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[prize collection] my dialogue with my mother's soul | the daily life of empty nest youth

2022-05-07 17:21:3436kr

Is the last glory of spring , It is also the first glory of summer . The second Sunday in May , It is a small window for us to express our maternal love .

Far away from home , We who live and work alone in the first and second tier cities , Many times, they are still emotionally bound with their parents , Whether you're sick, drink plenty of water , It's still cold to wear autumn pants , Whether you feel happy or helpless , It's all happiness .

As mother's Day approaches , The real house purchase plan invites you to share # I talk to my mother's soul .

Share your story , Let love , One more degree .

Participate in the way : Take a screenshot of the most unforgettable wechat chat record between you and your mother 、 Or text to us , There is no limit to the number of words ,( Pay attention to the official number of real house purchase plan , Send your work by private mail backstage ) Whether it's funny 、 Tender , It even makes you suspect that it's not your own , Everything is OK !

By the time :2022.5.8. 13:00

example :

We will randomly select... According to the content , Published in the real house purchase plan WeChat official account ( WeChat number : Real home buying plan Hifuture_life ) And a mysterious gift . 

Instructions for participation

One 、 Award methods and standards :

This award-winning activity adheres to the principle of fairness and openness , The winning list is randomly selected from all participating users .

The selected works will be published on wechat : Tweet about real home buying plans , Participants please pay attention to WeChat number : Real home buying plan , To view the . 

Two 、 Prize distribution instructions :

Please add Xiaoqi Superman wechat to the selected person ( Xiaoqi Superman wechat :Anyway_36kr, Fill in the correct personal information in time , In order to get in touch with you , Complete the award .

If the winning user does not reply within three days after receiving the private letter , It will be regarded as giving up automatically .

Because of the epidemic , The prize will be distributed after the activity team returns to work normally .

3、 ... and 、 important clause :

Only original content is allowed to participate in the activity , No carrying 、 Plagiarism .

Participate in this activity , On behalf of you, you agree to authorize the release of your screenshot .

Xiaoqi Superman wechat

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