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Be able to write and carry e-books. New products can be big or small

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 Can write and carry pocket New e-books can be big or small

Color screen e-books can read comics 、 The office book with a stylus can write smoothly 、 Carry the portable model into your pocket …… Among the related activities held on World Book Day , New ink screen e-books have attracted much attention . The digital age , What changes have taken place in the way people read ?

E-reading has become the mainstream way of reading

The eye protection function of e-books is favored

According to the Chinese Academy of press and publication 《 Results of the 19th national reading survey 》 Show ,2021 Years have 77.4% Of adult citizens have read on mobile phones ;71.6% Of adult citizens have read online ;27.3% Adult citizens read on e-readers ;21.7% Of adult citizens use tablet computers for digital reading . Compared with the previous year, all data increased steadily or basically flat , Adult citizens have an obvious tendency of digital reading .

meanwhile , The first national reading conference held recently was released ,《2021 Annual China Digital Reading Report 》 Show , In terms of the age of digital reading users ,44.63% by 19 to 25 Year old users ,27.25% by 18 Users under the age of . In terms of reading form preference , The use of electronic reading is as high as 96.81%, At the same time, in E-reading, users read 2 Proportion of more than hours 57.97%. so , E-reading has become a mainstream way of reading .

Issued by Ruiguan Industrial Research Institute 《2021-2025 China's e-book reader market outlook forecast and investment proposal report 》 I mentioned , Although more and more users have read e-books through smart phones , But e-book readers have their unmatched “ Eye protection ” Function and reading experience , Still favored by a large number of consumers . It is expected that in the next few years , The domestic e-book reader market will still maintain a good development trend .

Replaceable refill supports a variety of strokes

Write down your reading notes with a stylus at any time

The transformation of digital intelligence era expands the new scene of digital reading , It brings readers a more immersive reading experience . In order not to become “ Cover the artifact of instant noodles ”, E-book readers have also launched more detailed products according to different use scenarios . First , Is to be able to write smoothly 、 An office book recorded at any time , It has been favored by many office workers and the student party .

On the market , not a few iPad as well as Android Tablets are also equipped with a stylus , And through the optimization of screen hardware and software, the writing delay is very good , But the experience of the nib hitting on the glass plate , Or is it different from the feeling of writing on traditional paper . The ink screen device relies on the advantages of screen characteristics and display effect , In the refresh rate, you can only do 10Hz to 20Hz At the same time , It well simulates the familiar touch and appearance of handwriting , It is the closest screen material to traditional handwriting at present .

In recent days, , E-books released by Huawei MatePad Paper Become one of the products with high attention . The product is equipped with a piece of 10.3 " E-Ink Ink screen , This size has been regarded as a very heavyweight existence in e-books .

The handwriting effect of this product is smoother , Support a variety of brushes and according to 4096 Different handwriting effects realized by step pressure feeling , However, the tilt sensing of stylus is not supported yet , Can not achieve the commonly used brush operation in painting .

In the handwriting experience part of software optimization , In addition to the quick notes of global call out and the split screen note taking function that can be used together with other applications , A variety of preset templates are also built in the system , It is convenient for users to quickly select and use according to different note scenarios .

A smart office book of iFLYTEK has also achieved better performance “ Handwriting ” Experience . Because many professionals have the habit of recording their work with paper and pen , The office book is matched with the original customized electromagnetic pen through the flexible ink screen , Continue the habit of writing . Carefully adjusted screen pen friction , Create a real pen and paper writing “ Rusty feeling ”.0.1 Mm suspended screen patented technology , Restore the elastic feel of writing on a stack of paper . All recorded notes , It is also very convenient to retrieve , Don't go back and forth like paper notes , Just say the note time or key words , You can find relevant notes .

The flagship model of palm reading technology iReader Smart X2 Also equipped with a stylus , And the refill can be replaced , There is a pen inside the product 、 The pencil 、 Ball pen 、 Mark pen and other five different stroke effects , Support 15 Level thickness adjustment , Meet the requirements of drawing 、 Various needs such as shorthand . Software aspect , Product support is PDF、Office And other documents 、 Handwritten annotation in book format .

