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Jining development training program

2022-05-07 18:03:31linger on with one 's last breath of life

Jining expanded training program , New and interesting development training programs also depend on these . Many companies have organized League building for many times , I found that many League building activities have been involved , It's all the same , Nothing new . At this time, I want to experience some different , Interesting and meaningful League building activities , that Tongnuo expansion These development activities shared by the teacher can just meet your needs , I'm sure you will see a bright future .

 Jining expanded training program

Theme item: frisbee Carnival

The biggest feature of this sport is that there is no referee , Then it is necessary for participants to have good sportsmanship , Be responsible for what you do on the court , Try to keep the game fair , That is, the unique Frisbee spirit of Frisbee movement . The frisbee theme group construction project is to apply the frisbee project to team construction , Reduce the nature and professionalism of the competition , Simplify the rules of the game , Add fun , Make Frisbee more serve to enhance team cohesion and shorten collective distance .

 Jining expanded training program

Theme Project Crazy primitive man

Expand training programs 《 The Croods 》 It is an outdoor theme oriented cross-country development activity of the team , We assume that the game time is in prehistoric times , This is an adventure trip for a tribe of primitive people living in the cave to leave the cave . Primitive tribes plundered ostrich eggs for food every day , Avoid the pursuit of wild animals , Living an unchanging life in the cave .“ The end of the world ” The arrival of the , It makes the primitive tribe face a great threat , They can no longer live the way they are now , They have to change , therefore , They have this destination ……

 Jining expanded training program

Theme item crazy dodgeball

Divide the participants into two teams , Hit each other with a ball . Divide the site into two parts , Each team includes the princess ( That is, the women of each team ) Four members including , The rest of the team members are waiting outside each other's field . If you block the ball with your hand , Then stop success , If you block or get hit by a ball with a part of your body other than your hand OUT. Each side has a princess , At the same time, a member protects her in front of the princess . Once the princess is hit by the ball , Then the whole team OUT. Three rounds , The team with the highest score won .

 Jining expanded training program

I believe that after reading this article , For planning Jining expansion training program , You should have a plan in mind . These development training programs we shared with Mr. Nuo , These are relatively high-end projects , Of course, the effect is also great , You can rest assured that . If friends need a detailed expansion training program , You can tell Tongnuo expansion teacher , We always share for free , There are various forms of schemes , For everyone to choose .

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