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Under the tide of transformation and drama making, did the film company make money?

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a 《 The door of rebirth 》 Ignited the long silent suspense drama market .

Rapidly fermenting word of mouth 、 The high degree of discussion made the show hot , It has topped many lists for many days . The main producer behind this play is Ali film , Also with this popular play back to the stage .

in fact , In recent years, many head film companies have made similar moves with them . Under the superposition effect of film and television cold winter and COVID-19 , Many head film companies choose to use dramas 、 Online film and other content businesses as a way to share the pressure of film business . Especially in the past two years , Many companies are making a big push in the field of new content , Focus on layout .

It happened that some time ago, all companies sent 21 Annual report , We might as well take this opportunity , See how these leading companies that once dominated the film market are doing in the non film content business .

Inventory is full , Seven companies have nearly 30 dramas to be broadcast

We according to the 21 Annual report and cat's eye 、 Lighthouse public information , Yes Wanda movie Huayi Brothers 、 Light media 、 The Chinese film 、 Hengdian film and television 、 Ali pictures, 、 Cat eye entertainment Seven listed film companies since 2021 It has briefly combed the business situation of the series since . according to an uncompleted statistic , In more than a year , Seven companies have released about 40 drama projects and more than 10 online movies , The stock of dramas has also reached nearly 30 .

Wanda movie

Wanda film is one of the first film companies to set foot in the drama business , stay 2016 After the wholly-owned acquisition of new media products, a TV drama production company, stable output of content .

21 During the annual report period , The company's Wanda film and television and new media sincere products participate in and broadcast drama projects include 《 Mom is waiting for you 》《 The bugler is in place 》《 Song with Jun 》《 The wild goose returns to the west window moon 》《 dear Parents 》《 love at first sight 》《 Dear children 》《 A thought of time 》8 works . One of them 《 The bugler is in place 》《 Song with Jun 》《 Dear parents 》 The star projects represented by have received good heat feedback .

At present, Wanda film has released more dramas in stock 《 The most brilliant of us 》《 Thank you, doctor 》《 The law of love 》《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》4 A new work . overall , In the film company, Wanda's production ability is still strong , Have the capacity of the head project .

2020 year , When the cinema market is impacted by the epidemic , The TV series business revenue of Wanda film alleviates some of the pressure of the film , The proportion of revenue once exceeded that of films . But in the 21 In, with the recovery of the film market and the decline of TV series business revenue , The annual revenue of TV series business is only 6.7 Billion , Revenue accounts for 5.38%, Films produced are lower than those released 7.73% Revenue share .

( Picture source : Wanda movie 21 The annual report )

Huayi Brothers

Huayi, after stripping its heavy asset business, will focus on film and television content again , In the case of insufficient number of main film control projects last year , Huayi's drama section, which has been arranged for many years, has become the support of content revenue again .

according to 21 Annual report , Huayi aired last year 《 List of looted treasures in the antique Bureau 》《 Spring comes to pillow the Star River 》《 North frog and south pole 》《 Rouge debt 》《 Meow meow 》《 Kuiba's youmi madness 》6 Series , Which is directed by Feng Xiaogang 、 Made by Huayi 《 North frog and south pole 》 And the main investment 《 List of looted treasures in the antique Bureau 》 Breakdown of the top two incomes of Huayi project , More than the same year 《 Order of serving God 》《 The future of midsummer 》《 Warm embrace 》3 movie .

In terms of revenue , Of the overall film and television entertainment business 21 Annual revenue is 12.33 Billion , a 20 Year on year decline 5.82%. Among them, the total income of the top five works is 6.52 One hundred million yuan , Accounts for all content revenue 46.59%.

( Picture source : Huayi Brothers 21 The annual report )

Huayi, who has tasted the sweetness in the drama field, also has 6 Stock to be broadcast , by 《 The sentencing 》《 Police Eagle 》《 The lost child 》《 Our Southwest Associated University 》《 Yanshan sect and Baihua sect 》《 Northeast shift students 》.

