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Five oligarchs "separatist" chip design

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Core thing 5 month 6 Reported Wednesday , The revenue of the world's top five chip design giants is faulting , qualcomm 、 broadcom 、 mediatek 、 NVIDIA's four chip giants have entered the top five chip design companies for ten consecutive years ,AMD In ten years 7 Secondary column TOP5. Last year AMD Our revenue is much more than the sixth place 116 Billion dollars .

▲2018 year -2021 Ranking of the top ten chip design companies in the world in terms of revenue ( Data sources :TrendForce、IC Insights, notes :TrendForce Ranking Qualcomm only calculates QCT Department revenue 、 NVIDIA deducts OEM/IP revenue 、 Broadcom only calculates the revenue of the semiconductor Department , There are some differences with the company's financial report data )

2021 year , The revenue of the top five chip design companies is 336 Billion dollars -164 Billion dollars ,TOP10 The revenue of the last five is 48-15 Between us $100 million . Number five AMD Revenue needs the sixth - Ninth, the revenue of chip design enterprises can compete with .

In ten years , The sixth - The change in the 10th place is not only greater , And in the past three years TOP10 The revenue gap between the top five factories and the bottom five factories is becoming larger and larger .2019 Year 5 AMD Its revenue is more than double that of the sixth Xilinx , Difference between 35 Billion dollars ;2021 Still fifth in AMD revenue , It is more than twice that of the sixth couplet chanting Technology , The gap has reached 116 Billion dollars .

Just look 2021 year , The total revenue of the top ten chip design companies amounted to 1274.05 Billion dollars , Among them, the top five account for more than 85%.

what's more , In the past two years , Originally ranked 10th Dialog Annexed by Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas 、 Xilinx of the ninth will be AMD Acquisition . As giant acquisitions continue to change the semiconductor landscape , This fault is gradually increasing .

This year, 2 month ,AMD The ninth largest chip design company has been completed 、FPGA The acquisition of leading Xilinx ,2022 The revenue of both parties will be merged in . When the ,AMD A company's revenue is likely to be higher than TOP10 The sum of the last five chip design companies .

01. Ten years , The global Top10 The chip design giant has changed the world

according to IC Insights ranking ,2012 year , The top ten chip design companies in the world are Qualcomm 、 broadcom 、AMD、 Ying Wei Da 、 mediatek 、 Happy electron (Marvell)、 Isahua (LSI)、 Sarinx ( On 2022 By the AMD Acquisition )、Altera( On 2015 Acquired by Intel in ) And anwago (AVAGO).

At that time, the revenue of the fifth MediaTek and the sixth Meiman Electronics was 33 $and 31 Billion dollars , Difference only 2 Billion dollars .2021 year , fifth AMD The revenue gap between Lianyong technology and the sixth place has been widened to 116 Billion dollars , Sixth place Lianyong Technology + Seventh place happy Electronics + No. 8 Ruiyu + The sum of annual revenue of Xilinx in the ninth place , Only for 165 Billion dollars , a AMD many 1 Billion dollars .

▲2012-2021 The revenue gap between the fifth largest chip design company and the sixth largest chip design company in

This year, 2 month , As the regulatory authorities of all countries have approved AMD Acquisition of Xilinx ,AMD Has announced the completion of the acquisition , Its revenue will soar again ,AMD+ Xilinx's revenue is higher than that of the last four chip design companies combined .

Ten years , New chip design companies continue to appear on the list , Huawei Hisilicon 、 Exhibition ( Later, it was acquired by Ziguang group , And Reedico Merged into Ziguang zhanrui )、 Novatek Microelectronics 、Dialog And so on are all typical enterprises .

However, most of these emerging companies rank low , qualcomm 、 broadcom 、 mediatek 、 NVIDIA's four giants have never fallen out of the top five , Early established their own leading edge .AMD Has been hovering between third and sixth , since 2019 Since, it has continuously entered TOP5.

