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[retail circulation weekly report] eight retail circulation stocks were listed in the "pre delisting" list by the SEC; Baiguoyuan and Hongjiu fruits hit the "first share of fruit retail"; Suning Tesco was "ST"

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This week, (4 month 30 Japan -5 month 6 Japan ),8 Shares in retail circulation are listed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Included “ Pre delisting ” list , Respectively A lot of spelling JD.COM Gathering Vipshop Treasure statue of electricity Dada The group 、 Man Gang The group 、 China Express . The reason is that it is impossible to check the audit documents of these companies , And ask these companies to 5 month 25 A few days ago, I submitted my defense .

Regarding this , JD.COM On 5 "The announcement said , The company has been actively exploring possible solutions , We will continue to abide by relevant laws and regulations of China and the United States , And if conditions permit , Keep the company in NASDAQ Market and the listing status of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange . Vipshop Same day response : Market developments will be monitored and all strategic options evaluated , And strive to maintain the company's status as a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange . China Express Dada The group 、 Man Gang The group and others also expressed their positions one after another , Has been actively seeking possible solutions .

Besides , Focus this week on “ The May Day ” Holiday retail circulation data released ; All highway toll stations temporarily closed across the country are cleared ; A hundred orchards 、 Hongjiu fruit impact “ The first share of fruit retail ”; Yonghui supermarket The store is expected to open nearly this year 60 home . As follows :

E-commerce news :

JD.COM The response was listed by the United States “ Pre delisting list ”: If conditions permit , Maintain the listing status of China and the United States

5 month 5 Japan , JD.COM Be beautiful SEC( Securities and Exchange Commission ) Included “ Pre delisting list ” The matter was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange . JD.COM Express , The group has been actively exploring possible solutions , We will continue to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of China and the United States , And if conditions permit , Keep the company in NASDAQ Market and the listing status of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange .

Announcement shows that , JD.COM Think SEC It's based on HFCAA And its implementation rules , namely SEC Think JD.COM Used. Currently, it cannot be used by PCAOB( American public company accounting oversight board ) Examination papers issued by the audit institution 2021 Audit report for fiscal year . according to HFCAA Regulations , Only for three consecutive years SEC Determine that the use has not been PCAOB The audit institution that reviews the audit draft issues an annual audit report , Listed companies will be delisted on the American exchange .


Meituan :“ The May Day ” During the holiday, the number of takeout orders in Beijing increased by more than 30%

Meituan takeout ,5 month 1 solstice 3 Japan , Compared with the same period last year, the order volume of catering takeout in Beijing has increased by more than 30% , among “ City wide delivery ” Orders rose by more than 40% month on month .

Alibaba Wang Shuai sent a document , Suspicious side response “ Ma Mou ” Hearsay

5 month 3 Japan , Alibaba partner 、 Wang Shuai, chairman of the marketing public relations committee, posted a microblog , Suspected side response “ Ma Mou 、 Ma ” Hearsay ,“ Wang mou , Wang XX . Wang is me , Wang is not me . I think about who I am every day , Where am I from , Where to go? ”.

According to previous CCTV news reports ,4 month 25 Japan , Hangzhou National Security Bureau Hangzhou National Security Bureau took criminal coercive measures against Ma, a person suspected of engaging in activities endangering national security . And then , The report will “ Ma Mou ” Correction to “ Ma ”, The man 1985 Born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province , Now he is the manager of R & D Department of a technology Co., Ltd .

Shen NANPENG's shareholding ratio in meituan has increased from 3.98% Down to 3.19%

5 month 3 Daily news , According to the disclosure of equity information of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Independent non executive director of meituan 、 Shen NANPENG, founding managing partner of Sequoia Capital , Successively in 4 month 27 Day and 4 month 29 Japan , Co sold 4295.72 Wangu meituan , Cash out contract 62.27 Million Hong Kong dollars . Its shareholding in meituan is from 3.98% Down to 3.19%.

Yunfeng fund and Junlian capital withdrew from Weiya couple company

Sky eye examination shows , Mr. and Mrs. Weiya's affiliated company Qianxun ( Hangzhou ) Industrial and commercial changes have taken place in the holding limited liability company , Hainan Yunfeng Sea Development Fund Center ( Limited partnership )、 Suzhou junjunde equity investment partnership ( Limited partnership ) Withdraw from the ranks of shareholders . Change record information display , Suzhou junjunde equity investment in 2020 year 5 month 25 Day shares Qianxun , Yunfeng fund in 2021 year 4 month 9 Day shares Qianxun .

