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After half an hour, I don't want to go to department stores to buy beauty makeup. The reason is not just the price

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Impacted by the low price of online e-commerce 、 Offline services are frequently questioned , Loss of old customers , New guests don't come , How to get out of the dilemma in the department store cosmetics area ?

21 Year old dream ( alias ) Rarely go to department stores , She usually makes an appointment with her friends on weekends , from 2 spot “ kill ” To 8 spot , Then go next door and have a hot pot .“ Shopping is too tired .” She said ,“ Why don't you sit down and burn your brain , Let the body rest , Logic is tempered .” As for cosmetics ,“ Who will go offline ‘ Great injustice ’? There is Li Jiaqi on the Internet 、 Tiktok 、 A lot of spelling Price comparison of various overseas shopping platforms , You can buy genuine products at the lowest price .”

The price factor is only one aspect ,《 Future traces Future Beauty》 survey 108 A consumer found , The idea of dream is 00 Very typical in the latter group . For those who grew up in the Internet Environment 00 For the next generation , Online e-commerce is “ Native ” Your shopping path , They not only don't have enough reason Go by Take a trip to the Department Store , part “ Social phobic patients ” Even in “ escape ” department , The farther the better .

What is the problem of the younger generation , Or department stores can't keep up with the needs of new consumers ?

During the March 8th movement , The cosmetics counter in Wuhan Wushang square is crowded

50% above 00 Don't go shopping after

《 Future traces Future Beauty》 The results of the latest cosmetics consumption habits questionnaire show that , stay 108 Of the respondents , Be close to 40% People who “ Almost never go to department stores ”, In addition, there are 50% People only go shopping once every six months .

near 40% Of respondents “ Almost never go to department stores ”

And those who received the questionnaire 00 Post consumer , The proportion of people who never go to department stores is more than half , TaoBao 、 JD.COM Online shopping platform is their shopping platform “ Main position ”.

63% Of 00 I almost never go shopping after

meanwhile , The reach rate of department store cosmetics marketing activities has become a big problem , Including those who don't go shopping in department stores 00 Back inside , have only 20% Of respondents said they had a certain understanding of the recent discount of cosmetics in department stores in spring , Most people actually don't know what department stores are doing .“ There are wechat official account that follow several department stores , But after paying too much attention to numbers , Basically, I can't brush them , And I seldom go shopping, so I don't pay much attention to .” Another consumer Xiaoxiao said .

only 22% Consumers understand the preferential strength of department store cosmetics counters

So here comes the question , Why? 00 They don't like shopping anymore ?

stay “ Satisfaction with department stores ” In the question of , near 60% Of people think department store service is very “ Ordinary ”, only 18% Of the respondents were very satisfied with the department store shopping experience and would give priority to purchasing cosmetics offline , have other 12% Of people think offline shopping “ too troublesome ”.

near 60% Of respondents believed that department store services “ Ordinary ”

Asked about “ The reason that finally led you to complete your purchase in the Department Store ”, Yes 26% Of 00 Later, the investigators believed that it was offline services such as high-end beauty salons in department stores , another 34% I think the authentic guarantee of department stores is reassuring , and “ Price advantage ”、“ Membership score ”、“ Mall Exhibition 、 Star platform and other activities attract ” It's not very attractive .

The ultimate reason for consumers to buy cosmetics in department stores

The biggest advantage of department store counters , Is being diluted

The questionnaire shows that ,00 Later consumers believe that the three biggest advantages of shopping at department stores are “ You can try , Feel the goods on the spot ”、“ Get the goods at the first time ” as well as “ Genuine guarantee ”.

00 Later, I thought “ You can try ”、“ Look and buy ”、“ Genuine guarantee ” Is the biggest advantage of department store counters

But apparently , In recent years , Cosmetic brands are constantly trying to improve trial services in e-commerce channels 、 Lower the purchase threshold and strengthen after-sales stickiness . In this way , The advantages of department store counters are being greatly diluted by e-commerce .

First , Trial installation problem . Currently in tmall flagship store , Almost all high-end cosmetics brands have launched “ Sample delivery ” Service to attract new fans . For example, in Helena tmall flagship store , Young consumers only need one click to join brand members , Pay in advance 20 element , You can get a total of 3ml Helena green bottle essence and new skin lotion of the same series , And a value 20 Full discount coupon of RMB , Can be used in subsequent purchases .

From Helena tmall flagship store

secondly , Genuine protection . With the development of cosmetics brands “ Online Omni channel ”, Not only tmall , JD.COM 、 Tiktok 、 Well quickly Even spell more , Are attracting brand officials to settle in , To strengthen the authenticity of the platform , Some Haitao websites also provide counter identification services .

Not only trial 、 Authentic products and other advantages are eroded , The price level is less competitive than online .

According to the respondent's reply , Price is still the core factor for them to choose online shopping . There are many online shopping platforms 、 Lots of activities , Greater discounts . and 00 Most of the post consumers are students or those who have just entered the society “ New blood ” Workers , They not only compare the price of tmall when buying cosmetics 、 JD.COM 、 A lot of spelling , There is also a rebate network in the mobile phone 、 What is worth buying 、 Know the goods 、 Gift theory 、 Let's go for the powder 、 Money saving express, etc APP. Buy high-quality goods at the lowest price in the whole network , That's what they want .

