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21 animation companies, 5 with revenues of more than 100 million and 15 with revenues of more than 10 million

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Before the festival , Lei Bao 【 WeChat :leinewspaper 】 Check it out 5 An animation company with a revenue of more than 100 million ; Up to now 21 An animation related company disclosed its 2021 Annual report , According to the disclosure of the annual report ,21 There are only 10 The company is profitable , More than half of the companies are in 2021 Annual net loss .

The second year of the epidemic , The impact on the animation industry is still gradually intensifying , The most affected companies are the middle and tail companies , Some animation companies, such as Xingyuan culture , Its main business has been transferred to .

stay 5 In addition to an animation company with a revenue of more than 100 million , With a revenue of tens of millions, there are 15 home , have only 1 The company's revenue is in the million level , And here 16 Home tail animation company , The only profit is 6 home , Affected by the epidemic, many companies lost more money , Xingyuan culture 、 Zhigao Wenchuang 、 Huaying culture 、 The losses of Jinzheng animation and others expanded by more than 100%; In addition, thousands of sunshine 、 Jintian animation 、 Animation companies such as Mori culture are already 2021 Announced delisting in .

In profitable companies , Some companies, such as Bo Runtong, have adjusted their business structure , Abandoned some business types , Reduce cost and increase efficiency for sustainable development ; Edison figures catch up with “ Meta universe ” The express in the first year , The main business income is transferred to the sales income of system equipment ; There are also some companies like Fengxuan culture 、 Joy entertainment, etc. create a popular style IP, With animation 、 Revenues from licensing and derivatives are profitable .

Edison numbers

Edison digital's main business includes technical services 、 Content production services 、 Education and information services . The content production service is mainly based on the traditional animation production service , Add virtual reality content production services , Virtual digital human planning, creation and production services , Virtual reality application solution services, etc .

2021 year , Influenced by the concept of meta universe , Edison digital motion capture 、 The revenue of virtual reality products has increased significantly . Among them, the sales revenue of system equipment increased by... Compared with the same period of last year 95.98%, Accounting for about 80%; And the operating cost of the project increases 143.29% It is due to the increase in sales revenue of integrated products during the reporting period , Due to the increase of outsourced integrated products .

2021 In, Edison digital realized revenue 7878 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 83.43%; Net profit 1782.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 145.25%, Mainly by “ Meta universe ” The concept is good , The revenue of main business has increased .

Bo Runtong

Bo Runtong's main business includes animation IP Production operation and CO production 、 Animation culture services 、 Animation derivatives research and development , Committed to domestic children's animation production ,2021 Nian Bo Runtong 《 Jute beacon of red rivers and mountains 》《 The legend of alley food 》 Many animations have won many honors .

Due to the gradual recovery of business after the epidemic , Bo Runtong in 2021 In, he undertook Tianying 、 Yangtze River Zhijiu Fengming and other large projects , Income has increased , And in 2021 In, the production department reasonably controlled the outsourcing production cost , Continuously improve the production level and efficiency of the company's technicians , Operating costs have also been reduced .

2021 In, Borun achieved revenue 5300 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 12.97%, Net profit 271.7 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 107.62%, Gross margin increased to 30.38%. In order to better return to the main business ,2021 Bo Runtong mainly focused on the cash flow business of animation design services in , Strategic transformation , Shrink the product line , According to the report 2021 In, Bo Runtong did not develop and operate derivatives , The operating revenue comes from animation production related businesses .

2021 Bo Runtong added 3 Start foreign investment , Wuhan yuanhuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd , Bo Runtong holds 40%; Chengdu Botong culture and Technology Co., Ltd , Bo Runtong holds 51%; Wuhan Huatuo Yinghua cartoon Technology Co., Ltd , Bo Runtong holds 45%. According to the report 2021 The net cash flow from the investment activities of Bo Runtong in was -214.41 Ten thousand yuan , Decrease over the same period of last year 74.41 Ten thousand yuan . 

Fengxuan culture

The main business of Fengxuan culture is book distribution 、 Cartoon creation and copyright operation at home and abroad .

