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Last night, it ushered in the largest IPO of US stock medical this year, which fell on the ophthalmology track

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Beijing time. 2022 year 5 month 6 Sunday night , Eye care company Bausch & Lomb (Bausch+Lomb) Successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange , The stock code is unified as BLCO, It has become the largest medical in the US stock market this year IPO. The recent turmoil in the US stock market , Many companies considering listing are waiting for a good time , This time, Bausch & Lomb's listing is regarded as IPO In the market Wind vane And get close attention . however , The final issue price determined by Bausch & Lomb is 18 dollar , Co financing 6.3 Billion dollars , Below market expectations .6 The opening price of Bausch & Lomb New York Stock Exchange 18.5 dollar , rose 2.78%, Corresponding to the total market value of the company 63 Billion dollars .

Founded on 1853 In, Bausch & Lomb sold contact lenses 、 Lens care products 、 Eye care products and other eye products are well known by the general public , But the group itself is positioned as a medical company , It also sells ophthalmic drugs 、 Eye surgery, medical instruments and other hospital products , The scale is second only to Alcon , Ranked second in the world .

In business , Bausch & Lomb's operating income has been maintained at 30 Billion dollars -40 Billion dollar range , Profit in 10 Billion dollars or so , The whole company is basically oriented towards , Although there is no sustained upward growth , But also self-sufficient . Sit in a market with great consumption potential , Slow development also has considerable income .

that , Such a stable head company , why IPO?

Acquisition 、 Split 、 list …… After being displaced ,169 At the age of, Bausch & Lomb finally became independent

From a small optical shop to today's multinational giant , The growth path of Bausch & Lomb goes hand in hand with the development of optics .

Bausch & Lomb was born in 1853 year , It is one of the longest running companies in the United States , The company's earliest product is monocle .1903 in , Bausch & Lomb already has glasses 、 Microscope 、 Photographic lens 、 Telescope and other product lines , Even the patent of camera shutter . The first satellite image of the moon was taken by the camera lens produced by Bausch & Lomb . in addition , Before World War II , Bausch & Lomb designed a kind of sunglasses for American pilots , Widely used by the US military , This is ray ban . After the war , The image of an American pilot wearing ray ban sunglasses impressed people all over the world and became famous , Enter the fashion circle , It's just that ray ban is 1999 It was sold by Bausch & Lomb in , This is the later story. .

What domestic users know most about Bausch & Lomb , Maybe it's the contact lens it launched .1965 year , Bausch & Lomb purchased the patent for hydrogel contact lenses invented by two Czech scientists .1971 year , Bausch & Lomb won FDA Approval of , Launched Poly-HEMA New contact lenses made of , This is still known all over the world “Soflens” contact lenses .

20 century 90 years , Bausch & Lomb has successively acquired Storz Ophthalmic、Chiron Vision And other precision manufacturing companies , Shape its business as consumer health 、 contact lenses 、 Pharmaceutical and surgical departments , Although there are some adjustments in the follow-up , However, the overall research and development has always been carried out around these four themes .

Bausch & Lomb is 2007 In, he was invested by Warburg Pincus, a private equity company Warburg Pincus Acquisition and privatization , Delisting from NYSE . But since then, the operation of the company has not improved significantly , A series of product quality problems have also emerged .

2013 year , Canada's number one pharmaceutical company Valeant(2018 It was renamed Dr. Kang ) With 87 Buy Bausch & Lomb at a high price of $100 million , Become the biggest acquisition of the year . According to the agreement , Which about 45 $billion to Warburg Pincus investment group (Warburg Pincus) Led by the investor group , The rest 42 $billion to repay Bausch & Lomb's debt . Upon completion of the transaction , Dr. Kang became one of the largest contact lens manufacturers in the world at that time , Bausch & Lomb retains its original name , Become a subsidiary of Dr. Kang , It is the most important and robust source of cash flow .

however , Dr. Kang's peak hasn't lasted long .2015 end of the year , Dr. Kang is in dispute because of the price increase strategy and the use of professional pharmacies to distribute drugs , Led to an investigation by the United States Congress , Eventually, the CEO J.Michael Pearson Be removed from office . This huge controversy brought Dr. Kang down to the altar , And it has brought many accounting problems and huge debts . Under pessimistic expectations , Wall Street sold off Dr. Kang's shares , Causing its share price to fall sharply .

Dr. Kang's self rescue has continued until now .2020 year 8 month , Dr. Kang, CEO Joseph Papa He said in a statement. :“ We stripped about 40 $billion in non core assets , Repaid more than 80 US $billion in debt , Many remaining legal problems have been solved , We think now is the right time to start the spin off process .” Bausch & Lomb is one of the core assets he mentioned .  When the split is just over , Bausch & Lomb applied to the NYSE for listing .

