable element , but 3 End of month 、4 At the beginning of , Every law enforcement officer I met on the road , In understanding the situation 、 After seeing my nucleic acid report , Didn't embarrass me . I didn't argue too much with the netizens who questioned , After all , I have embraced a little more spring in Shanghai .” 

20 year 2 month , Prepare to deliver materials to Wuhan

At the beginning of the year , Keweiliang's team took over some overseas shooting projects , So whether in an RV , still Friend's house in , He works remotely with his partners . He felt really lucky , With these projects , The team won't stop work , And income . 

Under the blue sky ” Snow mountain “

When living in an RV , one day , He put the quilt under the skylight , Stacked into the shape of a snow mountain , Step back A few steps , Imagine being in a truly vast nature . 

That's about three weeks since he , The original meaning of living without an RV , The closest moment . 

yoyo The RV life under the lens , It's like 《 Little forest 》 The picture in the movie : Midsummer or midwinter , Beside the rolling wheat fields or under the flying snow , Daughter Xiao Xi with a ball head , Or reading or watching the scenery or playing with dolls ……

Driving the RV , Go to see the spring and autumn, winter and summer in Xinjiang

This RV is yoyo Personally involved in the transformation of , Her hands-on ability has always been strong . More than 10 years ago , See a picture of Blythe Pictures of Dolls , I was fascinated by the sprouting state of big head and big eyes , So collect all the information , Indulge in making all kinds of small clothes for Dolls 、 Accessories , Then take a good picture .

in the course of time , She became a full-time designer of baby clothes , Drum beating clothes , Also thinking about miniature furniture scenes . Daughter Xiaoxi this year 8 year , It's very consistent with my mother's preferences , I also like playing with dolls .

Besides , Three members of a family living in Urumqi also like the good mountains and water in their hometown , Love to travel 、 Camping 、 outdoors . Xinjiang is vast and sparsely populated , There is an RV as a means of transportation for outdoor travel , Will be more convenient .

Last summer, ,yoyo Spent half a year studying all kinds of RV 、 Go to the auto show , But I'm not very satisfied with the layout of the finished RV , Finally decided to refit themselves .

And Mr 、 My daughter travels , The requirement for space size is relatively low . So she chose a smaller model 、 Through the chase with better sex V90, Long axis high top . Refit to 2 Months , The tough car turned into a warm cabin .

There are many windows in the whole car , It allows three people to see the scenery from any angle . The kitchen and bed take up more space , Xiao Xi can help her mother cook , I also like to sit in bed , Looking at a green or snow-white in a daze .

yoyo say , The cost of buying and refitting the car is about 24 All around ,“ Because it's the first modification , There are many imperfections , But in use , The RV is slowly improving .”

Xiao Xi is going to school , A family can only travel during holidays , Because of the epidemic , Can't go too far .

But every time we set out , For Xiao Xi , It's the best natural education . In the scenic jiangbulake , The whole family wakes up in different places every day , Climb the mountain when you get up 、 Picking mushrooms , Herding sheep with herdsmen 、 milk .

In the early growing farm of wheat field , Xiao Xi looked at the horizon for a while, like white clouds in the animation scene , Go back and take a picture of your mother .

Early summer mountain , The little girl stepped into the stream in her rain shoes , Have fun joy ; Sometimes I travel with my friends , Mother set up a tent under the tree , The girls are lying in hammocks , Play while reading ……

Xiao Xi enjoys RV life very much , Because the journey is happy , Daily inconveniences , It's no longer a problem .

“ My daughter likes to have close contact with nature very much , I know many animals and plants in the wild . While she doesn't have much homework now , Try to walk into the green mountains and waters as much as possible . And I'm , From these shining scenes , Inspired . Baby clothes design , It's something that needs imagination and childlike innocence , Relax at work , The effect is good .”

The daughter also exercised her practical skills such as storage from RV travel .“ The interior space is small , It's important to take things and put them back , She's doing well now , Can sort things out . What unexpected situation happened on the road , For example, the road condition is bad , Or if you encounter a height limit pole, you have to go around a long way , She is also willing to actively think of ways , Solve the problem together .”

The preparations before departure are not complicated , Most of the items in the car are placed , As long as you have enough electricity 、 Fill up with water 、 To prepare Good ingredients , Can embark on a journey . For nutritional balance ,yoyo Will prepare some semi-finished food , And design recipes in advance .

night , The whole family goes to the movies , Yes Time meeting Invite children from nearby herdsmen's homes , Everyone is hanging in the curtain of stars , Into another dream together .

2018 year , Before starting a work project in the United States ,Eric With friends Ian Driving a Campervan (camper van), Traveled through the cities and wilderness of Oregon , That was their first time “ RV travel ”. Every year thereafter , They all have to spare a month to go on the road .

