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Outsourcing "demonized"? Should programmers consider outsourcing companies?

2022-05-07 17:11:52cool breeze

not long ago , My college roommate who hasn't been in touch for a long time came to mordu on a business trip , Take this opportunity to call on two or three friends in the past , We had a drink together , In the middle of a toast , I learned that my college roommate started a business with his friends this year , After many years, finally from the outsourcing company , Become a “ regular employee ”, End your life 6 Outsourcing trip in .

Talk about the experience of these years , My friend can't help sighing , I thought that entering outsourcing after graduation was just a springboard , It's easier to get into a profession than to change one , When you really want to get out of this circle , But I found myself powerless .

 By “ Demonize ” Outsourcing of ? Whether programmers should consider outsourcing companies ?

indeed , In the world of programmers , Outsourcing programmers always seem to be an awkward role , Although in the same company , But enjoy different treatment , Sometimes , Even the work card is different , There are differences everywhere .

But even so , There are still a large number of people heading down this road .


A man in the air

We usually understand that outsourcing is that some companies hand over some non core businesses to organizations or individuals , These non core businesses often have many people who can do , And the quality is almost the same .

And in big factories , It is these people who are responsible for a large part of the work , Although in the same environment as others , But they have a special label on them : Outsourcers . Under the aura of the big factory , They seem to have only shadows here , Like a group of “ A man in the air ”.

Not only different identities , There are many gaps between the treatment and all aspects of outsourcing employees and regular employees , No travel allowance , Overtime pay is different , Sometimes , Even the color of the work card is different .

 By “ Demonize ” Outsourcing of ? Whether programmers should consider outsourcing companies ?

Outsourcers are just like... In an enterprise “ shadow ” commonly , You haven't got your own identity yet . Although there is a chance to become a regular after assessment , But the passing rate is not very high .

Some people persist until they become regular , And more people , At work 2、3 After year , Job hopping into a small company , Or change a place to continue your outsourcing journey .


Those programmers engaged in outsourcing

How did it develop later ?

Here, let's talk about the author's college classmate Xiao A The story of , Small A Is a JAVA Development Engineer , The work has been 6 Year time , Graduated from the most common undergraduate college in the two books , Because universities are generally , After graduation, I entered an outsourcing company , Changed back and forth 4 An outsourcing company , Finally resigned this year , Pull a friend to start a business .

Small A The first and second companies are Huawei's outsourcing companies , The third company chose a startup , The fourth is outsourcing in foreign enterprises .

Small A say , At first, there was no sense of belonging , At the beginning, it was Huawei's on-site outsourcing , I worked very hard at that time , There are a lot of colleagues who do outsourcing with me , Although there is a chance to change careers , But the passing rate is not high . At that time, the most unbalanced point in my heart , It's salary , Looking at the welfare of others is so good , High year-end bonus , After all, I feel a little uncomfortable .

 By “ Demonize ” Outsourcing of ? Whether programmers should consider outsourcing companies ?

But fortunately, , The members of the project team are very easy to get along with , Small A Also feel more contact with good platforms , Your development will not be bad , therefore , Even if you can't become a regular , Small A Also continued to persist in outsourcing companies , Fortunately , Several years of large-scale project trading experience , Become an endorsement of his career , He also provided himself with project experience and contacts .

In this year , Small A Start a business with a friend , The outsourcing experience of previous years has become the basis of his current project management , The question of whether to regret outsourcing , Small A Express ,

Everyone has different opportunities , It mainly depends on what your essential goal is .


Whether to choose to enter outsourcing ?

Many programmers with a bit of professional ideals respect outsourcing , Not only because there are differences in treatment , More from psychological resistance , But when we stretch the plate , Compare the outsourcing personnel of large factories with the regular employees of small enterprises , At this time , Outsourcers highlight his advantages .

There are two sides to everything , For those who have just graduated , Or for newcomers who have not graduated from the computer industry , Outsourcing is viewed from three perspectives , It's a good springboard .

1) The threshold of outsourcing is low

For newcomers who have graduated from non science classes , The threshold of outsourcing is lower than that of regular employees , It provides opportunities for newcomers with insufficient education and experience to enter the industry or large factories .

2) Multi style business items

Outsourcing takes over a wide range of projects , New people get more training , Under high pressure , Newcomers can accumulate experience in completing basic development more quickly , Quickly familiar with the process of completing the project .

3) Resume of big factory

Although it's just the outsourcing of big factories , But only the front one title It can also make the gold content of our resume higher to a higher level , There are only a few top Internet companies , Than a small company whose name is unknown , Be able to write the name of a large company on your resume in the next interview , Will look more powerful .

 By “ Demonize ” Outsourcing of ? Whether programmers should consider outsourcing companies ?

4) Fast technology improvement

I've heard many friends who used to work in big factories say , The inspection of outsourcing projects by large factories is very strict , Therefore, every outsourcer must set high standards for himself , So under high pressure , Every project completed , Testers often have a qualitative leap in their skills .

Therefore, the choice of outsourcing positions , You can 't do the same , But according to your own needs , Look at selectivity from a development perspective .

such as , You want to change careers when you graduate IT, But there is not much relevant experience before , Or the educational background of my family is so poor , At this time, you can choose to outsource .

In fact, as long as it's not a big factory , The gold content of work experience in small companies is almost the same , During the interview, the real decision is whether to hire or whether the field is appropriate , How about the project experience . A bright project is much more important than whether it was born out of outsourcing .


At the end

In fact, the topic of whether to engage in outsourcing , For many programmers , It is indeed a choice often faced , About whether entering outsourcing has a future , The author thinks , Whether outsourcing or regular staff , As long as you stand at the tip of the pyramid , It's all in demand .

If you are still young , There is no other suitable offer, You can choose to enter the outsourcing gold plating , For new people , Familiar with the process and delivery specifications , Many outsourcing companies are also doing well , This is precisely what some small and medium-sized companies lack . Of course, how to choose depends mainly on personal needs .

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