Tmall global labels overseas Taobao products in Chinese

5 month 6 Daily news , In recent days, , Some netizens exposed the imported health care products bought by tmall global for their elders , There are also Chinese label stickers in the express box , The product name is printed on it 、 efficacy 、 Usage method . This is recently launched by the platform in conjunction with overseas businesses “ Chinese translation post ”, Label the original imported goods in Chinese , It is more convenient for consumers, especially silver haired people .

Taote APP Open taote on the home page 10 Yuandian entrance

In recent days, , Taote APP Open up taote on the home page 10 Yuandian entrance , Entrance at App The core position of the home page . according to the understanding of , Consumers can enter after clicking 3 element 3 Pieces of 、9.9 element 3 Pieces of 、18.9 element 3 Pieces and other different shopping scenes .

in fact , This year, 3 month 23 Japan , Taote president Wang Hai announced the launch of taote at the spring product communication meeting 10 Yuandian and taote 100. The specific term , Different from the offline ten yuan store , Taote 10 Yuandian relies on the online direct marketing mode , It aims at small objects and commodities covering various life scenes , Super cheap and affordable N element N Pieces of , Direct supply through the factory 、 Warehousing inspection 、 One stop shopping , One package delivery can be realized ; Taote 100 It is positioned as a commodity with consumption upgrading trend , Focus on cost-effective and quality goods “ Flat replacement of big brand ”, Help incubate factory brands .

Ma Yun foundation clarifies , Ma Yun participated in the auction “ Qianlong seal ” It's false news

5 month 1 Daily news , According to the Hong Kong Economic Daily , Recent Internet rumors ,“ Ma Yun's art investment team ” Shoot well “ Emperor Qianlong's Shoushan stone seal ”. Ma Yun foundation clarifies , For Ma Yun's participation in the auction of the above-mentioned collections and the false news of hiring consultants at sky high prices , The Ma Yun foundation has sent a lawyer's letter to the fabricated we media , I hope the media will not forward such rumors .

Ma Yun foundation said , Ma Yun and Ma Yun foundation focus on Rural Education 、 Environmental protection 、 Public welfare activities in medical and other fields , Recently, Ma Yun has focused on learning 、 Research on agricultural science and technology .

Li Ziqi denounced 300 Malicious infringement of Yu account

4 month 30 Japan , Li Ziqi issued a statement saying , In recent days , Find out 300 My account number is in Tiktok 、 Microblogging 、 Today's headline 、 The little red book 、 Kwai and other network platforms are released “ From then on, there will be no Li Ziqi , Only ……”“ Li Ziqi was forced to change his name ” And other false information and untrue statements , There are also a large number of fake Li Ziqi's account numbers . Regarding this , Li Ziqi issued a lawyer's statement , Ask relevant parties to delete relevant contents , Stop torts .

“ Will Liu ” And “ Liu Fuhong girl ” The trademark was registered

Liu Jianhong is on fire all over the Internet because of the live broadcast of fat burning aerobics , Attracted a lot of people “ Liu Fuhong girl ” Follow practice . In recent days, , Business information display ,“ Will Liu ” The trademark has been applied for registration by Fujian and Hong Kong companies , International classification includes fitness equipment 、 Clothing, shoes, hats, etc , The current trademark status is in application .“ Liu Fuhong girl ” It has also been applied for registration by a company in Guangxi , International classification is daily chemical products .

Held by the temple Library 100 Million shares were frozen

In recent days, , News of new equity freeze of Beijing Siku Tianxia Investment Co., Ltd , Equity amount 100 Ten thousand yuan , The person to be executed is the affiliated company of Siku network —— Beijing Siku Trading Co., Ltd , The freezing period is from 2022 year 4 month 28 solstice 2025 year 4 month 27 Japan , The Executive Court is the people's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing .

Retail express :

Loss for three consecutive years , Suning Tesco was “ST”

5 month 5 Japan , Suning Tesco suspended trading ,5 month 6 Since the opening of the market , The stock abbreviation of the former retail giant will become “ST Tesco ”. Suning Tesco's previous announcement showed that , The net profit of the company before and after deducting non recurring profits and losses in the last three fiscal years, whichever is lower, is negative , And the audit report of the latest year shows that the company's ability to continue as a going concern is uncertain , Touch the relevant provisions of the stock listing rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange , The shares of the company are in 2022 year 5 month 6 Other risk warnings will be implemented from the opening of the market .