In terms of distribution , Well known by IP to grant authorization , Adapted, created and released by Fengxuan culture 《 Doulo land 》 Series of comic books 2021 Annual sales 200 More than ten thousand copies , In addition, the starting point for the release of Fengxuan culture is well-known online articles IP《 The master of mystery 》 A series of books have been sold in total 56 Ten thousand volumes . at present 《 To see the young you 》、《 Miss you on the shining top 》、《 When you return to a girl 》 The cumulative sales volume of youth literature books has reached 20 More than ten thousand copies .

Copyright operation , now 《 Doulo land 》 E-books have been with Tencent 、 Look at it. 、B standing 、 iReader 、 Iqiyi And other domestic high-quality electronic platforms , Significantly increased its company's revenue , In addition, in terms of film and television copyright, Fengxuan culture will eventually be exported through copyright 、 Joint production and other forms of cooperative operation .

2021 The annual wind dazzle culture realizes the operating income 4217.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 52.5%; Net profit 339.5 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 825.33%.

In terms of revenue type ,2021 In, Fengxuan culture achieved revenue in book sales 3119.2 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the previous year, an increase of 1167.4 Ten thousand yuan , An increase of 59.81%; Revenue from copyright distribution 1071.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 37.4%; Achieve revenue around cultural and creative industries 26.9 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year growth of gross profit margin 25.89%. Previously, Fengxuan culture has been with Tencent 、 Look at it. 、B Maintain business cooperation with stations and so on , Including Tencent 、B Station cooperation customized content , In addition, we authorize the publication of books in French and traditional Chinese .

Joy entertainment

Joy entertainment is mainly engaged in the planning of animation works 、 Design 、 Development of distribution and animation derivative business 、 Operations , It's a family that depends on IP And technology entertainment content providers .

Joy entertainment has a lot of IP reserve , In addition to its own originality, it also developed the network writer Tang jiasanshao 、 ear 、 The disorderly 、 Silent night thinking 、 Kuxuan 、 Many works by Hou Zhu and others , And cooperate with Dangdang film to develop traditional writer Yu Hua 、 Works by Shi Yifeng and others .

Joy entertainment has produced TV cartoons 《 Coke dog 》、《 The golden snail 》 etc. , All broadcast on CCTV , And all of them have entered the list of cartoons recommended by the State Administration of radio, film and television ; Customized and adapted for the official Tencent game 《 Crossing the line of fire 》CG The animated drama is broadcast on Tencent video , Among them, animated characters “ Chen LONGYE ” Sync in the game as a 10th anniversary qualifier , Bring tens of millions of character sales revenue to the game ; TV series invested in production 《 Mai Xiang 》 On CCTV one , Won the 15th spiritual civilization construction “ Five one project Awards ”;

Joy entertainment cooperated with the joint venture netuniversity film to produce and distribute 《 Great dream journey to the West 》《 Great monkey 》《 Big dream Liaozhai 》《 Green snake beast city 》 Wait for online movies , In iQIYI 、 Tencent video 、 Youku video broadcast and gained a good box office share . In addition, joy entertainment and Youku cooperate in the novels of the famous writer Tang jiasanshao 《 Ice fire magic kitchen 》 The adapted animation of the same name has been broadcast this year .

According to the financial report, joy Entertainment's top three customers include Youku 、 Banner media 、 Palm reading technology 、 Iqiyi, etc .

2021 Joy entertainment achieved revenue in 3435.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 19.01%; Net profit 1066 Ten thousand yuan , fell 29.94 Ten thousand yuan . Among them, animation production and distribution revenue 2455.7 Ten thousand yuan , Accounting for about... Of the total revenue 70%, And the economic income of film and television 357.7 Ten thousand yuan , An increase of 177.16 Ten thousand yuan .

Mainly because joy entertainment uses the independently developed animation production technology , Developed the application of animation technology in animation production 、 Film and television production and other fields , Cooperated with Youku Video to produce and distribute large-scale animation 《 Ice fire magic kitchen 》 And broadcast on Youku Video ; Complete Tencent customized drama 《 Alliance battle 》 Making .

In addition, joy entertainment also added the business scope of brokerage business during the reporting period , Developed a part of film and television brokerage business , In terms of animation derivatives , Joy entertainment is authorized , Start putting your own animation IP Authorize downstream customers to carry out commercial development .

