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Jimi h3s experience: a private theater you can enjoy at home

2022-05-07 18:14:44Dark rain, clouds and smoke

In the past year, due to the impact of the epidemic , People can no longer go out and play at will , Many former entertainment items are becoming strange , And homestay has gradually become another way of life . For example, the Jimi I bought during the epidemic NEW Z8X Projector , It brought me a completely different home experience .

Home use : Small size , More home

When reading, the most expected thing is that the teacher uses the projector to play movies for us , Connect to the old desktop computer , You have to connect two big speakers on both sides of the classroom , Then you can play the animation resources downloaded by the teacher . With the continuous development of projection technology , Home intelligent projection becomes smaller and lighter , Like my one H3S, Just put it on the tea table or bookshelf , Don't hang high on the ceiling like before , More flexible ; Besides , Small intelligent projection is more cost-effective , Unlike the traditional commercial teaching, there are tens of thousands of projection moves .

 Polar meter H3S Experience : A private theater that you can enjoy at home

Picture quality : 100 inch screen , Super clear experience

Polar meter H3S Support 1080P Full HD resolution , Mainstream on the film and television platform 1080P All resources can be played in the process , The brightness reaches 2200 ANSI Lumen , You can see the lights on and off , It's ok as long as it's not in direct sunlight during the day , But I usually watch it after work, so I don't care much about it . The projected picture can be controlled according to the placement distance , The farther you put it , The bigger the picture , My room is about 4 rice , The projection is placed just away from the wall 3 More rice , Throw a 100 The multi inch picture is completely OK , Almost half the wall , It looks very immersive at night , Not at all , What's more, when I watch a movie at home, I can sit as long as I want , Lie as you like , It's much more free than going to the cinema . The projected light is reflected light , It's not like a TV or mobile phone screen is direct light , It will also be less irritating to the eyes , Look at 2、3 You won't feel tired after an hour of live broadcast or movie , So many families with children also choose to project to their children to watch TV .

 Polar meter H3S Experience : A private theater that you can enjoy at home

sound : Brand original stereo

Unlike traditional projection , Polar meter H3S Built in Harman Caton original brand sound , Compared with the brand that simply puts one or two speakers into the projection , Or more conscience , After the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is connected with the projection, you can directly use the projection as a Bluetooth audio , and H3S The volume can also make the sound effect more three-dimensional , At home, the sound effect is completely enough .

Operability : Rich in functions , It's easy to operate

The key is coming. , The biggest difference between intelligent projection and traditional projection is simple operability , for example H3S Support automatic trapezoidal correction function , Even if I put the projection on the side , Projection can also automatically correct the distorted picture into a square picture , So you don't have to bother adjusting the machine when you move it ; More intelligently, if a curtain is hung at home , He can recognize the frame of the curtain , Align the projection with the screen frame , Very intelligent . In addition to using the built-in app Watch online video content , For some systems that can't be downloaded app, We can use the mobile terminal directly app For projection viewing , Just connect the phone to the projector wifi Just fine , Even when there is no net usb The mobile phone charging line is connected to the projection and the mobile phone to play directly on the same screen .

 Polar meter H3S Experience : A private theater that you can enjoy at home

summary :

Polar meter H3S Belonging to Jimi H The new flagship of the series this year , With high brightness and intelligent auxiliary functions , It can be said to be a product with strong performance , It is a very good choice for many friends who want to do it in one step . Of course , If you have higher requirements, you can also consider Jimi 4K Grade RS series .

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