Among the five chip giants , Qualcomm is a smartphone SoC With RF front-end faucet , It also has a large number of communication patents .2021 year , Qualcomm revenue 335.66 Billion dollars , Major revenue growth includes smartphone products 、 RF products and Internet of things products , The world's largest chip design company .

NVIDIA is a global GPU The absolute leader of the market , Its 2022 Revenue for the fiscal year reached 269.1 Billion dollars , For the world's second largest chip design company .

Broadcom is an old semiconductor giant in the United States , In the set-top box SoC、 Wired network chip 、 RF front end 、Wi-Fi Semiconductor products and services occupy a high market share .2021 year , Botom revenue 274.5 Billion dollars , Rank third .

MediaTek is a major competitor of Qualcomm , On smartphones SoC、TWS Headphone chip 、 Internet of things chips and other fields have layout .2021 year , MediaTek's revenue is NT $ 4934.15 One hundred million yuan ( renminbi 1127.95 element ), It's a smartphone SoC The largest manufacturer in terms of shipments .

However, although today's top five chip design companies were already the industry leaders as early as a decade ago , However, the fifth and sixth revenue faults have only appeared in recent three years .

02. Back to key markets , Semiconductor mergers and acquisitions exacerbate the emergence of faults

from 2019 Year begins , The top five chip design giants and Top10 The revenue gap between the last five manufacturers began to gradually widen . This is not only because the top five chip design giants have gained advantages in the market earlier , It's also because it's in a smart phone 、 Data Center 、5G、PC And other fast-growing markets .

According to the statistics, the company Statista The data of , from 2020 Year to 2030 year , Smart phones are the largest segment of the global semiconductor market ,2020 In, the smart phone semiconductor market reached 1160 Billion dollars , To 2030 This figure may become 2100 Billion dollars .

Behind smartphones is PC、 service \ Data center and storage market (Servers,data centers,and storage),2020 In, the sales of the two types of semiconductors were 1000 $and 760 Billion dollars , This also happens to be Qualcomm 、 Ying Wei Da 、 broadcom 、 Undad and AMD The business scope of the five chip design companies .

▲ Global semiconductor sales by market ( picture source :Statista)

2018 year -2021 year , Yes 3 Top 10 chip design companies , But these companies did not fall out of the list because of market competition or being squeezed out of the list by the fast-growing revenue of other chip design manufacturers . The fact is that , Huawei Hisilicon 、Dialog And Xilinx no longer appear on the list because they are sanctioned by the United States or acquired by other industry leaders .

2018 year , Huawei is listed as an entity by the US government , Have the ability to design 14nm A smart phone SoC Huawei Hisilicon has difficulty in obtaining the capacity of wafer factories such as TSMC . kirin 9000 Become Huawei 5G mobile phone SoC The last song of , Huawei mobile phones can only use 4G SoC.

2020、2021 Two years , The United States, one of the top ten chip design companies FPGA Leading Xilinx and the old analog chip factory in the UK Dialog It has been successively initiated to acquire , Now both acquisitions have been completed .

2020 year 10 month ,AMD Launch an acquisition of Xilinx , The acquisition amount is up to 350 Billion dollars .2022 year 2 month , The State Administration of supervision conditionally approves AMD Acquisition of Xilinx . after ,AMD Announced the formal completion of the acquisition of Xilinx .

▲AMD Announced the completion of the acquisition of Xilinx

2021 year 2 month , Japanese auto chip giant Renesas Electronics announced to 60 US $100 million acquisition Dialog.2021 year 8 month , Renesas Electronics announced the completion of Dialog Acquisition . And in the same year 10 month 1 The date of Dialog Former senior vice president and general manager of Vivek Bhan Take over as senior vice president of Renesas electronics and deputy general manager of automotive solutions business department .

2021 year ,Dialog It is no longer among the top ten chip design companies in the world , Instead, Taiwan, China's display driver chip design company Qijing Optoelectronics .2022 year ,AMD After the merger with Xilinx , Its revenue scale may be further improved , Once again, the gap between the top five chip design companies in the world and the sixth to tenth places , The fault of the top five chip design giants will increase again .