Jinnuo Technology

Jinnuo technology's main business model is , The company's business model is mainly through providing customers with creative experience products 、 Digital content services 、 Making digital image content 、 Integration and implementation of visual hardware and software system products , Satisfy customers in exhibition 、 Professional applications 、 Customized needs of children's education and so on , To provide customers with multimedia overall solutions to achieve revenue 、 Make a profit .

Jinnuo technology currently has 96 Intellectual property rights ( among 6 Invention patents ), And formed “ Popular science animation Game series 、 Digital multimedia display solution 、 Children's and teenagers' life and Education (Life-Edutainment) platform ” Three product systems .

During the reporting period, Jinnuo technology achieved a total revenue of 3059.4 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 42.22%; Net profit 340.9 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 167.05%, Among them, the income of popular science animation 2777.4 Ten thousand yuan , Digital multimedia display revenue 282 Ten thousand yuan .

Chongde animation

Chongde animation is positioned as a new preschool education product and service provider , The main works include contented research and development of Preschool Education IP《 Skilled Lu Ban 》, And Olympic cartoons 《 Fuwa 》 And Confucian culture 《 Confucius 》. During the reporting period , The large-scale cartoon jointly produced by the company and CCTV Animation group 《 Rubin's wisdom box 》, The third season is on 2021 year 7 month 13 It was broadcast on CCTV on the th ; The company's original cartoon 《 Confucius 》 stay 2021 year 9 The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee is selected every month “ Learning power ”APP.

2021 In, Chongde culture realized operating income 2696.6 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 90.94%, Net profit 617.4 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 110.43%. Be affected by 《 Rubin's wisdom box 》 Broadcast on CCTV 、《 Confucius 》 stay 2021 year 9 The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee is selected every month “ Learning power ”APP influence , Authorized income during the reporting period 、 The income of training fees has increased to varying degrees , Among them, the authorized revenue and revenue increased by... Over the same period of last year 5903.87%、 The revenue of training fees increased over the same period of last year 49.15%. 

Loss making enterprises are more obviously affected by the epidemic , Most enterprises have also made business adjustments , However, due to irresistible factors such as being in the film and television animation industry or mainly engaged in overseas markets , Lead to long profit cycle , Business transformation pains . Besides , In the process of exploring cost reduction and efficiency increase , The company's cutting off some businesses will inevitably lead to a decline in revenue , But the business of increasing income is weak .

In the second year of the epidemic, more and more companies adjusted their business in order to survive , But in the process , Some companies have quietly exited ,2021 Thousands of years of sunshine 、 Jintian animation 、 Mori culture and other animation companies announced their delisting . In addition, animation food 、 Lynx media and other companies , As some business locations are affected by the epidemic , Unable to complete the audit on time , A delayed disclosure announcement was issued .

Small white dragon

Xiaobailong's main business is the development of animation toys and educational toys 、 Production and sales ; Is a research and development company focusing on building block products Hair 、 production 、 Sales and IP A company that creates and operates . Little white dragon is developing and manufacturing building block products 、 Animation content planning and production 、 Brand planning and management have a professional operation team .

Little white dragon mainly through animation 、 The movie 、 comic 、 Gathering games and other content to create Jigao chivalrous independence IP; Currently has a registered trademark 200 term 、 Copyright 128 term , patent 47 term .

2021 In, little white dragon realized revenue 6265.1 Ten thousand yuan , fell 36.54%; A net loss 2114.4 Ten thousand yuan , fell 38.62%, The main source of revenue is toy sales revenue , The proportion of income is close to 100%, However, the gross profit margin of this income decreased to 17.97%, The report disclosed that the decrease in revenue was mainly due to the impact of the international freight market, the delayed shipment of foreign trade customers and the reduction of domestic sales orders .

Zhigao Wenchuang

Zhigao culture and innovation mainly focuses on IP Children's industry operators with culture as the core , make IP+ Culture + Children's whole industry chain cultural, creative and business ecological platform , Based on the accumulation of offline channels , The fusion IP Innovation , Integrate the advantages of multiple resources to achieve long-term sustainable development .