Light media

In the main business , Film has always been a major contributor to light revenue , In contrast, the drama business has developed for a short time , At present, the projects that have been broadcast are also relatively limited . Last year there were only 《 The mountains and rivers are bright in the moon 》《 Cloud top tiangong 》 Two episodes produced by huanrui and the main cast starring Ren min 、 Release an online play 《 Can't look directly at 》3 The revenue of this work is recognized , And a CO produced online play 《 Hate you not like jianglouyue 》 Broadcast online .

This is also directly reflected in the revenue , stay 2021 year , The total revenue of light is 11.67 Billion , Among them, the proportion of film revenue 78%, TV plays account for only 9.15%, Both the revenue and the proportion of revenue shrank compared with the previous year .

( Picture source : Light media 21 The annual report )

However, the repertoire of light is still very substantial , Published in the annual report are 《 Mountain and river Pillow 》《 Spring feast 》《 Fu Yuan 》《 Dali Temple Shaoqing tour 》《 Her little pear 》《 My appointment list 》《 If one day I die alone 》《 Nineteen years of murder 》《 Lighting store 》9 A new play .

The Chinese film

China film is also a head company with cinema related business as the absolute core , Last year with 《 Changjin Lake 》《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 Such as the good market performance of the head project , The revenue level of the creative sector has increased significantly , Compared with the same period of the previous year 250.45%, The gross profit margin also increased 36.7%.

And drama creation exists as a supplementary business of China film creation , Last year there was 《 Secret love · Orange grows in Huainan 》《 If you are well, it will be sunny 》《 The legend of the Grand Hotel 》《 Xiangshan leaves are red 》《 Love is boundless 》5 This work is on the star or broadcast on the network platform .

Hengdian film and television

Through equity acquisition , Hengdian film and television gradually expanded its main business territory to the upper reaches of the industrial chain last year , Realized the transformation from cinema company to film company . In this year , Hengdian's several companies specialize in dramas 、 A subsidiary of online movies 、 Sun also contributed new projects to the Hengdian content sector .

According to the annual report information and public information , At present, Hengdian subsidiary and its subsidiaries have 《 Ask questions 》《 Huakaishan Township 》《 Palace Ci of the Song Dynasty 》《 White jade thought flawless 》《 I live next door 》5 The play was broadcast smoothly , And then there is 《 Elaine's love story 》《 Painted skin 》《 Endless storm 》《 Mortal heroes 》 etc. 14 The main or participating online movie is online , Sufficient content capacity .

Among them, the online film invested by sun Baipin film and television 《 Endless storm 》 To obtain the 3363.2 Ten thousand points box office , Rank 21 The second runner up of online film in the whole year .

Under the positive layout of Hengdian film and television , It can be seen that the revenue of its film and television production and distribution business has also been greatly improved ,21 Annual revenue amounted to 2.27 Billion , Year on year increase over the previous year 374.07%, The gross profit margin has also increased 75.77%, The effect of expanding business is remarkable . But in it , It's obviously from Hengdian film 《 Give you a little red flower 》《 Hello , Li Huanying 》《 Bear haunt · Wild continent 》《 my sister 》 The outstanding performance of cinemas and other films has contributed major revenue to the company .

Ali pictures,

Ali film is an enterprise that pays more attention to the drama content business among Internet film companies , In addition to the extensive layout of high-quality drama projects, they are also going deep into the upper reaches of the industry with self-made dramas .

Since the beginning of last year, Ali film has released 《 A witty first half 》《 Today is not the last day 》《 Hello , inquisitor 》《 feats 》《 The door of rebirth 》《 The coolest world 》《 Have you in this life 》7 Drama project , Including 《 Hello , inquisitor 》《 feats 》《 Have you in this life 》 Such a successful high-quality project , Also have 《 The door of rebirth 》 This kind of online drama that has become a popular online drama .

At present, Ali film still has 《 Chi Dao 》《 Forensic Qin Mingzhi's mind reader 》《 How are you? , My orange lover 》《 Hello , yesterday 》《 Half city flower rain accompanies you to leave 》《 Lighter and princess skirt 》 And many other films, including self-made dramas and in-depth participation in the content reserve , Overall, it is in a rising period .

