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Which is the major of Tiktok short video production company in Tianjin?

2022-05-07 18:14:50Aguduo

Short video now people from all walks of life are settling in , It is conceivable that short videos bring value and dividends to people , Everyone is scrambling to enter the short video , For the investment promotion and franchise category, now they are also settled in the short video , and In the field of short video, there are many such accounts for investment promotion and franchise business in various forms , How do they do it ?

The milk tea shop we often talk about 、 Fried chicken shops and other catering industries and all kinds of clothing 、 Life service 、 Educational institutions and so on are all enterprises that engage in investment promotion for a single project . And there are many types of enterprises that attract investment and join in more projects ,  Enterprises that attract investment and join in for a single project , Here we take the catering industry as an example , What we can output is cooking display 、 Store location 、 Shop management 、 Store drainage and telling stories about brands and franchisees .

such as There is one Account for cooking bibimbap , Just like all accounts that make enterprise short videos , Also rub hot spots , There are even a variety of shooting themes and contents , You can even act . There are also very direct forms , For example, show you delicious food directly , Show the popularity of franchise stores . There are also some lyrical , Let franchisees tell their growth story . besides , And all kinds of heart piercing quotations , Anyway, the theme of the publicity is : Want you to join him .

So you can see , A lot of business stories 、 Dismantle business logic 、 Teach you business knowledge and ways to make money 、 Tell you how to wait for these content accounts if you don't make money now , Behind them are enterprises that engage in investment promotion for multiple projects . Their main output is as follows , Just some business knowledge 、 Entrepreneurial story 、 Project decryption 、 Methods to make money 、 Selling anxiety, etc .

And most of these accounts share an obvious feature : Personal color . They Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial mentor Boss Wait for such an identity to appear in front of the user , And it's important , Their business is not limited to attracting investment , They also bring goods for advertising , What is more , Also have their own books to buy classes 、 Bring your own business related courses . Investment promotion and joining enterprises with a single project and enterprises with multiple projects that also need investment promotion and joining , Their way of making money is by attracting users , Guide users to join their own projects , Earn is the user's franchise fee .

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