In the section of infant industry , Zhigao culture and innovation aims at young target audiences , Launch animation works , Improve IP Popularity ; Landing through children's experience format , Realize business value and IP Animation penetration ; Integrating the concept of early childhood education system with the practice IP The fusion , Combined with children's experience , Realize the deep interaction between preschool education industry and business .

In the toys section , With international pen transfer culture + The development is based on the domestic pen transfer culture , Innovate explosive products by incubating pen turning toys , Realization “IP+ Independent products ” Fusion ; adopt “ cartoon + product + match + sports ”, reflect “IP+ Overall cultural output ” Highly integrated .

During the reporting period, Zhigao Wenchuang realized operating income 3090.4 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year decrease 42.91%; Net loss 1560.6 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year expansion 535.43%. In the breakdown of revenue categories , Stationery 、 Creative toys and bags decreased 35.35%, During the reporting period, Zhigao Wenchuang voluntarily withdrew its business with shopping malls and supermarkets , So that the operating income during the period decreased year-on-year 660 Ten thousand yuan .

Revenue from licensing fees decreased 68.73%, Mainly due to 2020 The impact of the domestic epidemic in , Authorize customers to consider market risk factors , Do not consider continuing authorized cooperation for the time being , The authorized income of the current period decreased compared with the same period of the previous year 620 Ten thousand yuan ; At the same time, the animation production business decreased 240 ten thousand .

Animation of dance

The main business model of dance animation is original animation business and animation production business , Animation original business , During the reporting period , The company is famous for IP Rogue rabbit launched 《 Don't mess with rogue rabbit Matthew 》 Season 3 , Unite the major IP Join the help heroes Alliance S11 Season activities 、 Rogue rabbit second bullet Aerospace series blind box products sell well in the national blind box channel ;2021 year 《 Taiyi immortal demon record 》 The fourth quarter is 5 Online in Youku in June .

Rogue rabbit also reached a joint promotion and commercialization business with Tencent's well-known games ,; In addition, dance animation also launched a rogue rabbit online masterpiece 《 Detective Matthew 》 The first one has invested in 《 There was no fighting in Peiping 》、《 Nine story demon tower 》 And many other well-known film and television works jointly produced by longle Oriental film and television culture media Co., Ltd .

2021 year 9 Moon dance animation, Guangzhou Minzhi rabbit Culture Industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing longle Oriental film and television culture media Co., Ltd. jointly established rogue rabbit mutual entertainment ( Xiamen ) Technology Co., Ltd . It will gather the top resources in the industry , Take brand operation as the core , Mainly engaged in industrial chain ecological construction , In the future, the business section will be designed together 、 Research and development 、 operation management 、 Consultants, etc .

2021 The animation of Nian dance achieves revenue 2857.2 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 25,69%; A net loss 2474.8 Ten thousand yuan , Compared to the expanding 194.3%. Among them, the income from film production services decreased by 38.89%, Mainly because there were no animated films released during the reporting period ; The revenue of original animation has increased over the previous year 60.62%, Gross margin increase 97.50%, Mainly during the reporting period 《 Taiyi immortal demon record 》 The fourth quarter is completed and the platform has been launched , And the cost of original animation produced many years ago has been amortized ; The revenue from derivatives increased over the previous year 711.78%, This is mainly due to the company's in-depth development of this kind of business during the reporting period .

Xingyuan culture

Xingyuan culture 2021 Annual operating income 3479.9 Ten thousand yuan , fell 73.53%; A net loss 2474.5 Ten thousand yuan , Compared to the expanding 1209.81%, The main reasons for the expansion of the epidemic situation and losses in the reporting period come from the international situation , The subsidiary fan Geng intelligent electronic products purchase and sales business mainly comes from abroad , Affected by the epidemic situation and the international situation , Insufficient supply of suppliers during the reporting period , Leading to a decline in revenue ; The original alien culture has some animation copyright expired 、 Toys in stock and fixed asset molds do not meet market requirements , No external sales value , Causing asset impairment losses .

