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Musk "painted a big cake" for Twitter: the revenue increased fourfold in seven years, and the user scale exceeded 900 million

2022-05-07 17:40:21Chinese industry information station

In Musk's plan ,2028 Year is an important time node . In his plan, he said , Twitter's annual revenue will be 2028 To 264 Billion dollars , Compare with 2021 Year of 50.8 $billion, an increase of more than 400%; The number of users reaches 9.31 Hundreds of millions of people , a 2021 At the end of the year 2.17 Billion people increased by more than 7 Billion ; The revenue contributed by a single user will reach 30.22 dollar , a 2021 Year of 24.83 An increase of $ 5.39 dollar .

Although these goals “ beat the Dutch ”, But the content of the plan is in line with Musk's past criticism of twitter .

Significantly reduce dependence on advertising

The plan shows , stay 2028 Year of 264 Of $billion in revenue , Advertising revenue will be 120 Billion dollars , The share dropped to 45%, Subscription revenue will reach 100 Billion dollars , remainder 44 The revenue of US $100 million is contributed by businesses such as data authorization .

This revenue distribution is also in line with what musk has been advocating “ Reduce dependence on advertisers ”.

From Musk's past tweets, we can see , He has always opposed the dominance of advertisers on the platform . He thinks that , Without relying on advertising, you can not be coerced by advertisers , Can maintain true independence and objectivity .

However, from Twitter's past financial data, it is not difficult to find , Advertising revenue has been absolutely dominant in twitter revenue .

2021 year , Twitter achieves revenue 50.8 Billion dollars , The advertising revenue is about 45 Billion dollars , Proportion 89%.2020 year , The number is also as high as 90%.

 Comparison of revenue of different business segments of twitter , Blue is advertising revenue , source :Statista database
Comparison of revenue of different business segments of twitter , Blue is advertising revenue , source :Statista database

before , Many analysts also said , For twitter under musk , It is inevitable to reduce dependence on advertising , Because musk claims “ Absolute freedom of speech ” It is bound to lead a large number of financiers to leave this platform . In the past two years , Include Facebook、Instagram Many social media platforms, including, have encountered brands canceling advertising due to speech problems .

However, due to Twitter's high dependence on advertising revenue for many years , Many analysts said they were not optimistic about the move to reduce the proportion of advertising .

Increase subscription revenue 、 Payment services, etc

Reduce the proportion of advertising revenue of a social media from 90% to less than half , It's obviously a drastic change . Musk's plan is to use “ Subscription income ”“ Payment services ” Wait to fill the hole left by cutting advertising .

Twitter just launched a paid subscription service last year “ Twitter blue (Twitter Blue)” It has always attracted Musk's attention .

“ Twitter blue ” Is Twitter's first paid subscription service , Users who subscribe on a monthly basis can enjoy the cancellation of tweets 、 Customize advanced functions such as application icons .

Before buying twitter , Musk has been to “ Twitter blue ” Put forward various improvement suggestions , Including price reduction ( At present, every month 2.99 dollar )、 Prepaid annual fee for the whole year ( At present, it is paid monthly )、 Show “ Certification mark ”、 Accept local currency and virtual currency payment, etc .

In Musk's latest plan ,“ Twitter blue ” Your users will be in 2025 reach 6900 ten thousand people , To 2028 year , This number will reach 1.59 Billion , In the total number of users 9.31 More than 100 million people 17%.

Besides , Payment services will also become one of Twitter's main sources of revenue . Musk said in the plan that , To 2028 year , Twitter's payment service will realize 13 $100 million in revenue .

at present , Twitter's payment service only covers rewards 、 Shopping, etc , The proportion of revenue is almost negligible .《 The New York times 》 Speculate that , Between musk and PayPal Experience of success , Twitter may build its own payment capacity in the future . in other words , In the future, there will be a “ Twitter pay ” It's not impossible .

Besides , The plan also describes a project called “X” Mysterious subscription service , The service will be available in 2023 Annual online , Anticipate 2023 I have 900 Million users 、 To 2028 Increased to 1.04 100 million users .

In addition to the business model Outlook , The plan also revealed the issue of layoffs, which is of great concern to the outside world . The plan shows , To 2025 year , Twitter will have 11072 Employees , The current number of employees is 7500 about . What's interesting is that , Musk has planned the changes in the number of employees in the next few years :2022 The number of employees will increase to 9225 name ,2023 In, it was laid off to 8332 name , Then add again .

About Musk's acquisition of twitter , There are many bad mouthers among the spectators , Many analysts think , Twitter, which has been losing money for years, has become an unsustainable “ awful mess ”. But whether in charge of Tesla or management SpaceX, Musk always shows his extraordinary vision , Maybe twitter will also become Musk's popular target in the future “ Representative work ”.

 twitter 2010 year -2021 Annual net profit , source :Statista database
twitter 2010 year -2021 Annual net profit , source :Statista database

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