“ For me , Driving a Campervan , Instead of focusing on the wheels every day , But an outdoor leisure way close to nature (vanlife).”Eric say .

Driving a camper , Look at the city and the countryside

Before the outbreak ,Eric and Ian Often take a group to the United States “ Fireman Festival ”, 

The interval before the opening is their stay on the fixed wheel

For those who think RV is “ Flaunt wealth ” People of ,Eric Will patiently do popular science :“ RV includes 4 There are two basic types , Luxurious A Levels of car , For special purposes C Levels of car , Trailer RV featuring off-road , But our focus is on campervans , It still belongs to what most people discuss 、 Close to the life of ordinary people B Class RV .”

On the road , Campervans are not conspicuous  

So when asked to have B How difficult is it for a class RV , He answered simply :“ It's not hard , Even the car is refitted , Spend on 25 ten thousand ~40 ten thousand . All premises , It's just that there's a car , Now many people have a car , Isn't it normal ?”

Bodywork THE ALFA Is the name of the studio for two , 

Cars are tools , Outdoor is the purpose  

But he also knows , As a kind of “ Widely used ” The way of life , Many people in China are still very unfamiliar with campervans .Eric It is also in constant exploration that we gradually understand :

“ The Campervan we explored , And outdoor life 、 Sports are closely linked . If the outdoors continues in the United States 5 generation , Then in Japan it is 3 Take your place , And we are the first in China 0 generation , The reason why it is not the first generation , Because you think about , skiing 、 Rock Climbing 、 Mountaineering , Few of us are talking to our father 、 My brother studies , But learn from the coach , We are a generation of explorers .”

Eric Is an outdoor sports enthusiast  

In the process of slowly groping ,Eric and Ian Decided to start refitting ordinary campervans in China , Explain to people , What's the matter .

2020 After the outbreak in , Flow block , They are more focused on refitting , At the same time, the small refitted car factory is located on the outskirts of Beijing , While doing a full-time job , To feed your hobbies .

at present , look for Eric A refitted car owner , There are mainly two kinds of people , One is to see campervans as a cultural player , They will discuss modification technology ; The second type only uses the car as a travel tool , Especially during the epidemic , Take the children out , More secure , There is also less risk of isolation .

Eric And Ian Transformed campervans have to be drawn 、 Modeling process

Eric、Ian Transformed campervans and their owners  

“ Similar to Japan , Our Chinese Campervan logic , Not driving outdoors for exercise , But in the suburbs 、 There is a home in the country , Can solve problems that cannot be solved in the city .”

but Eric hope , Campervans can give people more “ The power of the outdoors ”. He introduced us to , National parks are places where people get close to the wilderness , It's an American invention , And leisure comes to nature , It's a way for them to build cultural confidence , natural , It's their “ The church ”, People there have also formed a household appearance , Go outdoors from time to time , It's good to get healing , It's good to vent your excess energy , You have to find something to do , Skate 、 Rock Climbing 、 surfing , These movements slowly take shape , Think back , But also 50 many years .

On the road  

“ I study abroad 、 Work , Then travel , At first , Curious about everything , Later, I hope to go to places that are inaccessible , Iceland and even Antarctica .” Yes Eric Come on , Campervans are not another “ home ”, It's a way to get close to the outdoors .

In an article many years ago ,Eric Divide people into two attributes : Farmers and sailors , The farmer followed the rules , Sailors are more romantic . later , He had a chance to stay on an ocean going ship for a while , Only to find that the means of transportation are different , People have very different perspectives .

Eric The south pole under the lens  

“ Transportation is extremely important , Driving a Campervan into nature , People may be more confident , As romantic as a sailor . Of course, I know now , The life of a sailor is not so romantic , But it does correspond to a stable routine , That's a richer choice .” 

1、 What exactly is an RV ?

Eric: There is... Under the RV A、B、C、 There are four types of trailer , if A It's a five-star hotel , that C It is an economical chain hotel ,B Type B is a home stay , More personalized . It looks like a van B Type of rv , Also called Campervan , The lifestyle behind it , That's what we hear so often Vanlife.

2、 What kind of people are suitable to experience RV life ?

Eric: First , Have a very clear self-awareness , Know what kind of space you are most comfortable in , I also know what to do when I go out in an RV , After all, 5~10㎡ In the space , People must make choices about life . Secondly, you should have certain outdoor skills , If you want everything to be bought 、 Ready made , That's probably not going to be a good experience .

3、 At home , Has the group of RV travelers expanded in recent years ?

Eric: The more mature a thing is 、 The more convincing , The more people will come to experience . If people always think , This is a trip around the world after resigning , I've always suspected that the cost of refitting is unattainable , See it as something out of reach , Then the group is difficult to expand . Rather than expanding the group , It's better to say , Whether the industry is more transparent 、 Whether it is really told .

Pictures provided by interviewees

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