Box horse :“ The May Day ” Sales of prefabricated vegetables in Beijing rose month on month during the holiday 5 times

5 month 5 Japan , HEMA publishes Statistics ,“ The May Day ” During the holidays , The single volume in Beijing increased by more than... Compared with that before the holiday 30%, Sales of prefabricated vegetables increased month on month 500%, Kung Pao Chicken 、 Grilled fish and Jin tou Ba Nao have become the first choice for Beijing citizens . Barbecue and beer become the strongest combination in summer ,“ Bag carrying kebab series ” An increase of nearly 10 times ,“ Top current ” Crayfish is more than 3 Times the growth . Fruits are also popular , An increase of nearly 50% year-on-year .

Yonghui supermarket The store is expected to open nearly this year 60 home

5 month 5 Japan , Yonghui supermarket Wu Lefeng, Secretary of the board of directors, pointed out that , The store is expected to open nearly this year 60 home . in addition , The number of stores in the warehouse membership store has been maintained at... Since last October 50 A number of , About the quantity planning and business objectives of warehouse member stores , The goal of this year's store is to optimize , Open a quality store .

The sales of fresh legend is expected to exceed... This year 20 Billion

5 month 5 Daily news , According to , Wang Wei, chairman of fresh legend, revealed that , This year, 1-4 The sales scale of fresh legend in January is 4.8 Billion , Year on year increase 28%, It is expected to break through 20 Billion . By the end of this year 3 End of month , Fresh legend has been opened in Hefei 180 stores , The business area is up to 5 ten thousand ㎡, service 600 Residential area . Next three years , Fresh legend will promote the listing process of enterprises , Plan to open new stores 500 home , The sales scale reaches 40 One hundred million yuan .2021 year , Fresh legend reshapes the business form , In addition to the standard store , Added a larger area of legendary food collection , Small fresh food shops with smaller areas . Wang Wei said , This new type of business combination , It can refine the granularity of stores , Meet different consumption states , Adapt to different business districts , And match the corresponding advantage pattern .

Gome retail Sign strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent

5 month 5 Japan , Gome retail Sign strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent . According to the agreement , Tencent will help Gome offline 、 on-line 、 Supply chain 、 More links such as logistics realize digital transformation and upgrading , Realize online and offline complementary integration , Promote the high-quality development of digital retail industry . The content of this cooperation contract covers advertising and marketing 、 big data 、 The cloud service 、 Smart stores, etc . Gome and Tencent are interconnected 、 Mutual assistance and complementarity as a consensus , Fully integrate the advantageous resources and capabilities of both sides , Share and build a whole retail ecological sharing platform .

Logistics Express :

The toll stations and service areas of expressways temporarily closed across the country have been cleared

5 month 5 Daily news , According to the Ministry of transport , By 5 month 4 Japan 24 when , The toll stations and service areas of expressways temporarily closed across the country have been cleared . The provinces ( District 、 City ) There are no temporary closed toll stations on the Expressway , Decreased month on month compared with the previous day 1 individual , Than 4 month 10 Japan (678 individual ) Reduce 678 individual 、 falling 100%; Non parking service area , Decreased month on month compared with the previous day 2 individual , Than 4 month 10 Japan (364 individual ) Reduce 364 individual 、 falling 100%.

“ The May Day ” During the holiday, the national postal express industry solicits and delivers express parcels 28.1 Million pieces

5 month 5 Daily news , National Post Office monitoring data show that ,2022 year “ The May Day ” During the holiday (4 month 30 Japan —5 month 4 Japan ), The national postal express industry is running smoothly , Collect express parcels 13.4 Million pieces , Year-on-year growth 2.3%; Deliver express parcels 14.7 Million pieces , Year-on-year growth 19.7%.

In the first quarter, the business income of the postal industry increased year-on-year 10%

5 month 6 Daily news , According to the national post office , First quarter , The total business volume and business income of the postal industry are completed respectively 3354.3 Million dollars 3268.8 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 10.7% and 10.0%. among , Express business volume and business income are completed respectively 242.3 100 million pieces and 2392.8 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 10.5% and 6.9%. Affected by the multi-point distribution of the epidemic , The growth rate of major economic indicators of the industry has slowed down .

It is said that Wuhan bangniao technology has been invested by Ali 2000 ten thousand , Rookie refutes the rumor : False news

5 month 6 Daily news , In recent days, , There is a rumor on the Internet that , Express service operator “ Bond bird Technology ” get Alibaba A Round of funding 2000 Ten thousand yuan . Regarding this , Rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. released a microblog to refute the rumor that ,“ False news ”.