At present, the main business of Xingyuan culture is the sales of intelligent robots and intelligent equipment, electronic products and spare parts 、 Technical service and consulting business . Affected by changes in main business , Xingyuan culture 2021 The annual derivative income is 309.8 Ten thousand yuan , fell 85.41%, This type of revenue only digests the original inventory . Revenue from copyright licensing 82.5 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 150.05%, Mainly due to the increase of animation broadcasting license fee during the reporting period .

Hippo shares

The main business of Hippo Co., Ltd. is the production and distribution of animation film and television works and related derivative business , Cinema business , Digital entertainment integrated services and other cultural entertainment business ,2021 Due to the resumption of business of Hippo cinema in , In fact, the revenue is 1595 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 61.81%; However, due to the confirmation of film and television projects during the reporting period 《 Interstellar escape 》 cost , Substantial increase in operating costs , Final net loss 1995.3 Ten thousand yuan , Compared to the expanding 81.58%. 

The main business of the enterprise is offline , Affected greatly by the epidemic ,2021 In, its offline cinema resumed business, resulting in an increase in revenue , But in order to revitalize the film and television copyright resources , Hippo is still increasing capital investment , Unable to make a profit in a short time .

Huaying culture

At present, Huaying culture has formed a relatively perfect original animation industry chain . The upstream of the industrial chain is based on the image of animation creativity 、 The copyright formed by the design of characters, stories and other elements ; Midstream is the processing and production of animation works , Last , Animation, film and television works and their copyrights are approved by the media 、 After the promotion of market operation and other channels, the distribution system will be formed 、 Licensing and derivatives revenue .

During the reporting period , Huaying planet made 《 Lightning family 》,《 Twenty four solar terms password 》 Listed by the State Administration of radio, film and television as “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Key projects ,《 The little train is Congcong - Super partner group 》26 Set production is complete , And obtain a distribution license , The production of animated promotional film for the Winter Olympic Games has been completed . 

2021 Nianhuaying culture has achieved operating income 1563 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year decrease 9.64%; A net loss 339.3 Ten thousand yuan , Compared to the expanding 664.89%. The decrease in operating income is mainly due to 《 Lightning family 》,《 Twenty four solar terms password 》 Long production cycle , No sales revenue . It can also be seen in the revenue breakdown category , Its main revenue source is the production business revenue, which decreased year-on-year 24.06%, Issuance authorization and new training business have become new growth points .

Jin Zheng animation

Jinzheng animation company is a comprehensive provider of cultural and creative products and services . Its main business is the sale of customized cultural and creative products and the charging of cultural and creative services .

Among them, the income of art design and cultural packaging series 940.91 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 36.32%, The gross profit margin increased year-on-year 11.97%.

Art design and cultural packaging products are still the main source of income , Its current income increased by... Compared with last year 36.32%

Daily horizon

Daily vision focuses on the film and television animation industry , It's in film and television 、 Content and service providers of animation industry and cultural and creative industry , The main business is original IP Research and development 、 3D animation production and film digital special effects . The film and television special effects projects undertaken during the reporting period mainly include , The movie 《 The four seas 》 Visual effects production 、 The movie 《 Ice and snow Changjin Lake 》 Visual effects production, etc . The main source of income is the production of film and television animation works entrusted by customers , Charge corresponding production costs, etc . 

2021 Annual daily horizon income 1064.40 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 14.84%, A net loss 451.41 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year decrease 16.66%. among , Animation long short film production revenue 281.01 Ten thousand yuan , The gross profit margin increased year-on-year 42.47%.

Although the domestic epidemic is controllable , But it still has a great impact on the film and television industry , As a film and television post production company, daily horizon is also greatly affected by the epidemic .

Sheng Tiancai

Shengtiancai's main business involves creativity and design 、 Park planning and design 、 Digital design 、 Animation production and play 、 Digital exhibition 、 Virtual simulation 、 Digital hardware and software integration 、 Digital education and training 、 Digital video production 、 R & D and sales of animation derivatives 、 Business incubation and other fields .

2021 Niansheng Tiancai realized revenue 503.6 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 125.19%, A net loss 191.6 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year decrease 47.3%. However, the financial report disclosed that there was no animation design income during the reporting period .

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