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Why do more and more online stores choose customer service outsourcing? Is it better to hire customer service or outsource customer service?

2022-05-07 17:11:15Wind and water rise

For Taobao online store , Customer service is an essential position , Customer service is also the key link for online stores to improve the conversion rate . So here comes the question , Customer service outsourcing has developed with the development of e-commerce industry , It has become the choice of many shopkeepers . At this time, the shopkeeper will consider self-employed customer service , Or find customer service outsourcing . Wangmeng Xiaobian thinks that each has its own advantages and disadvantages , The main thing is that the shopkeeper makes a choice according to the actual situation .

 Why more and more online stores choose customer service outsourcing ? Is it better to hire customer service or outsource customer service ?

1、 Self employed customer service

Because the threshold of customer service is relatively low , The customer service hired by the shopkeeper is generally difficult to find a professional , So shopkeepers need their own training and supervision , But also because of this, for the problems encountered by customer service in their work , You can also understand and solve the optimization problem at the first time . And the customer service they recruit is more loyal , Only do the task of your own store , It can also better adapt to the growth of the store .

But if you have no experience in self employed customer service , It takes a lot of cost and energy to spend on training , And also adjust the relevant customer service management system and training materials . Plus the customer service company is boring , The shopkeeper will be faced with a well-trained customer service staff , Worked for a month or two , Because the customer service work is too boring to do , So the shopkeeper has to recruit customer service again .

2、 Customer service outsourcing

Compared with self-employed customer service , The cost of customer service outsourcing is lower , If you choose customer service outsourcing, you don't need to consider office costs 、 equipment 、 Customer service training and other costs can also be saved . The shopkeeper can also choose the corresponding professional customer service according to the service scope of the store . The customer service of customer service outsourcing companies have a lot of practical experience , It can better solve customers' problems , So as to improve the service quality of the store , Increase conversion rate .

But more and more customer service outsourcing companies appear , Make the outsourcing market mixed , So when choosing customer service outsourcing , We need to understand the situation of outsourcing companies , Look at their company's qualifications 、 management 、 Training system and other issues , I understand , Combined with the actual situation of the store , Consider whether to choose customer service outsourcing .

The above is what Wangmeng Xiaobian learned , I hope it will be of some help to you . If you want to know more, you can comment or write a private letter , You can also pay attention to Shanghai Wangmeng where Xiaobian is located , Shanghai Wangmeng is a high-quality service provider focusing on customer service outsourcing service , You can also provide customer service outsourcing related services .

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