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5g "cloud" life

2022-05-07 18:14:57Chengkong

5G“ cloud ” life

2019 Year begins , An epidemic that swept the world continues to this day , People's lives are changing dramatically .“ cloud ” read 、“ cloud ” office 、“ cloud ” Bodybuilding 、“ cloud ” examination room 、“ cloud ” Recruitment 、“ cloud ” tourism ...... The COVID-19, which is spreading wantonly all over the world, makes everything in life “ cloud ” up .

From the day of the outbreak , We put on our armor , Put on your mask , Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control , We gradually moved away from the crowd . In this case , Online office ”、“ Online teaching ”、“ Home ”、“ Isolation ”、“ Wear a mask ”、“ Nucleic acid detection ” Gradually become the normalization of our life . The spread of an epidemic has revolutionized the whole plan , The outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai , All parts of the country are more or less affected to a certain extent , Under the epidemic , Travel and enjoy flowers 、 Examination in different places 、 Recruitment 、 Interviews have become difficult , Many people's plans have been disrupted .

Although the epidemic has hindered our steps out of the house , however “ cloud ” A series of activities came into being , It not only brings hope and brilliance to our life , At the same time, it also promotes the innovation and progress of science and technology in China .

In terms of travel , In order to meet everyone's tourism needs , China Mobile relies on 5G technology , Turn on the line “ Clouds and flowers ”5G Slow broadcast , Set the lens to the mountains of the town , Let the general public enjoy it at home “ Yushu heaps snow all over the front slope ” The magnificent spring scenery .

In reading , China Mobile actively creates a cloud space for online and offline knowledge and cultural life , Hand in hand 300 Many book publishing units and cultural industry partners , Take the lead in realizing “5G+AR The book ”“ On the cloud VR The bookstore ” etc. 5G The new usage is in the landing of the reading scene .

In order to effectively solve the difficulty of school examination 、 Difficult questions for student interview , China Mobile innovated and created a remote examination product during the epidemic ——5G Smart cloud examination room , Integrated 5G Network and cloud technology capabilities , have “ High security 、 Fine reduction 、 Low cost 、 Super convenient ” Other characteristics , adopt “ on-line + Offline ” A new integrated examination model , Meet the needs of various recruitment examinations . The product relies on 5G+ Dedicated dual network hot backup , It can effectively ensure the fairness of the examination 、 Accurately restore the test site 、 Improve the accuracy of judgment 、 Flexible deployment of multiple examination rooms , Realize efficient and convenient remote examination , And in many higher vocational colleges across the country 、 Promote within the scope of enterprises and institutions . China Mobile 5G Cloud examination room , Interview under the epidemic 、 Examination opens the door to convenience !

The tree said :“ Although it is very difficult at present, this experience may blossom and bear fruit in the future .” The epidemic is the suffering we are experiencing right now , Innovative and interesting 5G“ cloud ” Life is the flower of the epidemic 、 Fruit bearing . This experience in the future may bring us more “ vitality ”.

Xiaobian always believes that the current situation is bad , It's just a brief darkness before dawn , All the hardships experienced are the foreshadowing of future surprises , Flowers will bloom along the road , Our future path is also .

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