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The value of crayfish plummeted, and the wholesale price of a kilogram was less than 20 yuan

2022-05-07 18:01:2436kr

Extreme low prices , It's often after crayfish's place of origin is centralized and listed , Being sold off by wholesalers due to the lack of logistics due to the epidemic or other reasons .

The price of crayfish has recently fallen to the lowest this year —— Interface news query Hubei Qianjiang crayfish trading platform “ Shrimp Valley 360” Find out , Two lobster varieties, green shrimp 、 The wholesale price of red shrimp from the origin of each year 4 The month began to enter a lower market stage , to 5 It continued to decline at the beginning of the month . With 5 month 5 Take the daily price as an example ,4-6 The price of green shrimp for money is 11.5 Yuan a kilo , Red shrimp is 12 element , And the highest price is near 60 element / Jin .

Changes in wholesale price trend of fresh crayfish .

In wholesale sales , Crayfish grades are divided into 2-4 money 、4-6 money 、6-8 Money is graded , Medium sized 4-6 Money specifications account for the majority . Hu Yu, a wholesaler of crayfish in Jiangsu, told the interface news , With 4-6 Take Qian's green shrimp as an example , stay 5 month 5 The quotation for the day is only 12-13 element .

Extreme low prices , It's often after crayfish's place of origin is centralized and listed , Being sold off by wholesalers due to the lack of logistics due to the epidemic or other reasons .

Besides , Crayfish also has a sales cycle , And prices change with the cycle . China aquatic products circulation and processing association in this year 1 Released on 《2021 Analysis of China's crayfish industry in 》 Show , The lowest transaction price of crayfish in China is on May 、 June , This is related to the centralized listing of rice and shrimp breeding mode .

Besides , The breeding scale and area of crayfish are 2021 It also reached the highest in , This further expands the supply of fresh crayfish . If the channel demand is reduced due to the epidemic , There will be a trough in prices .

Interface news from Ding Dong buys vegetables The purchasing personnel of shrimp and crab products learned a similar situation , Its name , Affected by the epidemic and the end of the holiday , Coupled with the rising temperature, the production of crayfish gradually increases ,“ The May Day ” The overall producer price in the post market fell slightly .

The price of live shrimp changes periodically , To some extent, it is projected to the catering channel , Crayfish also shows obvious periodicity in catering consumption ,《2021 Analysis of China's crayfish industry in 》 Statistical data display , Every year, 1-2 The month is off season , from 3 Month begins , Crayfish catering consumption showed explosive growth month on month , In a year 5 Sales peaked in January , Takeout is an important sales channel for crayfish catering .

however , At present, the growth of crayfish takeout market is slowing down . The reason lies in , Crayfish takeout market has experienced explosive growth (2016-2019) The stage of ,2020 It was mainly affected by the epidemic in , The growth rate of orders fell to single digits .2021 year 2 month -7 month , Crayfish takeout market rebounded rapidly , but 2021 year 8-9 month , The growth rate fell back to 10% The level of left and right . The most typical case is , Once popular in Beijing, spicy tempting crayfish and its small stores “ Hot life ” All closed , Among them, spicy temptation is still in the state of being sued by suppliers for debt collection .

2021 Changes in catering orders of crayfish according to the market analysis and statistics of China's crayfish industry in .

Under the epidemic , Chengdu 、 In cities with high consumption of crayfish such as Shenzhen, the policy of allowing the catering industry to swing out may be beneficial to crayfish 、 Barbecue business , This is good for restaurants that offer crayfish .

But crayfish naturally has the properties of prefabricated dishes , In addition, prefabricated vegetables have been surprisingly popular in the past two years due to the epidemic , Bring traffic to retailers . meanwhile , For Ding Dong 、 Box horse 、 For Yonghui and other comprehensive retail sales platforms , The platform sells fresh crayfish and prefabricated crayfish , Relatively, the price can be balanced .

Ding Dong tells the interface news about buying vegetables , The overall sales volume of live shrimp this year is expected to increase by 30% about . The price of live shrimp has little effect on the prefabricated crayfish , Own brand of crayfish prefabricated dishes “ Boxing shrimp ” The specification and quality requirements for live shrimp are higher , Compared with the price of fresh crayfish in peak season , The cost of live shrimp in the whole prefabricated dish will be higher than that in the live fresh market , Besides , The taste and price of prefabricated crayfish are also relatively stable .

The data provided by Yonghui official to the interface news shows , This year, 4 month 30 solstice 5 month 4 During the holiday period of , Yonghui crayfish related products ( Including fresh products 、 Semi finished products, etc ) Our sales have soared , Sales increased by more than... Month on month compared with the previous week 160%, Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate exceeded 80%. After the sweet taste , Yonghui's own brand prefabricated dishes are expected to be developed within this year 3 A new shrimp tail , Online is the main sales channel . Yonghui said , Own brand of prefabricated dishes “ Hui Ma's home ” Overall sales are still in steady improvement .

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