STO 2021 Annual revenue 252.55 Billion , Net loss 9 Billion

4 month 30 Japan , STO Release 2021 Annual report , During the reporting period , Realize operating revenue 252.55 One hundred million yuan , That's up from the same period last year 17.10%; Realize the total profit -10 One hundred million yuan , Less than the same period last year 1056.30%; Realize the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company -9.09 One hundred million yuan , Less than the same period last year 2603.16%.

On the same day , Shentong also released 2022 First quarter results , The revenue is about 71.52 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 35.91%, The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is about 1.06 One hundred million yuan , The same period last year was a net loss 8952 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year turnaround .

2021 year , STO The completed business volume is about 110.76 Million pieces , Year-on-year growth 25.62%, The market share has reached 10.23%; Among them, the business volume completed in the fourth quarter was about 34.4 Million pieces , The year-on-year growth rate exceeded the industry average .2022 year , It is in Gu'an, Beijing 、 zhengzhou 、 A number of smart logistics parks will be completed and put into operation in core areas such as Shenyang , The capacity of the whole network will be further steadily expanded , Expect to 2022 At the end of the year, the normal throughput capacity will exceed 5000 Thousands of pieces of / Japan .

Overseas broadcast :

Express delivery Philippine branch network operation , Accelerate the layout of Southeast Asia

4 month 30 Japan , Express delivery Philippine company of International Holding Co., Ltd , Announced the opening of the network in the Philippines , Start local “ Door to door ” Domestic and international express parcel service . This also means that Yuantong international layout Southeast Asia Express Logistics Supply Chain Network 、 help “ the Belt and Road ” Building , Another key step .

at present , Philippine Yuantong has built a local 1 An international shipping center 、4 A provincial centralized Transportation Center 、 near 120 Terminal stores , The scope of service extends to the capital Manila and other major cities . The Philippines Yuantong will open Hangzhou with Yuantong airlines 、 Yiwu 、 Changsha 、 The international freight routes from Nanning and other Chinese cities to Manila provide effective support , Based on the original freight forwarding business , Integration warehouse 、 Turn off 、 shipment 、 Ability of each link such as matching , Using land transportation 、 Ocean Shipping 、 There are many modes of transportation by air , Provide information flow for Sino Philippine trade customers 、 commodity circulation 、 Capital flow 、 Parcel flow 、 Customs affairs flow “ Five streams in one ” International supply chain services .

The person in charge of Philippine Yuantong introduced , At present, it has been with rookies 、 Tiktok and other cross-border e-commerce platforms at home and abroad have reached cooperation intentions , It is expected to basically cover the whole Philippines by the end of this year , Build a complete platform logistics network . future , Philippine Yuantong will also arrange more international warehouses in the local area , Provide cost-effective services for more cross-border e-commerce at home and abroad “ "One-stop" work style ” service .

Alibaba The international station was launched 56 Logistics service month , New Southeast Asian shipping services

5 month , Alibaba The international station was officially launched “56 Logistics service month ”, Separate in the air fast 、 Freight transport 、 Arrival guarantee, etc , Launch five major logistics services , Ease the shipping problems of foreign trade merchants . in addition , Alibaba The international station has newly opened Southeast Asia shipping service , Meet the logistics performance needs of businesses investing in Southeast Asia .

before , Affected by the epidemic in Shanghai , Alibaba International station at 4 Month launched “ Trailer + declare at customs + Whole cabinet ” Integrated logistics solutions , At present, it has been extended to the whole country : Increase investment 8000TEU( International standard box ) Shipping capacity , Integrate the whole country 20000 This line guarantees the trailer transport capacity , And cover 7 Large port customs clearance service .

Amazon The US station will raise the cost of multi-channel distribution

5 month 5 Daily news , Amazon The US station announced that , from 2022 year 5 month 9 The day begins , Amazon The multi-channel distribution cost of the U.S. station will be adjusted , To ensure the competitiveness of multi-channel distribution costs with other third-party logistics providers . The details are as follows :

1、 In order to ensure the competitiveness of multi-channel distribution costs with other third-party logistics providers , since 5 month 9 The date of , raise MCF Delivery fee ;2、8 month 1 The date of , Hawaii 、 Puerto Rico 、 There will be a surcharge on orders from the United States Virgin Islands and Alaska . Standard size items will be charged 100% The surcharge on , Large items will be charged 200% The surcharge on .

