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2022-05-07 18:00:55It information - it home

thank IT Home of friends Blue coast Nibiru I am deeply moved and think The clues are delivered !

IT The home of 5 month 7 Daily news , Information display , In recent days, , The business status of Shenzhen Express Technology Co., Ltd. is changed to “ Revoke , Not cancelled ”. The company was founded in 2007 year 12 month , The registered capital 1000 Thousands of yuan , Due to Lu 、 Zhang Kedong 、 Liu Yan holds shares jointly . The company's foreign investment has 6 companies , Including Beijing Express Technology Co., Ltd 、 Hunan fast broadcasting technology Co., Ltd , The current operating status is “ Cancellation ” or “ Revoke , Not cancelled ”.

2016 year , Nora was sentenced on suspicion of spreading obscene articles for profit , Nora was fined 1000 ten thousand ,CEO Wang Xin was sentenced 3 year 6 Months . According to the 2021 The ruling published in showed that , The bankruptcy property distribution plan of Nora company has been implemented .

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