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Mercedes Benz will start selling L3 level auto drive system

2022-05-07 17:40:10Chinese industry information station


Drive Pilot Can take over dynamic driving behavior under certain conditions , Reduce the pressure on the driver , Thus, the user can save driving time, rest in the car or engage in other work . For example, communicate with colleagues through in car office functions , Use the car machine to send messages and emails , Browse the Internet , Or even sit down and relax , Watching movies .

The system can be used throughout Germany 13191 Kilometers of highway , Enabled in busy road traffic conditions , The maximum speed is no higher than 60km/h. The sensors on the system include radar 、 Lidar and camera , And ultrasonic and humidity sensors , They are going to the car “ The brain ” Provide road condition data . The system can control the speed 、 Brake and lane position .

Drive Pilot The system can ask the driver to take over at any time , This is also L3 Prerequisites for the auto drive system , If the driver is 10 No response in seconds , The car will come to an emergency stop .

A Mercedes spokesman said on Friday , The system will only be available on new vehicles , No refurbishment , Because it needs to install special hardware .

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