Amazon Express , To help sellers grow their business , Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , Amazon Significant improvements have been made to the fulfillment and distribution network . Thanks to improvements over and over again , Amazon The on-time delivery rate is as high as 97%.

Shopee Get a Brazilian payment license , Provide e-money Services

recently , Asian online retail giant Shopee Flag SHPP Brasil The company has been approved by the Central Bank of Brazil , Will operate as a payment institution , Issue electronic money . This authorization was granted on 5 month 2 Published in the official gazette of the Brazilian Federation on the th .

SHEIN Launch a new environmental protection clothing line evoluSHEIN

5 month 5 Daily news , Cross border fast fashion platform SHEIN announce , New environment-friendly clothing product line evoluSHEIN, Series of products are made of recycled polyester , To effectively reduce the production of raw materials and water 、 Consumption of energy and other resources . according to the understanding of , One of the first evoluSHEIN The series has been published in 4 month 29 On sale on the platform , share 170 Products , Cover the top 、 Skirts and trousers, etc , Extra large will be introduced this summer , Expect to 9 At the end of the month, the product line will expand to at least 1500 paragraph .SHEIN It is also planned to further enrich the types of environmentally friendly fabrics in this series and the certification plan of other recycled fibers .

Love and welcome 2022 In the first quarter of, the revenue rose sharply year-on-year 70%

5 month 5 Japan ,Airbnb Aibiying releases 2022 First quarter results . Results show that , Abiying's revenue in the first quarter reached 15 Billion dollars , Year on year growth 70%; A net loss 1900 Thousands of dollars , a 2019 Years and 2021 Year on year sharp narrowing ;2022 The first quarter of 2008 was the first profitable quarter in the history of Abbey , Adjusted EBITDA amounted to 2.29 Billion dollars .

In the quarter, abiying's accommodation and experience bookings bucked the trend , In one fell swoop, it exceeded the level of the same period before the epidemic , And break through the single quarter for the first time 1 Million pre orders .

financing /IPO news :

Baiguoyuan plans to go to Hong Kong for listing ,2021 The annual revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan

5 month 2 Daily news , According to HKEx documents , Shenzhen Baiguoyuan industry ( The group ) A company limited by shares submits a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Morgan Stanley For the sole sponsor . This is the third time that Baiguoyuan has hit the market , If approved , It is expected to become a domestic “ The first share of fruit retail ”.

The prospectus shows , A hundred orchards 2019 - 2021 The annual income is 89.761 One hundred million yuan 、88.537 One hundred million yuan 、102.894 One hundred million yuan ; The gross profit of the same period is 8.764 One hundred million yuan 、8.074 One hundred million yuan 、11.564 One hundred million yuan ; The gross profit rates are 9.8%、9.1% And 11.2%. According to frost Sullivan , Press 2021 Annual fruit retail sales , Baiguoyuan ranks first among all retail enterprises selling fruits in China .

Hongjiu fruit submitted the prospectus again , Alibaba As the largest external investor

Recently learned that the , Chongqing Hongjiu Fruit Co., Ltd. has 4 month 29 Submit a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , To be listed on the main board , China international capital corporation Acting as sole sponsor . This is what it is about 2021 year 10 month 29 Another application after the expiration of the daily submission form .

The prospectus shows , Founded on 2002 Hongjiu fruit in, as a family, owns “ End to end ” Multi brand fresh fruit group in the supply chain , Focus on mainly originating in China 、 The whole fruit industry chain operation in Thailand and Vietnam . As of the last practicable date , It formed durian 、 Mangosteen 、 longan 、 pitaya 、 Cherry 、 Grapes as the core, a total of 49 Fruit product portfolio of categories . The total revenue of the company consists of 2019 RMB in 20.78 One hundred million yuan growth 177.8% to 2020 Year of 57.71 One hundred million yuan , And further growth 78.1% to 2021 Year of 102.8 One hundred million yuan .

It is worth mentioning that ,2020 year , Alibaba Complete the investment in Hongjiu fruit , And for IPO Former largest external investor .IPO front , Alibaba The shareholding ratio is 8%.

Industry policies and trends :

May Day holiday , The number of domestic tourists and income have decreased significantly

5 month 4 Sunday night , The Ministry of culture and tourism issued “ The May Day ” Data of national cultural tourism market during holidays . Calculated by the data center of the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of tourism ,2022 year “ The May Day ” During the holidays , Domestic travel, travel 1.6 Million people , fell 30%, Return to the pre epidemic 66.8%; Domestic tourism revenue 646.8 One hundred million yuan , fell 42.9%, Return to the pre epidemic 44.0%.