Increase color saturation and refresh rate

Color ink screen “ evolution ” in

For comic lovers , Color screen e-books have more advantages . E-reader products have developed for more than ten years , Always stay in black and white . Over the years , With Kindle The leading reader manufacturers have been committed to finding solutions for color ink screens , However, there has always been a technical problem of color electronic ink 、 Refresh slow 、 High cost problem .

last year , iReader iReader、 aragonite BOOX、 IFLYTEK and other well-known reader brands have successively released their first color ink screen reader , Let the ink screen reading enter the color era .

among , IFLYTEK's color e-reader is equipped with a piece of 6 Inch high definition screen , Suitable for children's picture books 、 Reading comic books and illustrated books . In order to really make the color display clear and natural , The color electronic ink screen has been optimized : Aiming at the problem of insufficient color saturation , Realized the picture color enhancement mechanism , Improve its display sharpness in comics and picture books . Aiming at the problem of different resolution between color mode and black-and-white mode , Optimized the display mode switching algorithm , Improved transition smoothness . At the same time, aiming at the problem of low reflection rate of color screen , stay 24 On the basis of class headlights , The algorithm of uniform light is designed , Achieve the best balance between color restoration and soft brightness .212ppi The screen pixel density is sufficient for the reader to view from multiple angles , The content displayed is always clear .

The fourth generation of color ink screen technology launched by palm reading technology , Color contrast is improved 40%, Saturation increases 15%, The whiteness of the background color is improved 10%, Black and white contrast is improved 30%. It is expected that the brand will also launch e-book with the latest color ink screen technology in the future .

In recent days, ,E Ink Yuantai technology launches a new generation of full-color electronic paper E Ink Gallery 3, Lock in the e-book reader and e-paper notebook market . according to the understanding of , The electronic paper is based on the technical architecture of full-color electronic paper , In cyan 、 Magenta 、 yellow 、 Four kinds of electronic inks such as white realize the color display effect of full color gamut . Its update speed in color display is greatly improved , In fast color display mode , Update speed is 500 millisecond ; The standard mode is 750 to 1000 millisecond ; The best color display mode is 1500 millisecond , Compared with the first generation of black-and-white display, it takes 2 second 、 Color update time needs 10 second , Bring a significant speed increase . The resolution of the product is determined by the first generation 150ppi Up to the 300ppi, And support digital handwriting function , Except black and white , Pen writing can also present several main colors . Besides , The new color electronic paper reduces the amount of blue light reflected from the surface of the display , Provide digital reading experience with low blue light and visual health .

Lighter than a cell phone

Pocket e-books are easy to read

Small screen e-books can be easily put into your pocket , Easy to read anytime, anywhere , It can be called a sharp weapon for fragment reading .

aragonite Boox Introduction 7 " Leaf As a new product this year, it is highly expected . As a portable e-book reader , The fuselage is about 13 centimeter , long 16.5 centimeter , Thickness only 5.9 mm , Very light . And its resolution has reached 300ppi, Ensure a good reading experience . The bare metal weight is 170g, Achieve the best balance between portable reading and weight .

Palm reading was launched two years ago, with a size of only 5.84 " FACENOTE F1, About the size of a cell phone , Perfect for pockets . One of this year's new products uses 7 Inch ink screen , In a large number of large screen products, we still haven't given up “ Pocket ” market , Maintain the richness of the product line , Make me like portable 、 Users with side grip design have a new choice .

The ink case was released at the end of last year inkPalm 5 It's a typical mini e-book , Once popular in the market . It USES a 5.2 Inch ink screen , The weight of the whole machine is only 115g, Even lighter than a cell phone . In such a small size , This reader has 1280×720 The resolution of the , The pixel density has reached 284ppi, Ensures clearer reading . It is worth mentioning that , As an entry-level product , The product still supports 24 Level cold and warm two-color temperature reading lamp adjustment , For small friends who often read e-books , The adjustable color temperature and backlight of the screen can better reduce visual fatigue .

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