Cat eye entertainment

Cat's eye has made frequent efforts in the content sector in recent years , In addition to spreading a net in the field of cinema films , Also quickly to the show 、 Online movies and other categories stretch out their tentacles , Before that, there have been many dramas that participated in the investment .

21 So far this year , The cat's eye participated in the production of 《 What a lie 》《 Miss crow and Mr. lizard 》《 Palace Ci of the Song Dynasty 》《 Hello , Sharpshooter 》《 leverage 》5 The series has been successfully broadcast . There is also an online movie 《 The king of barbecue 》 Has been in 21 year 11 month 12 Day online , Tencent video's open split box office is 1526.5 ten thousand , It belongs to the upper middle level .

Most of the other non film reserve projects of cat's eye are still in preparation 、 Propulsion status , Including the development and production of cat's eye 《 Out of court · Drowner 》《 Out of court · Blind area 》 Two upcoming episodes , as well as 《 Talented chess player 》《 Women are those who please themselves 》《 Not satisfied 》《 I haven't held her down yet 》《 Ask Dan Zhu 》《 King of hot pot 》 And many other dramas with multiple themes 、 Online movie works .

The show is hot , It's easier to get in than to shine

overall , These head film companies expand their content business through three main ways .

One is like Wanda movie 、 Hengdian film and television specializes in dramas through acquisition 、 Online film related production companies to supplement the company's business territory .

The second is to enter the drama business with the main creator of deep binding or the company as the starting point , Such as Huayi and Feng Xiaogang 、 Guan Hu's close cooperation with seven impressions , As well as the related drama projects of huanrui, a joint-stock company invested by Guangguang, and the drama of Ren Min, an artist under Guangguang .

Third, as a supplement to the company's overall business , Such as Zhongying 、 Ali pictures, 、 Cat's eye and bona pictures, which previously created the first series .

The market performance achieved by the same layout direction is also very different .

Compared with companies that made great efforts after the epidemic , Wanda films and Huayi Brothers, which have crossed the border earlier, have more sufficient market experience and production capacity , Ali pictures, which is catching up, has finally reaped new hot money in the field of self-made dramas 《 The door of rebirth 》.

But the remaining companies obviously need more sufficient precipitation and accumulation . For example, the light has passed through the main control in the past two years 、 A large amount of inventory has been accumulated by means of investment , But the number of projects broadcast is still relatively limited . Cat eye has participated in a large number of high-quality dramas before , Relatively in self-control 、 There is still room for improvement in the main control projects . Bona pictures is in the first water test series 《 In the sun 》 Then have a taste , Continue to focus on cinema film creation . Another example is Hengdian film and television , While entering the drama market , Also passing “ Short and smooth ” Online movie projects to supplement revenue .

This has led to the fact that the content layout results of most of these companies have not been fully reflected in the revenue level . At present, among these seven companies , The series 、 Online film business is still difficult to be used as a supporting business segment , Like in 21 Huayi Brothers, the most outstanding show in the annual report , The bigger factor is the lack of film business segment .

Of course , For these “ Transformation and upgrading ” For film companies , There are also some objective obstacles to the layout of the show , For example, the company lacks experience in drama production 、 The rate of high-quality products is low 、 Fierce market competition and even project hoarding risk , Will affect the development process of the drama business . I'm afraid that's why Hengdian 、 Cat's Eye 、 Wanda 、 Huayi and other leading film companies have not given up the layout of online films while expanding their drama business . After all , This is a lower risk content option .

For now , In the short term, it is difficult for head film companies to rely on non film content business , Even in most cases, it is not enough to share the risks of the film business . Walking on two legs is a beautiful vision , It takes a long time to grow up behind this . Of course , For the long-term development of the company , The positive significance of expanding the content business territory is bound to outweigh the negative .

Just for the current head film company , Far water cannot save near fire , I'm afraid the fundamental problem can only be solved by the recovery of the film market .

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