03. The top five chip design giants create legends

In addition to market and M & A factors , The top five chip design giants also stand out from the heavy competition , And has its own legend .

1、 qualcomm : Start with communication , Defeat Deyi to become a mobile phone SoC The king

Among the top five factories , Qualcomm was first a wireless communications technology company , Founded on 1985 year .1989 Years and 1993 year , Qualcomm has introduced division multiplexing technology (TDMA) And division multiplexing technology (CDMA), Created 2G and 3G Communication standards of the times .

2000 year , Qualcomm sells its mobile phone and network equipment business , Focus on communication technology and mobile phones SoC The development of . Due to its accumulation in the field of communication and patent wall ,2007 In, Qualcomm surpassed Texas Instruments to become the world's largest wireless chip supplier .

2021 year , Qualcomm continues to be the world's largest chip design company , Its unauthorized business income amounted to 270 Billion dollars , Major revenue growth includes smartphone products 、 RF products and Internet of things products .

according to 2021 Annual financial report , Because of apples and other OEM The manufacturer is right 5G Increased product demand , Qualcomm smartphone products have grown 63.69 Billion dollars , among 36 $billion is due to Qualcomm's SoC Shipment growth .

Besides , Qualcomm's revenue from RF products increased 17.96 Billion dollars 、 Automobile products have increased 3.31 Billion dollars ,IoT Product growth 20.30 Billion dollars .

▲ qualcomm 2021 Annual business revenue ( Data sources : qualcomm 2021 Annual financial report )

2、 Ying Wei Da : Bet on AI , Become AI Calculate the faucet

NVIDIA was founded in 1993 year , Its original intention is to develop PC Image rendering chip in computer .1995 NVIDIA launched its first product NV1, But sales are poor .

1997 After year , adopt NV3、TNT and TNT2 And other follow-up products , NVIDIA beat its original competitor in the field of image rendering chips 3DFX, Established its own market position . With the increasing demand for games and video ,1999 NVIDIA launched its first GPU( Graphics processor ), This product is well received .

2004 year , NVIDIA founder Huang Renxun found GPU It is far more efficient in parallel computing than CPU. therefore , NVIDIA started developing CUDA Programming tools , by GPU It has laid a solid foundation for becoming a general-purpose processor .2012 year , At the University of Toronto Geoffrey Hinton Submitted a file named AlexNet Deep convolution neural network algorithm , stay ImageNet Won the first place in the computer vision challenge , The algorithm adopts NVIDIA GTX 580 GPU Training . The error rate is only 16%, The error rate of the second place is more than 56%.

because GPU Advantages in artificial intelligence algorithms and parallel computing ,GPU It has gradually become a general chip in the field of Artificial Intelligence Computing and data center . NVIDIA, which deployed artificial intelligence early, has become a big winner in the era of artificial intelligence .

Ying Wei Da 2022 Revenue for the fiscal year reached 269.1 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 61%, The main reason is NVIDIA's game 、 Data center and professional visualization business .

stay 2022 The fiscal year , NVIDIA's game business grew year-on-year 61%, reach 124.6 Billion dollars ; Its data center business revenue increased year-on-year 58%, reach 106.1 Billion dollars ; Professional visualization business revenue growth 100%, achieve 21.1 Billion dollars ; The automotive and robotics businesses grew 6%, reach 5.66 Billion dollars .

In these NVIDIA businesses , Game business 、 Data Center 、 Professional visualization's three most important revenues all set new revenue records , Help NVIDIA surpass Broadcom to become the second largest chip design company .