For ten years , Whether it's an acquisition 、 Split , Or today's independent listing , Bausch & Lomb has always maintained a steady operation . The reason for the split listing that has not been disclosed by the official , Arterial network guess , With the debt ridden doctor Kang , Bausch & Lomb's departure may give the company more capital and rights , It can also plan more diversified development , And for Dr. Kang , After stripping off high-quality assets , The disposal of its existing assets is easier , This will accelerate the transformation of Dr. Kang from generic pharmaceutical enterprises to innovative pharmaceutical enterprises .

super 400 The layout of this product is simple , Bosslen took 10 Billion users

Bausch & Lomb's Prospectus has a brief description of the company composed of a series of numbers : The company owns about 12000 Employees , Cover about 90 Business in countries and regions , Potential customers exceed 10 Million people , Brand awareness exceeds 70%, There are more than 400 Kind of .

Bausch & Lomb usually simply classifies its products as vision care 、 Ophthalmic drugs 、 There are three major categories of surgery . Vision care is pure To C Business , Medical instruments used in surgery are usually sold to medical institutions , Ophthalmic drugs are divided into OTC And prescription drugs , Each corresponds to a different market .

  The financial data disclosed in Bausch & Lomb's prospectus

Vision care is the main source of income and profit for Bausch & Lomb .2020 The annual operating data show that , Annual revenue of Bausch & Lomb vision care business 21.1 Billion dollars , Proportion in total revenue 62%, profits 5.8 Billion dollars , Proportion in total profit 64%.

In this , Contact lenses and their care products 、OTC Eye drops and eye vitamins are the main profit points of Bausch & Lomb , Especially the contact lens business with the dual attributes of eye treatment and medical beauty , Bausch & Lomb has the broadest product portfolio in the industry , Including soft contact lenses ; Multifocal 、 Multifocal surfaces and soft multifocal lenses 、 Meitong et al . It's in key markets ( Such as China ) And several developing markets ( Thailand and India ) Both occupy the first place in sales .

Followed by Bausch & Lomb's pharmaceutical business , Proportion in total revenue 21%, It is used for postoperative treatment and treatment of a variety of eye diseases , Such as glaucoma 、 ocular inflammation 、 Ocular hypertension 、 Dry eye and retinal diseases . The four major ophthalmic drug brands are VYZULTA、Lotemax、Prolensa and BEPREVE.

It is worth noting that , Bausch & Lomb's innovative drug R & D and production line closely revolves around the ophthalmic business . On the market Latanoprostene Bunod It is a prostaglandin analogue , It is used to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension ; Well known Besifloxacin Hydrochloride ( Besifloxacin hydrochloride ) It's a kind of N-1 Cyclopropyl 8- chlorine - Fluoroquinolone antibacterial agents , By inhibiting bacteria DNA Gyrase and topoisomerase IV To inhibit Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria ;Loteprednol Etabonate ( Cloteprenol ) It's an ophthalmic corticosteroid , Apply to eyelids 、 Bulbar conjunctiva 、 Treatment of steroid sensitive inflammation of cornea and anterior eyeball , Such as allergic conjunctivitis 、 Erythematous keratitis, infectious conjunctivitis, etc .

At present, Bausch & Lomb has research facilities all over the world IV Phase I clinical varieties 5 individual ,III Phase I clinical varieties 2 individual , In research II Phase I clinical varieties 3 individual , Cover red eyes 、 Astigmatism and other indications , R & D in the future will continue to be OTC Drug based .

Surgery is the lowest contribution to Bausch & Lomb's current operating income 、 A business segment with the least profit and greater risk . Conventional products include instruments and equipment related to ophthalmic surgery 、 Phacoemulsification device 、 Intraocular lens, etc , Often used in cataract surgery VICTUS Femtosecond laser belongs to this business segment .

contact lenses 、 Regima …… Which one will become the core competitiveness of Bausch & Lomb in the future ?

Although there are many production lines , But Bausch & Lomb's competitiveness is not high barriers .

Under the COVID-19 2020 Mid year , Bausch & Lomb's operating income decreased 17.75%, Profits are down 9.69%. Behind this , On the one hand, it is the closure of offline stores caused by the COVID-19 and the inhibition of economic consumption brought about by home , On the other hand , Bausch & Lomb didn't make popular pieces during this time .

Review the prospectus data , Bausch & Lomb is 2018 year -2020 During the year , The R & D expenses are respectively 2.21 Billion dollars 、2.58 Billion dollars 、2.53 Billion dollars , The proportion in total revenue is 6.0%、6.8%、7.4%, Looking at product related R & D alone, there are fewer , Respectively 1.96 Billion dollars 、2.34 Billion dollars 、2.36 Billion dollars , Proportion in total revenue 5.3%、6.2%、6.8%. For a market value 63 For a $billion healthcare giant , Such R & D investment is difficult to ensure its sustainable competitiveness .