According to titanium media App Statistics , By 5 month 6 Japan 12 spot , The national 10 The cultural and tourism departments of provincial administrative regions have released statistics on the cultural and tourism market , They are Beijing 、 jiangsu 、 fujian 、 Henan 、 hainan 、 hunan 、 Chongqing 、 sichuan 、 ningxia 、 Macau . among , Beijing 、 jiangsu 、 The tourism revenue of the three places in Henan decreased by more than 20% year-on-year 8 become .

National Railway Group data show , Before the May Day holiday 4 God (4 month 30 solstice 5 month 3 Japan ), The national railway sends passengers every day 306.38 Thousands of people , Year on year decrease of about 80%.5 month 4 Japan , The last day of the long vacation , The national railway is expected to send 370 Thousands of people , This estimate is about... Lower than the average passenger flow during the May Day holiday last year 75%.

Civil Aviation , According to the statistics of feichangzhun big data , The May Day holiday that just passed , The number of passenger flights actually executed by domestic routes 1.67 Wan ban , Year on year 2021 Years of decline 75.30%. In tens of millions of airports , Shenzhen Bao'an airport became the busiest airport during May Day , Actual takeoff and landing flights 2786 Sorties . Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is affected by the epidemic , The actual take-off and landing flights are only 102 Sorties , A year-on-year decrease of more than 90% . Shanghai's two airports are at the bottom .

Beijing has opened the key material transportation vehicle pass

5 month 5 Daily news , According to the requirements of Beijing Baotong Baochang work deployment , The city has officially launched the national unified style in the industrial field 《 Beijing key material transportation vehicle pass 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 pass 》),《 pass 》 It is applicable to key epidemic prevention medical materials 、 Necessary materials for residents' life 、 Transportation of key materials for strategic emerging industries and other important industrial production materials . In use 《 Allocation of emergency materials in and out of Beijing ( Transport ) prove 》 It will automatically expire after the expiration of the validity period .

The applicant should start or arrive at 24 Declare hours ago . The annual review of vehicles carrying key materials must be within the period of validity , Road transport vehicles for dangerous goods 、 The total quality 12 The satellite positioning system of ordinary freight vehicles of tons and above is normal ; The professional qualification certificate of drivers carrying key materials is within the validity period , And it is consistent with the business scope of driving vehicles ( Total driving mass 4.5 Except for ordinary freight vehicles of less than tons ).

In the use of ,《 pass 》 implement “ One car, one license, one line ”, When the driver of the carrying vehicle 、 Accompanying personnel 、 After any information of the transportation route is changed , The demand application unit must cancel the current 《 pass 》, And re apply according to the actual situation . The vehicle was originally 《 pass 》 Only after cancellation can a new 《 pass 》.

The two departments in Beijing jointly issued guidance , Bid up prices during the epidemic will be severely punished

5 month 6 Daily news , In recent days, , In order to ensure supply and price stability , Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision 、 Jointly issued by the municipal development and Reform Commission 《 Guidance on the determination of illegal acts of bid up prices during the prevention and control of the COVID-19 》. The scope of application of the guidance includes : Food, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other commodities necessary for the people to maintain their basic livelihood ; Masks closely related to the fight against the epidemic 、 Antiviral drugs 、 Disinfection and sterilization supplies 、 Related medical devices and other epidemic prevention supplies ; Relevant raw and auxiliary materials required for the production of the above first and second Commodities ; Transportation provided for the goods in Items 1 and 2 above 、 transaction 、 Delivery 、 Booth rental and other related services .

guangdong 8 The implementation plan of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area has been released

5 month 5 Japan , Released on the official website of Guangdong provincial government 《 Notice of the people's Government of Guangdong Province on printing and distributing Chinese ( Shaoguan ) etc. 8 Notice on the implementation plan of a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone 》.《 notice 》 Put forward , Shaoguan 、 Heyuan 、 Shanwei 、 Yangjiang 、 qingyuan 、 Chaozhou 、 Jieyang 、 Yunfu Municipal People's government should pay close attention to improving the working mechanism , Carefully organize and implement the pilot work , Effectively guard against risks , Accelerate the construction of comprehensive experimental areas , Explore new experience to promote the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce in the province 、 New approach .

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