▲ Ying Wei Da 2022 Revenue of each business in the fiscal year ( Data sources : Ying Wei Da 2021 Fiscal year earnings )

3、 broadcom : Anhuagao swallows big success with small “ new ” broadcom

Broadcom was founded in 1991 year , It is the industry leader in the field of communication .2000 year , Broadcom launched a crazy acquisition , More than five acquisitions have been made in the field of Communications , The total amount exceeds 60 Billions of euros .

after , Broadcom has completed M & A transactions in both multimedia and storage businesses , Include 14 Billion euros for Silicon Spic、28 Billion euros for NetLogic Microsystems etc. .

however “ Buying maniacs ” Broadcom was also acquired one day . In order to 66 US $billion acquisition of us chip suppliers LSI after , Anwago is 2015 In the past years 370 Bought Broadcom for us $100 million , Completed the famous "swallow big with small" in the semiconductor industry . thereafter , The new Broadcom continues to maintain its communication 、 Leading position in multimedia and other fields .

2017 year 11 month , Broadcom also made a takeover offer to Qualcomm , Propose to 1050 Acquire all the outstanding shares of Qualcomm for us $100 million , After that, the acquisition offer was raised to 1210 Billion dollars . however 2018 year 3 month , U.S. regulators cited national security issues as an excuse , Vetoed Broadcom's plan to acquire Qualcomm , This amazing acquisition ended in failure .

2021 year , Botom revenue 274.5 Billion dollars , Its main products are set-top boxes SoC、 Wired network chip 、 RF front end module 、Wi-Fi Chip and other semiconductor products and software services .

▲ Broadcom products and terminal market ( picture source : broadcom 2021 Fourth quarter earnings )

4、 mediatek : from DVD The chip starts , Has become a smartphone SoC Shipping volume is the first

MediaTek was founded by caimingjie from Taiwan, China , He was the first person in Taiwan, China to introduce semiconductor technology , nickname “ Taiwan IC The godfather of design ”.1997 year , MediaTek was founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, China .

MediaTek first relied on optical disk storage technology and technology DVD Chip started , Integrate the originally expensive video and digital decoding chips together , And provide software solutions , Greatly reduced DVD The price of .2001 year , MediaTek occupied DVD In the chip market 60%, And listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the same year .

2003 year , MediaTek enters the mobile phone chip industry , Also through high integration , Be able to provide mobile phone chips and software solutions at low cost , Its scheme is adopted by many fake mobile phones , The industry calls it “ Father of shanzhaiji ”.

Smart phone Era , MediaTek's cost-effective strategy , By Huawei 、 Selected by ZTE and other domestic mobile phone brands , Enter the middle and low-end smartphone market , Become Qualcomm's main competitor .

2021 year , MediaTek's revenue is NT $ 4934.15 One hundred million yuan ( renminbi 1127.95 One hundred million yuan ), growth 53.2%, Record high for two consecutive years , The net profit is NT $ 2316.05 One hundred million yuan ( renminbi 529.45 One hundred million yuan ), Year-on-year growth 63.6%.

According to MediaTek CEO Cai Lixing , Its products have been applied to 20 Billion electronic devices , All businesses have achieved growth . In the smartphone business , The main revenue growth of MediaTek comes from 5G Growth in smartphone sales , And expect 2022 In, it was outside China 5G Shipments will double .

According to the market consulting company Counterpoint The data of ,2021 In, MediaTek's shipments accounted for... Of Android smartphones SoC Of 46%, Qualcomm is 35%. Most of the market share growth of MediaTek comes from the fact that the price of mobile phones is lower than 299 The middle and low-end market of the dollar , Qualcomm is 399 In the medium and high-end models above USD SoC And RF front-end .

▲2021 Android phones by price in AP/SoC Chipset share ( picture source :Counterpoint)

5、AMD: Fifty years of trouble with Intel , Su Ma led her to rejuvenate

AMD Founded on 1969 year , Its founder Jerry Sanders And the founder of Intel are also from Fairchild Semiconductor , Just a sales executive , Not a technology guru . use Sanders In his own words :“ Intel 5 It will come in ten minutes 500 $10000 venture capital , and AMD But it took 500 Ten thousand minutes to pull 5 Thousands of dollars .”