Further analyze the core products in the Bausch & Lomb product matrix .

In recent years , Meitong in contact lenses has good consumption properties because of its good decorative function , With an ultra-high repurchase rate , It has become a pastry pursued by capital in recent years . By 2022 year 2 month , China alone has grown more than 1800 Jiameitong related enterprises .

The influx of a large number of enterprises will inevitably dilute Bausch & Lomb's contact lens business , But there are also opportunities behind the challenges . Especially for Meitong, a subdivision track that depends on Marketing , Domestic e-commerce 、 The rise of live broadcasting with goods will make a living for more small brands , But it is also a space for leading enterprises to find faster coverage of a wider range of users .

stay 2021 year -2022 During the prospectus vacuum period of , On the one hand, Bausch & Lomb has conducted live broadcasts on tmall platform for many times through the official flagship store , Accelerate user coverage through channel innovation , On the other hand, it is related to China's national geography IP Create a co branded beautiful pupil , Put the century old store into Z Generations of fashion circles .

Besides , Bausch & Lomb also represented its brother company SOTA (Solta Medical) R & D hot Gemma , Become the general agent in China . Yidu data released 《2021 White paper on medical and beauty equipment industry in 》 data display , Thermage 5 This piece is in East Asia 、 Southeast Asia created 1.42 Billion dollars (9.23 RMB ) income , Among them, Bausch & Lomb's suggestions in China are indispensable .

So it seems , Bausch & Lomb is C The performance of the end market is not much like a medical device company , But into a medical beauty company . The switching of the track may be of great benefit to its development , Medical beauty is at the peak of development ,20%-30% Under the compound annual growth rate of , Bausch & Lomb is expected to break through the bottleneck of $4 billion in revenue .

Let's talk about the part of intraocular lens . Bosslen and Alcon 、 Johnson 、 Zeiss controls China 80% Intraocular lens Market , But Bausch & Lomb passed NNPA Certified intraocular lenses include Intraocular Lens、Akreos AO Micro Incision Lens、SofPort Intraocular Lens、SofPort Intraocular Lens、One-Piece Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens、Intraocular Lens、Acrylic Intraocular Lenses、One-Piece Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens、 Preassembled acrylic intraocular lens Acrylic Intraocular Lenses with Preloaded Injector8 Species , But all registration certificates are “ National machinery injection ”, China has not realized “ domestic ”. In the domestic alternative to the surging Chinese market , All of Bausch & Lomb's intraocular lens products are facing potential policy crisis .

Besides , The emergence of volume procurement further compressed the profit margin of Bausch & Lomb intraocular lens related business .2021 year 3 month , Bausch & Lomb won the bid for the volume procurement organized by Guangdong pharmaceutical trading center , In the past 3000-10000 The unit price of intraocular lens has been reduced to about 1000 yuan , The maximum drop 90%. China as the of Bausch & Lomb “ Key markets ”, The gradual progress from Guangzhou to nationwide centralized purchase will bring a great test to the profitability of Bausch & Lomb , This part of the test has not yet been reflected in Dr. Kang's prospectus .

 2021 Publicity form of the results of the proposed winning of the regional group procurement of intraocular lens medical consumables alliance in (A Purchase order )

in general , Subject to policy 、 Market and other factors , At present, the core competitiveness of Bausch & Lomb is positive C End to end , The proportion of related businesses has been increasing . At present, there is no data to prove the advantages and disadvantages of the shift of Bausch & Lomb business center , But from the fundamentals of the medical beauty market , The future of Bausch & Lomb can be expected .

Can postdoctoral breakthrough be achieved ?

As the prospectus does not disclose the actual purpose of the financed funds , We cannot know that the newly raised funds of Bausch & Lomb were used by the parent company Dr. Kang to repay the debt , Or leave it for your own use , To solve many problems under the current structure .

And industry first 、 Compared with Alcon, which has the whole industry line of Ophthalmology , Although Bausch & Lomb's product system is rich , But there is still a lot of vacuum , Failed to involve OCT And other potential medical devices . If you want to break through yourself , Dr. Kang needs money , More autonomy is needed , In order to better comply with the market specified strategy , Strengthen their core competitiveness .

If the situation after listing moves towards the latter possibility , The split Bausch & Lomb can break the restrictions of the past , Focus more on business issues . In terms of stock prices , The market has confidence in the future of Bausch & Lomb .

As for whether we can break through the limitations and go to the next stage , Everything needs time to prove .

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