“ Plucking wool ” It has also become a consumption habit of young people , It's in Douban “ Buy a group ”、“ Put together ”、“ Train crew ” And other groups sharing preferential information . at present , The buying group has 123818 Members of the team , The hottest posts are about 44.8 Wan's discussion , The posts in the group are mostly cosmetic preferential information .

douban “ Buy a group ”

And at the Department Store , Frequency of preferential activities 、 The discount is very weak compared with online , And there are very few brand guarantee nodes online At the same price .

According to the 《 Future traces Future Beauty》 Observe , In the near future “ Buy a group ” There is a piece of essence of Estee Lauder's seventh generation small brown bottle “ Spell list ” stick , Paste inside 100 The price of ML small brown bottle essence is 520 RMB , During the March 8th festival of offline department stores , Estee Lauder counter 50 Ml essence participates in “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ” The discount becomes 100 Ml still needs 900 element .

Estee Lauder collage on Douban

“ Look and buy ”, Seems to be the only remaining channel in the Department Store “ The moat ”.

00 What kind of department store and cosmetics area do you want to visit later ?

And at the same time , Department stores BA Face to face with consumers , Also began to let young consumers “ non-inductive ”.

“ Sometimes as soon as you enter the store , The salesperson will come , Follow you all the way , Feel being watched shopping , It's uncomfortable to buy it or not .”00 Hou Xiaoluo ( alias ) say . More Than This ,《 Future traces Future Beauty》 I visited the cosmetics counter of Wuhan Department store and found , A lot of brand activity information needs to be asked separately BA To know , And this part “ social phobia ”00 Later said , Directly become the reason why they refuse to buy department stores .

Besides , Department store high-end beauty shop for 00 Later, it was said that the attraction was not so great .“ Although I don't mind experiencing , But I always feel that with my current skin state , To do this kind of high-end care is a little ‘ overqualified ’ 了 , I prefer cooking or playing games at this time .” The above respondents said .

So on the other hand , Is the department store out of touch with young customers ? The questionnaire shows , about 33% Of 00 Later, I hope the department store counter will provide more preferential prices and more gifts .

actually , In order to attract consumers to shop , In recent years, offline concessions have been increasing year by year .《 Future traces Future Beauty》 In this year's department store March 8th 、 The spring cosmetics Festival visited many department stores and found , Some department store cosmetics counter samples have reached “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ” The amount of discount , And it can stack department store full reduction activities . Take Wushang square as an example , This year's March 8th Festival, its cosmetics area will enjoy “880 change 1000” Discount ,4 Discount for full bank cards , And the preferential activities of each brand ; And in the 2021 In, only 2 Bank card full discount and each brand's own preferential activities ;2019 On March 8th, only members 5000 Points against 100 Yuan brand e-Voucher activity .

22% Of 00 Later, I thought , The commodity and activity information of department store counters should be marked more clearly 、 clear , The salesperson doesn't need to be too enthusiastic , It's best to launch the consumer independent shopping mode ;10% Of 00 Later, I thought , If offline department stores have resources dedicated to products , Will be more attractive ; also 5% Of 00 Later, I thought , Department stores should create trendy features to attract young consumers .

Shanghai Daimaru department store is considered to be the current Shanghai “ The most beautiful boutique department store ”. In addition to various brand exhibitions , Altman has made big pills in Shanghai 50 Anniversary of the 、 Easy bear 、 dragonball 、 The size of Saint Seiya IP Theme Exhibition , as well as 「 Lonely instant noodles —100 Bowl time 」、「humor.human The world in the eyes of comedians 」、「 extend — East section of Nanjing Road Walkway 」 Street Photography Art Exhibition 、2020 Interactive installation group exhibition of young artists jointly created by echo art in 「THE REVEALING Appearance 」 And other art exhibitions , Attract many young people to punch in .

Shanghai Dawan department store interactive device group exhibition 「THE REVEALING Appearance 」

so to speak , High end decoration design 、 There are many brand star activities 、 The artistic atmosphere of cultural exhibition is sufficient , It has become a characteristic attribute of Shanghai Dawan department store , It is believed that this is also giving rise to the transformation and upgrading 、 Some enlightenment from department stores trying to be younger .

But on the other hand , Age group of department store consumers 、 The gradual loss of customers is on the board nailing Fact ,“ Digitization ”、“ Private domain construction ” It has also become the transformation direction of many department stores . Consumers don't want to come offline , Then the department stores will extend in the opposite direction , Create a digital field to attract consumers .

“ Transformation is becoming what department stores have to do , Or transform and upgrade , Or do MALL.” A senior operation manager of Wuhan Department store told 《 Future traces Future Beauty》, For cosmetics , Simple commodity purchase is certainly not attractive to the younger generation , On the one hand, young consumers can touch and perceive department stores online through digital means , On the other hand, offline provides a service experience that they are willing to accept , This is the challenge of department stores , It is also a proposition for future survival .

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