Due to the feeling of colleagues , Intel co-founder Robert · Noyce (Robert Noyce) by AMD Financing , And authorize AMD Selling Intel processors . therefore AMD As “ The second supplier ” Focus on cost performance , Capture the high-end and low-end markets respectively with Intel .

1981 year , Intel's groundbreaking 16 position 8086 The processor gets IBM Order . It is reported that due to limited production capacity ,IBM Require Intel to license AMD To co produce .

However, the time of cooperation between the two countries is not long , Intel and AMD There was a huge disagreement over the mandate . Both sides 1987 year -1994 There was a long lawsuit in . Final AMD Win a lawsuit , To obtain the x86 to grant authorization .

Even though AMD Win a lawsuit , but 1993 In, Intel launched a performance boom 586( Galloping ), take AMD Left behind . after ,AMD Began to introduce self-developed processors , Start a technical confrontation with Intel .

During this time ,AMD And Intel's products have a winner or loser , Become a couple “ Mortal enemy ”.2005 year 3 Month Intel IDF At the developer conference ,AMD Even funded the flight show team to pull out AMD“Turion 64” The words... .

▲AMD The air show team wrote in the air “Turion 64”

2006 year ,AMD With 54 $billion acquisition of the then GPU The second ATI, Go across CPU and GPU Two markets . But less than two years ,AMD take ATI Mobile business department Imageon Our product line is based on 6500 Sold to Qualcomm for $million , Missed the mobile market , Gradually fall into the downwind , Even consider selling the company's headquarters building when you are in the worst situation .

2014 year , Su Zifeng takes over AMD CEO, By creating better products 、 Strengthen customer cooperation and simplify business processes , Focus on games 、 Markets such as data centers and embedded devices , It's back to life .

2020 year 10 month ,AMD To the United States FPGA Leading Xilinx launched the acquisition , The transaction amount reaches 350 Billion dollars .2022 year 2 month , With the consent of national regulators ,AMD Announced the formal completion of the acquisition of Xilinx .

2021 year ,AMD Revenue of 164 Billion dollars , growth 68%, It mainly benefits from calculation and graphics (Computing and Graphics) And businesses 、 Embedded and semi custom (Enterprise,Embedded and Semi-Custom) Revenue growth in both sectors .

Its calculation and graphics department revenue 93.32 Billion dollars , Speed up 45%; Revenue from embedded and semi customized parts 71.02 Billion dollars , growth 113%.

▲2021 year AMD Proportion of revenue of each business ( picture source :2021 year AMD results )

04. Conclusion : Moore's law promotes oligopoly , A new node in the chip design industry is coming ?

In the past two years , Impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia , A smart phone 、 Data Center 、PC The demand for chips in other fields is growing rapidly , qualcomm 、 Ying Wei Da 、 broadcom 、 mediatek 、AMD The revenue of chip design giants also shows a trend of rapid growth . In order to ensure their own technical strength and product competitiveness , These chip design giants are opening up new product lines : Qualcomm began to strengthen the automotive industry 、AR/VR Business ; NVIDIA push GPU+CPU+DPU Data center strategy , And buy Arm;AMD Acquire Xilinx to strengthen FPGA etc. .

For the chip design industry , One side ,5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Emerging technologies such as big data are developing rapidly , The performance of the chip 、 Power consumption requirements continue to improve . But on the other hand , At present, Moore's law faces a bottleneck , The cost of chip design in advanced processes is increasing . therefore , Only a large enough chip market can accommodate advanced process chips , Only industry leaders have power 、 Ability to perform product iterations , It promotes the emergence of the fault between oligopoly market and chip design companies .

future , With the strengthening of countries' awareness of ensuring their own semiconductor supply , It will be more alert to the merger and acquisition of semiconductor giants . Post Moore era and post epidemic era , The chip design industry that has shown Oligarchic Competition may enter a new node .

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